is no longer seller-friendly is the number 1 website in the Philippines when it comes to online selling. It is free to post ads and it also has a nice feedback feature where you can narrate your experience as a buyer/seller for a particular transaction with another sulit member.

Unfortunately after the November 2013 update and their merger with the international company OLX , the company’s features and services started going downhill. I’m telling this not just based on my own experience but also base from what several other members of Sulit are experiencing. Below are some of the title links in Sulit’s forum where members are expressing their bad experiences with the website. There are many more of them but you get the picture. Most of these members are the active sellers who are encountering the difficult and slow review process which the site has implemented last year.

Basically issues encountered are

1) long wait for review of ad

We aren’t talking about hours of waiting here but DAYS. Yes, there are times the review may have taken only hours but those are very limited days. The norm really is waiting in DAYS. And of course no ad posted means no potential sales. This ad review process is meant to done by a human reviewer so if Sulit is understaffed then that could be the cause of the long wait.

2) after the long wait you get rejected because of issues

This is probably the most frustrating. After lots of hours/days of waiting for your ad to be noticed by a human reviewer that reviewer decides to reject your ad and ask you to correct it. After the correction the ad will be queued for review again. So yes you wait for another round of hour/days of waiting and when you chance upon another human reviewer finding something wrong again with the ad the process of reject-correct-wait for review must then repeat again.

Common reasons for the rejection are photo, price and duplicates.

If your photo looks clean or  somewhat professionally done they will think it came from the internet and the picture is not yours. So I guess they trust photos with backgrounds like bedsheets as background or dark blurry pictures like those from VGA cameras? You  might like to rethink about using Photoshop to put finishing touches or  to clean-up the pictures.

If your price is too high or too low (even if you intentionally do it for the sake of a clearance sale) then they will reject. This particular rule is highly arguable. It is almost like claiming their human reviewers are experts in ALL kinds of business to be in the know-how of what the correct price should be. Is there even a correct price in a free market? Imagine, it is your item and you bought it but somehow the price should be approved by a complete stranger hiding behind emails?

You get an email saying you have posted a duplicate ad. This I’m not sure how it is even happening if the human reviewer has already done careful examination of the ad against your other ads already posted. It is just so sad and frustrating when it happens because the ad considered to be a duplicate will be removed.

3) newly posted ads are put to inactive.

This one you don’t get any emails at all. You just suddenly not see your ads in the active list section and the ads don’t even go to review status anymore. Given that you never see your ad get the status under review this means there is an auto-checker coded into their system which makes the decision if your ad should be allowed to go to the next level of review which is the human reviewer.

According to the technical support who answered a ticket I’ve sent to them, the reason for  this is likely because the system (or their autochecker program) found some similarity with the words used in the title and description against another ad I have. In short the system thinks I am trying to post duplicate ads because I have used some words too often. Or if I have a recently expired ad, that ad should not be re-posted until 7 days have passed or else that re-post would be considered a duplicate.

The conditions on how the program analyzes this duplicate concern is never shared even when I tried asking. But I can respect the secrecy and understand why it may be needed to be a secret but I hope they understand that the most active sellers are in the business of selling a specific category of items. Example all about cars, all about real estate, all about cellphones or in my case all about cellphone and tablet accessories. Naturally there will be similar words across the ads. To avoid the automatic inactive issue from happening the only advice I was given is try to rephrase the words. My biggest problem is I am not sure how much the words cellphone casing, protection or case or even the cellphone model numbers which just one character differences can be rephrased for the hundreds of cases we have.

Like all other sellers in sulit, I miss the old sulit. This new system is so difficult to use in terms of posting ads that the effect on loss of sales has just been devastating.

I can understand the human reviewer but an auto-checker might be too much because all possible conditions cannot be captured and a list of conditions may not be applicable to all ads. Since the auto-checker condition in not revealed you are left wondering why it happened specific to that ad and if it happens what can be done to that specific ad so that it can be posted or when would it even be allowed to be posted again.

But we sellers can whine all we want; no admin is replying anymore in the forums. We can only move on and find out what our options are.  The alternative to sulit is just to use other online selling websites (ie. , , etc to post the ads. But for now I’ll be trying to work on our own site instead. Speaking of which (forgive this shameless plug), if you are looking for unique cellphone and tablet cases to gift for yourself or a love-one or just having a hard time finding one for your gadget you might want to checkout our site . We have thousands of cases available and new items are added regularly. Gadgets have already become an important part of our daily lives and putting a case and screen protector on them would help protect our gadgets from accidental drops and therefore help prolong their usability.

