A Long List of This and That

I told myself long ago that I must blog more to exercise my brain in forming paragraphs and sentences. Supposedly practicing quick-wittidness and accuracy, hoping they blend nicely together in the process like a suave and riveting monologue uttered by V in the movie Vendetta. But of course time is not my slave and on random occasions it becomes friendly, procrastination decides to be an additional enticing company. Nevertheless today I glue my hands to my keyboard and type away. Pardon me if the succeeding lines unfortunately continues to be boring. These were the things I was supposed to write about in different posts but I’ll do so in one long post

1) Eurovision 2014 winner Conchita Wurst singing “Rise Like A Phoenix”

Yes, I was one of the skeptics. I doubted not her talent but her looks.  I was afraid she will not win because of the appearance she boldly decided to have.  A transvestite may be common but a  beautiful albeit bearded one is another. What is not common can only be overly loved or hated. But her voice made Europe love her.  When I saw her performance in the finals I had that gut feeling she will somehow win the Eurovision contest because if I liked the music video I was mesmerized by her live-stage performance. The delivery was simple yet very strong and powerful. And really she is beautiful even with the beard which just adds more points to her having an awesome and very enjoyable performance. Removing aside everything else and purely concentrating on her talent she truly deserved to win and it was wonderful majority of Europe felt the same. Congratulations Conchita! This congratulations may be too late and you might not even read this on top of the many words of admiration from your millions of adoring fans in the internet but I will say this because it is the truth,  you are truly the winner and Queen of Eurovision 2014 Conchita! I hope you do win that Grammy award next.

2) Intermittent slow to no PLDT connection

It is supposed to be a combination of ranting about PLDT and how I work on solving it but then I realized that I did that years ago in another post. It was disappointing then (in 2008) and it continues to be so now (2014) however PLDT does tend to work more often than they don’t so I’ve decided to postpone typing another similar post for another day when the wounds reopen and the anger grows once again. I don’t know perhaps for tomorrow; I hope not.

3) Playing with VirtualBox and CentOS I have plans of moving to managing my own virtual private server and using an ERP system. Not because business is good (it isn’t) but because I want to plan for the future by laying out the foundation today (figuratively speaking). Okay that is a half truth, I just really want a technical challenge. Discovering new technologies, playing with them to know how they work and finding their applications is what I love to do the most. If only some company would come and pay me a big salary I can finally quit doing business. It’s just plain boring, uneventful, disheartening and the list never ends.

But enough with the ranting. Going back on topic I needed to play around CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) and using a virtual machine is what I needed to easily manage multiple operating systems in one computer. This means I needed to use a VirtualBox software by Oracle to make and manage the virtual machines (VM). I’ll install CentOS in one of the VM so that I can use that to install whatever application I plan on toying around with like a web server and an ERP system. The post is supposed to be discussing how to make a CentOS VM and how to fix an issue I encountered where VirtualBox is not showing an option for 64-bit Linux installation. Yes it will be long and boring so for the sake of brevity I’ll just post the links I found which helped me with the project.

CentOS VM installation  CentOS Webserver Screen

4) This is what I really want to blog about today for my non-existent followers.

I thought it was rude to suddenly just post this today when it felt my last post about Eurovision needed to be closed with an information of who the winner was. Plus thinking about the other stuff I wanted to write about and it became this mishmash-ed post which I try to order in a numbered enumeration. There is a live action movie adaptation of the favorite thief of the anime fandom – Lupin the Third. The Lupin role will be starred by Shun Oguri who is popularly known for his lead acting roles in live-action TV series Hana Kimi and Hana Yori Dango. It’ll be released in Japan though so I’ll be out of luck watching it in the theaters unless I miraculously win the grand prize in the local lottery without buying a ticket. Any case I’m sure I can still watch it somehow because what does a mixture of avid fans, internet and Google heated with time not willing to offer anyways. Like always, I can wait. There are still tons on Youtube to keep me preoccupied…after work of course.

And if you read this without scrolling, thank you very much. Congratulations for having too much time on your hands.  Kidding! But really thank you very much for your time reading.  It is much appreciated.

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