Wishing for a new desktop

So two days ago I managed to break an old desktop. I was only planning to clean-up the heatsink of the processor because the performance was running very slow. However I accidentally broke one of the push pins. A feeling of dread washed me when it happened and I tried hard for the next hour to find a way to salvage the situation somehow but I’m not that lucky.  All I can think about now is buying a new heatsink but then again I have to face the task of putting back another set of push pins. *groan* Those push pins are really horrible.

Somehow I ended up wishing for a new desktop and upon checking PCX’s website I will have to cough up a some of money for it even if the other parts I can recycle from the previous desktop like the hard drive and power supply.

P9000 Intel Core i5 4590 (processor)
P2100 MSI H61M-P31 H61 V/S/L/ solid caps (motherboard)
P3500 Kingston 8GB 1333 ddr3 (memory)
P 950 Deep Cool Smarter Micro ATX (no psu)  (case)
P15650 TOTAL

And because I can’t pay for it yet, I’ll just post it on my blog. A wishful hope to look forward to achieving. Tipid-tipid muna.

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