My Project Wishlist

A wishlist is not limited to physical stuff. Sometimes you may also have a To-Do wishlist. Don’t confuse this with daily To-Do work. The idea is supposed to be fun, but if work equals fun then that is fine. The workaholics club is always welcome for another zombie.

This is my Project Wishlist. Things I randomly think of doing from time to time in-between actual work load and which actually steal some hours of my time because I allow myself to get distracted and read and do a few experimenting of what I read. But then when the actual work starts calling me back to my senses then the project wishlist gets junked at the far end of my memory.

This post is supposed to organize my Project Wishlist and kickstart me into actually getting them completed. The idea is a checklist format of my thoughts will entice me to scratch them out one-by-one – a planner in digital format for which my none existent public can use also to bore themselves with.

1) Create Virtualbox for Site Sandbox
– testing new versions, customized plug-ins, offline back-up
– need to properly determine back-up strategy and allow access to different remote clients

2) Create an Adempiere or OpenERP sandbox to work on some ERP testing
– might require higher CPU. Side thoughts on that new hardware wishlist. *sigh* Hopefully not.
– ensure mutliple user logins to the sandbox and explore browser accessibility

3) Play with barcode technology using mobile phone as scanner
– need program to produce the barcodes is achieved with opensource apps but still need to figure out how the process will be incorporated for daily use as well as the program/file it can be used for.
– reader program should be achievable with existing PlayStore apps so no need to reinvent the wheel, which reminds me of the next wishlist…

4) Complete an Android App
– initial idea of the program will blah blah blah. Keeping relevant facts stored in my head because the program is not yet created by anyone. Best not to have duplicates in the marketplace.

5) Install Firefox OS on an old tablet/mobile phone.
– This has the least importance of them all with no likely chance of any returns whether monetary or operational assistance to business. Only the pleasure of knowing that I have done it. Must feed the hacker mentality to keep world domination plans buried.
– Anyways I can always settle to creating a desktop virtualbox of Firefox OS. Just need to borrow a laptop with touchscreen functionality to complete the Firefox OS experience. The experience might just entice me to work on a Firefox OS app.

The list is not exhaustive. I’m sure something new will steal my attention again. I just hope not anytime soon because what I have now is already too many. It’s not like I can borrow Einstein’s brain to help me think faster. Or if you know of any way to boost intelligence to 300 points please let me know.

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