One Long Sigh Again with OLX

A few months back I wrote about the issues encountered with (now called like duplicate issues and automatic posting to inactive status for newly posted ads. The issue was fixed after some months and everything seems smooth sailing but it looks like the happiness of hassle-free posting is short-lived. The woeful issues that happened before, is happening again. The old threads about the issues which the users are discussing in the forums are already hidden and simply put to “For Review” status like in screenshot below.

Sulit or OLX Forum Locked Threads

Even if you are logged in and know the link you will only be given an error message “You do not have enough permission to access that category”.

Sulit or OLX No permission to view forum thread

It maybe concerning that the site censors extensively bad publicity by removing threads from view instead of just having it view-able and only locking it to new replies but I don’t personally dwell on the action. It’s more troublesome to think about the difficulties in posting at the OLX site. Our ads are carefully checked not to be a double post of any other ads we have, unfortunately OLX wants to implement an automatic system review (vs purely human reviewer) and looks like I’m probably hitting their limits on quantity of use for certain words which is likely included in their code conditions.

Oh well, I can’t force OLX to want my ads. And it would just be too time consuming to create a ticket on a daily basis each time it happens (which feels like on all post and I have lots to post!). I can’t get the code conditions so I know exactly which condition I’m failing because the codes would be confidential. The support team would give a generic reply and not really hit the point on how I can correct the issue properly, they can only help re-list the automatically posted to inactive ad and that might get tiring in the long run. Nevertheless I’ll still try to post there (given their traffic is still high because of their continuous TV commercials), and let their program do a hit and miss check with our ads. Lucky if it gets approved and stop worrying if it doesn’t. I’m sure other sites would still be more welcoming like and . If OLX’s system will automatically just put to inactive without letting a human reviewer check then just move on and post it at another site. 

2 thoughts on “One Long Sigh Again with OLX

  1. Hi there. I’m at my wit’s end trying to post in OLX. I don’t want to rehash all my complaints about the site because I’m sure you’ve encountered them all — plus I will burst a vein if I think about them yet again. Can I just ask if you are still using OLX or if have tried other online free ad sites? Thanks

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