OLX.ph lowers ad fees up to P10

OLX must be getting quite a hit on their numbers when they started to put a limit on number of free posted ads and then charging minimum posting fees of P100 for each additional ad because they finally decided to adjust their fees to as low as P10.  I received one of their text message on September 11, 2015 at around 8:08AM. It says

Hi, OLXer! Great news: Post additional ads on OLX now for as low as PHP 10.00! (select categories). Learn more about Smart Pricing here: http://goo.gl/7zKEmb

The content of that page can be seen in link below.


It was best to make a copy in case the page suddenly dissappears without notice like what happened to features we missed from the original Sulit site like the forum and feedbacks.

I’ve decided to put the P10 ad on the test. I’ve purchased some OLX Gold worth P100 using Paypal to use for testing. After buying the OLX Gold without any hassle I proceeded to create a new ad. Upon reaching the payment screen, I encountered an issue where the system shows an error “Select service to paid” despite the OLX Gold option already properly selected. This issue happens both in Firefox and Chrome.

Buggy OLX Payment Screen
Buggy OLX Payment Screen

The bug got worse the following day because it no longer shows P10 at the checkout page but just charges the regular fee of P100. 😦 It made be think the ad was just a trap because the values reverted back to P100 even when clearing the browser cache and cookies (as their support admin suggested) was already done.

OLX's Ad purchase check out screen showing P100 instead of P10
OLX’s Ad purchase check out screen showing P100 instead of P10

When I encountered the buggy payment screen, I created a ticket by emailing support@olx.ph

This is how the email conversation went: (pictures removed for simplicity)

Me: I tried to purchase an extra ad which was advertised through text to be P10 only. I bought olx gold worth P100 using Paypal to fund this testing purchase.

​Unfortunately the system seems buggy. Item to post is sold for P450 and therefore within the P10smart pricing you have advertised for Mobile and Tablet Category. However the syatem does not allow me to pay the P10 fee and kept on asking I choose a payment method when the OLX gold option is already selected. Sometimes the system even tries to revert back to charging P100 instead of P10. This issue happens in both Firefox and Chrome browser. Pictures of the attempted purchase below.

Do you have a clearing period for Paypal paid OLX Gold? If it is not possible to purchase the P10 ad slots, I’d like to just politely ask that you just refund the Paypal payment made for 100 OLX Gold which is worth P100. Thanks

OLX Shy: My name is Shy, your admin for today and I’ll be assisting you. Kindly clear your browser’s cache and cookies then revisit the website. I also recommend using an updated version of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for best results. Please do message me back should the issue persists after doing this.

Me: I used Internet Explorer to test your solution to clear the browsing and cache. Issue still persist. It’s worse because the amount to pay fixes to P100 and do not show the P10 anymore. Is the P10 cost to post a one day promo deal only? If yes, please just refund the Paypal transaction for the 100 OLX Gold credit bought.

OLX Shy: Have you tried using Google Chrome or Mozilla? For the solutions are meant for those 2 browsers.

Me: The issue persists even when using the latest Chrome. Still the same behavior with testing on Internet Explorer earlier. OLX’s system is worse now than yesterday because it does not even show the P10 charge which was advertised and immediately just wants me to pay P100. Please do not ask me to use Firefox to test because I do not want to lose my cache and cookies for other websites I have on Firefox especially when there is no certainty and confirmation that it will work. Please understand that at a standpoint of good website development practice a website generally should be working for the mainstream browsers which should easily include Internet Explorer, not just Chrome and Firefox. Nevertheless below are pictures showing the test I’ve done a few minutes before this email using Chrome. Before I test it again, please confirm you have properly tested that the solution is working in your end. OLX should have its development box / sandbox / staging server or whatever you call your testing area to check the issue. If it is not possible to buy an ad for P10 because the system is still buggy, kindly just proceed with refunding the Paypal transaction for now.

OLX Shy: I understand that although, without you complete trying the trouble shooting may not fixed this for this may caused by an cache or cookies in your browser that you have in your browser. I hope you understand that this is part of our technical troubleshooting process for us to see if the issue persist on your end or our end. We need your cooperation and help us well for us to help you in your concern. But nevertheless, I will report this to our technical team with the screenshot you have provided, and if for instance that you need to do the trouble shooting, I hope you could cooperate after the technical team has given us an update. Is that okay?

Me: I cooperated. I tested with Chrome and Internet Explorer for your suggested solution of clearing cache and cookies. Given the way you answer the ticket, I anticipated you will tell me to test with Firefox so I explained why I can’t test with Firefox and why testing with Chrome and Internet Explorer should be sufficient. I just need confirmation that you do not have any bugs in your system and you can’t replicate the issue.

This is normal routine ticket resolution. Get an issue>replicate>provide solution. I just hope you did the 2nd part of replicating the issue also to ensure the solution you provide is complete. If you can’t replicate the issue, you can tell honestly you can’t replicate so I could act accordingly with the next steps.

I will take with your last reply that the issue is escated to the next technical support team and I’ll just wait for updates again.

OLX Shy: I already reported this to our Technical Team. I’ll get back to you once they have given me an update.

The reason I posted the conversation above is to show an example of the current level of customer support to expect from OLX so you may adjust your patience level in advance. I am sure you have stories to tell as well which you may freely share in the comments section.

The ticket is still open upon the writing of this post. I’ll just update this again once the issue if fixed, If this post never gets updated that means the issue was never fixed and I probably got tired even bothering to report back it was never fixed.

To be honest, I dread once the payment system works, because then I have to face the next hurdle with their moderator and admins who love declining our ads because they think our pictures are just grabbed from the internet when in fact we exerted lots of effort to make them. Another round of hassle trying to reason properly with their support team. Not something to look forward to, really.

Update September 19, 2015 : Shy never confirmed if they have tested the bug or not but it has been a week already so I tested today despite the lack of update from the support ticket. Finally I was able to pay for the P10 fee they promised BUT it does not mean the ad was posted. Hahaha. Yup, as I had expected, their automatic NON-HUMAN moderator kicked in first and put our ad into moderated status.

Deduction of P10

OLX removes a paid ad

And guess what folks… after you edit it…they will ask you to PAY AGAIN!

After an edit OLX will ask you to pay again

You never even get a refund of the P10 you first paid and you will be asked to PAY again because you made an edit. Talk about clear robbery. Tsk, tsk, tsk. No point wasting time with OLX. Just forget about OLX and look for some other website to invest your time and money on.

5 thoughts on “OLX.ph lowers ad fees up to P10

  1. lol? is this what OLX intends to do? I was expecting improvements (since they already have a new office in our area) but this news seems to be the worst news I have yet to encounter with regards to the adjustments made on their website.

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