If there is one lesson I got from this issue caused by problems in posting ads in Sulit, it is that you must never put all your eggs in one basket. It would still be best to diversify and spread out your effort so that if one suddenly fails you won’t have to worry too much. To all others affected by Sulit’s non-seller friendly system which they have nowadays I wish us the best. God is good. 😉

52 thoughts on “ is no longer seller-friendly

  1. Its true,Im planning to delete all my posted ads their and just keep my feedbacks..Im afraid but I must do it..

  2. this is a perfect time to switch to another sulit. do you know that there’s a new one that resembles the old sulit. walang kaartehan, real time posting, at super haba ng ads validity 500 days unlike olx n 60 days lang. check this out

  3. This is true! ” Take time for Under review????!!! Days!!!!!.. always problem with updating your ads.
    1. Cant accept with Phone numbers in the ad
    2. Need to upload at least one photo ( Kahit sang katerba na inupload mo)

    Im with sulit since 2010! Never had this experience before!

  4. Hi Guys. Mag put up ako ng website with backbround check of sellers pero within Metro Manila lang. Ano sa tingin nyo?

  5. I visited and i got impressed by the site features and the layout is awesome.
    My ads were automatically posted with or without picture. And best of all unlimited ang ad posting and every ad expires in 250 days!!! yung ibang site ata 30 days lang libre.

  6. They are getting worse. I’m still not done posting 40 something expired advertisements, and I think I started around 9pm or so. They have this new rule where posts need to be done in 120seconds interval. Wow. Crazy. I don’t think that I (or other sellers) can keep on counting the seconds to try to figure out if I already reached the 120-second mark. They may be thinking of automated ad posting, but hey, are there really that much people who use automated ad postings that sell bogus products? Is it enough to torture all other sellers? Just venting. Sorry hehe. I want to boycott them na..

  7. @Lis Some active sellers can have thousand posts in sulit. I guess the 120 second reposting rule is made to discourage them from quick re-posting when their ads expire. Another theory is that they have an automatic system checker which uses time frame (together with other variables like number of words, etc) which may double check for duplicate ads and the time frame allows the internal checker code not to be flooded and making unwanted or erroneous duplicate flags. But the first theory makes more sense. Try, they have been very useful so far.


  9. There is now another new merger between OLX and AYOS. It will happen by January 22 and I do not know what would be the impact to online sellers like me.

    From the looks of it, all of AYOS will be redirected to OLX. It does not seem good to online sellers like me, since I have less opportunity to post my ads without being flagged by OLX as duplicate ad.

    Right now, I still do post in OLX, but does not get the same sales there as before. However, I do also post in AYOS and MYBENTA.

    For those looking for other classified ads site, try I am actively selling there myself, since it does not have any approval process and the site is pretty much growing fast. 😀

  10. Yes olx/sulit is not a user friendly anymore. I experienced it several times. So frustrating. Pain in the Ass!!

  11. I agree. OLX has been very restrictive to the point that sellers would just give up than trying to post their ads doing guesswork. You are better off creating your own ecommerce website or just find other classified ads to post onto. I myself do have ecommerce website, but I still post in other ads sites such as There is no ad approval process and you would immediately see your ads online after posting.

  12. shet.. hirap amg psot sa sulit.. NO number in ads.. Paano ko ilalagay yung serial number ng item na bebenta ko.. ehh sabi sa description put details accurately. NO LINKS in ads.. Paano malalaman ng visitor buyer kung maganda yung item ko kung hindi ako pwede maglagay ng REVIEW link ng binebenta kong item.. KALOKOHAN na ito..

  13. naging bulok na sulit simula ng merging, dami ng bawal, mga pics, cp number, links tas tinanggal pa ang feedback system.
    kung sino man nakaisip na tanggalin ang feedback system ay napakahina ng utak, san na magre-rely ang mga buyers para makita ang background ng seller kung scammer ba ito o hinde.
    siguradong magiging pugad ng mga scammers ang olx dahil sa wala na ang feedback system up-to-sawa na ang manloloko sa pag scam, unli-scam na yan.
    hindi ko alam kung nagtitipid sila sa resources nila o sadyang mahina lang talaga ang kokote ng olx.
    ibalik nyo ang dating sulit, mas higit na matino kesa sa bulok na olx.
    mga manloloko lang ang makikinabang sa ginawa nyo mga walang utak.

  14. and olx also removed the “user feedback”
    its not that big of a deal but as a buyer, you rely on the positive feedback the seller has before buying their items.
    crappy service olx is doing now.tsk

  15. I can totally relate! I used to adore how RJ David & his wife on how they made the country’s #1 online classified ad. But now, with the changes and the mergers, OLX just sucks!

  16. Sulit na OLX Ph na ngayon is dead na. Sayang sana d ibenenta ng dating me ari sa gahaman na foreigners. D naman talaga sila nag mamalasakit sa interest ng mga pinoy to free flow of filipino trade kasi gusto nila mga foreign goods eh. tsk tsk

  17. Hi!

    I do not know if my question will seem funny to everyone, but I noticed that a few months ago I wasn’t receiving any notifications about the updates on the forums I joined before. I wonder if the members of olx were gone, of if they were not enjoying the site anymore so they don’t bother joining in. But when I tried to look for the forum section, I was surprised that I could not find it anywhere in the site. I tried google searching to look for a clearer answer, but I got no luck.

