New Year Ramblings & Kubot Review

So the new year came and passed. My Nokia E51 decided he wants to die and not turn on again. Which actually gives me a mental turmoil of what phone to get as replacement. Might look at MyPhone’s Warehouse sale in Shaw when I can find time. A cheap qwerty phone with TV for P500 might be good enough.

Nevertheless, I got a much needed break starting New Year’s eve. Had a forced impromptu visit at Luneta Park to see the dancing lights there then lots of fun annoying my family with a gold-colored trumpet blaring at their ears.  I squeezed a quick visit to Robinsons Manila to see some phones but they closed early. Went back home for dinner and then just waited for the sky to glitter and glimmer with explosives screaming its happy goodbye to 2014 and blasting its warm welcome for 2015.

Of course I had to clock in some work after the celebration then slept just as the sun started shining its first ray of light on the first day of the new year.

When I woke up, clocked some work again then went to SM Mall of Asia to watch Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2. They wanted Praybeyt Benjamin but I said NO, NO and NO. Magkalimutan nalang kung hindi lang din Kubot ang panonoorin. Given the high prices of cinema tickets my preference is on humor with special effects or action movies. Only Kubot matched my requirements. Why do you think Jackie Chan is so rich or that Enteng Kabisote series always dominated in the cinema. Humor/Action or Humor/Fantasy is the best for cinema watching. In this case it was Humor/Fantasy/Horror for Kubot. I lost track of the date before and wasn’t able to watch Tiktik at the cinema so I have no plans on missing it this time for Kubot.

Very nice movie, exactly what I was expecting. Although I prefer the 1st movie because some jokes in the 2nd movie felt forced but overall it still is worth watching in the big screen for the special effects on the aswangs and definitely the funny dialogue. Joey Marquez and especially Lotlot De Leon deserved their awards for best supporting actor and actress for this year’s MMFF. This is only me but I do not recommend it for kids less than 13 years old watching at the cinema simply because the humor is more enjoyable for those who can understand it – more specifically understand why it is humorous because it shouldn’t be emulated. Personally it was so much fun to hear Filipino curse words and laugh at characters with brash attitude. For a lack of a good way to translate how it felt I’ll use Tagalog to describe the moments. Ang lulutong kasi ng mga mura at akma sa sitwasyon at karakter ng mga aktor kaya ako’y ilang beses din natawa at nasiyahan sa panonood. I’d give samples but I don’t want to give spoilers so it would be better you watch it. I was after laughing and the effects and it gave me that, so p%ch& you should watch it too. This is the movie to watch with your barkada. I can’t wait for the 3rd movie for Aswang Chronicles! 🙂

Oh, I forgot to include a side comment about an actress not in the 2nd movie. Lovi Poe was DingDong’s girlfriend in the 1st movie. Supposed to be she should be in this year’s movie also. But she decided she does not want to be there. Lovi Poe is such a let down as a professional actress. If only she allowed herself to shoot a few days for the story’s continuity – for the sake of love for the art of acting, the story would be more strong and her character much loved by its cult followers. So sad she chose to go diva-pa-importante mode. And to think she is supposed to be the daughter of Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ) who contributed a huge amount of money and effort to make many movies and supported lots of people to get jobs from movies he produced. Lovi Poe is a shame to her father’s memory. But you’re still alive Lovi Poe, you can still find a way to correct the mistakes.

Now I’m back home and working . Today’s random thought during work is looking for free Archie comics. Used the search “filetype:pdf Archie Comics” and got some match. Didn’t get lucky and only had one interesting pdf to read. It was about the economics of Archie Andrew’s marriage proposal to Veronica Lodge. Note to self to read it again when I have more sleep because it was such a nosebleed the first time. You don’t believe me? Here’s the link. I intentionally just made a post just to save that link. Somehow it ended more like a review because of the longer rambling about the Kubot movie so I added it to the title. Enjoy the New Year everyone! As for me, back to work.

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