How to Post an Ad in OLX Philippines

Step 1: Create Post.

Step 2: If you have exceeded your category limit then you pay. Fees vary depending on which category you are posting. You can pay in OLX Gold, Paypal, Credit Card, Gcash, etc.

Step 3: Ad will be put to PENDING status for OLX moderator to approve.

Step 4: Ad is APPROVED. Don’t be happy yet. This is in reality the true beginning of the process.

Step 5: Your nightmare starts. Moderator decides to put the ad to MODERATED status after finding an after thought fault on your APPROVED ad. This happens after a few hours you have posted the ad. You should get an email what the issue is. You will never know the name of the moderator who decided on your ad. Like God, moderators remain an ominous presence that govern the fate of your ad – APPROVED or MODERATED .

Step 6: In MODERATED status you will be asked to edit. When you decide to edit you will be asked to PAY AGAIN for the post even if you have NEVER been able to use it. If you decide to edit and pay take note that your ad will just loop back to Step 1. If you have money to burn just edit and pay because you can still land on a reasonable God moderator. But if you like to salvage your initial payment and fight for a wrong accusation of the moderator then proceed to Step 7.

Step 7: Send an email to to answer about their issue on your MODERATED ad.

Step 8: Wait when olx supports feel like replying.

Step 9: Wait some more when olx supports feel like replying.

Step 10: (Optional) Take your medicine to avoid a migraine/ heart attack / anxiety attack / high blood pressure etc. Do whatever helps you feel relaxed. Remember getting angry will only make you ugly. Iwasan ang wrinkles.

Step 11: Wait and wait and wait…oh it’s end of the world!

Best Tip: Just post in – no fees, no headaches. Only one page to write the contents of your ad and mybenta website is fast. Oh they also have this wonderful feedback process on their front page where you can read the experiences of other people. Feel free to share your frustrations there as well.

This is not a paid post. I have nothing to gain in making a recommendation. This blog does not even earn. In fact got more money from me because I have to pay to post at their site. With the constant moderation it just reached that peak level of irritation/frustration with’s moderating process nowadays that I have to vent on my blog. This is my Step 10. And yes, Step 11 is an exaggeration, but I won’t be suprised if it actually happens because I’m still waiting.

4 thoughts on “How to Post an Ad in OLX Philippines

  1. Hi Diana, thanks for dropping a comment. I can’t promise writing an article for but your comment has been approved for exposure. Just some quick thoughts your website is speedy but the current desktop theme could use an improve layout which maximizes use of space like less excerpt text perhaps? The mobile version looks better IMHO, clean and simple (again you can still lessen the text). Buyers normally just look at initial picture then price – if they are interested they click for more details. The downside is there currently is no option to revert back to desktop version even though I am using a desktop during the visit. That was just the initial thoughts I had. Good luck in your endeavor. 🙂

  2. How could I post an Ads in Apartment for rent in Once I write it in google on it shows that the exiting rental of houses are shown but apartment none. How to post an advertisement in It seems are not quite clear to post and it appears in….why like that!

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