    I tried messaging one of my closest member friend on olx, but I got no response.

    Please enlighten me… :-/

    And about what you said, yes, I totally agree. New system sucks. I miss the old one.


  18. It is even WORST now.. The categories issues, photo issues and all! This is so annoying.. Been selling there since years back and ever since they became OLX, my goodness! Worst ever!

  19. Meron pang nakakabwisit na pagbabago sa OLX na ngayong araw lang pinatupad. Magpopost sana ako ng mga ad kaso HINDI raw pwede. Bakit? Kailangan kong bumili ng ad slot. Bakit? May MAXIMUM na ads na per user. Para sa books, 4. Imagine! Sila dyan ang nag-eencourage sayo na magbenta ng mga hindi mo na magagamit, kaso kailangan mong magbayad ng ad slot para makabenta? Hay. Kung buhay pa ang AyosDito lilipat na ko eh. Kaso nagmerge na sila. Monopolya nga naman.

  20. This is not the same we have known for being helpful to all small time enterpreneurs that open our doors to business opportunies being in online buying & selling.

    Majority of the Sulitzens are very disappointed right now. We cannot post our ads now for free. Unlike before we can post our unlimited ads for free.

    OLX.PH really sucks. If you continuesly doing your unfriendly approach most of us will look for a better alternative. Remember is nothing without the people who patronizes your website.

    You have allowed all the notorious scammers to succeed with their illegal activities by removing the feedback system.

    Hope your management will listen to our sentiments before it’s too late for you.

  21. merged with olx.
    OLX sucks big time now.

    Before I have like more than 7 pages of ads posted, now I only have 2 pages and soon it will all be deleted. I’ll let it be since I cannot do anything about their lousy system

  22. I was an online seller for more than 4 years at Sulit, now OLX, but decided to switched to OLX is not Yes, Yaman but Yes, Gahaman with its unreasonable fees and unfair restrictions. Sellers can no longer post their ads for free. Buyers can no longer determine who are the scammers because OLX removed it feedback system. I am so disappointed because I was maintaining 100% positive feedback (250+ score) on OLX when they suddenly removed my hard-earned feedback score without any notice.

  23. I wish magkaroon uli ng online ad katulad ng (before it became nakakainis lng na if you want to hghlight each of your products tpos hindi na pde kc may fee na ung mga next ads mo. hay… they should stop doing commecial ads kc ung mga users lng naman ang ngso shoulder.

  24. I would also like to recommend I love the website because my sales increase and it has far better website features. Hope many online seller will also migrate to 🙂

  25. Olx is getting worse but its not the end of the world, i found much better site for posting free ads check out, easy to use, simple yet very functional and loads very fast.

  26. They suck. Even before Sulit became part of OLX, I posted nice photos of my items, of course to make them more appealing. They were taken by ME. I take good pictures. What did OLX do? THEY TOOK OUT ALL MY ADS. No, they weren’t just “delisted”, they were DELETED. And to make matters worse, I did not back up those photos so just imagine the agony and my disappointment I experienced when this happened. Just because they thought I stole the pictures online. This is what they replied to me since they really can’t argue with me since their stupid unprofessional staff know THEY ARE WRONG:

    “Hi again —-,
    We understand were you are coming from, rest assured that this incident will be discussed to our screening team for further improvements.
    Again, we apologize for the hassle that has caused you.”

    WHAT THE HELL OLX PHILIPPINES. LET THEM TAKE ALL THESE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK IN AND SEE HOW THEY SURVIVE. I now use Duriana to sell, there are buyers there and lots of sellers. I will try Mybenta one of these days. EFF OLX. They think they can will this by monopolizing the selling tools online. HAHA. Good luck to these evil monsters. They are not dealing with idiots–or maybe they are, dealing with their idiot selves.


  28. For car sellers/dealers, you can post your car ads here at automatic account activation limitless car posting… Brand New, Used, Repossessed and Certified. All private and business type car sellers are invited, Free Signup and Helpful Tech Support whenever experiencing issues.

  29. Their agents are also incompetent. They deleted my active account erroneously just because they were not able to distinguish the difference between the gmail and ym acct.. grrr

  30. Looking for alternatives? Many so-called alternative to OLX websites also sucks because of bad features and unprofessional designs. Then after a year, the domains no longer exists because of the lack of sustainability. The following are better alternatives and will probably last longer:


    Specialized: – cars – real properties – services

  31. Yes, olx is no longer a friendly user. All ads were deleted by auto-checker. It is so frustrating and consume so much time posting in that website. From the best website became the worst website. It’s better to look for another active website than having your time, effort and money wasted in olx.

    Will try my

    Is there any suggested active buy and sell website?

  32. is a new site, much friendlier, SUPER EASY TO USE, and written with love for the Philippines. We started it in response to all the unhappy people with other sites. Just launched so be patient, ads are just beginning to be posted as we have a google campaign going.


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