2 thoughts on “Are you happy with OLX.ph?

  1. Hi, A.I!

    I’ve heard that OLX is working on something new for sellers like us.

    It is now in beta.

    You may try it by going to https://business.olx.ph

    It’s nice actually. Although still not perfect but, iba na ui nya and all

  2. @callalista

    Wala yan sa ganda ng user interface (UI). Given that olx still wants to charge based on the amount you are selling (provided of course one surpasses their free ad limits per category) DESPITE the fact it is NOT YET SOLD, then that is called greed. Ebay.ph does it better because you can post with no charges (except if your buyer uses Paypal of course). Mybenta.com is gaining momentum and improving too. You also have Facebook that is also free.

    Don’t believe me that OLX wants to charge you to post an ad? Just check their faq link below
    Don’t mind that the main domain is zendesk, OLX is using Zendesk to handle their online customer care service much like how Xend uses Zendesk too.

    personal advise as a seller…yeah post in OLX and pay up to the amount you are willing but never never think that the OLX that exists now is there to help you. They used to care when they were still Sulit and owned by Filipinos but now that it is owned by an international company, then the sole purpose is to PROFIT. Don’t take greedy folks seriously. Ikaw lang ang talo. There are so many options out there. If you want to be serious, just invest on yourself and create your own website. Or find sites where you can post for FREE. And remember true free not free with limits and charging based on percentage like what OLX.ph wants. Good luck!

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