Website is Now Gone…

Today, website is now gone because it has already been officially renamed as

The page after first login from turned

In November 2013, Sulit made the announcement that they have merged with the foreign based online site OLX. Back then it meant that all olx users will be redirected to Sulit’s website.

Following that merger was a series of site updates and improvements which to say the least caused a roller coaster of emotions for the active sellers in the website. I even wrote an article in my blog about it a few days back because I myself could not contain my own sadness and frustration any longer. In that post you will see links to Sulit’s own forum where the users are also venting themselves in.

In the sulit forums, there was a half-joke about sulit slowly dying or going away (yes, the jokes were that bad because the updates were that obtrusive to the daily routine of selling we have learned to love about from the old sulit system). Well the latter part happened and from here onward will just be  part of our memories. We now move forward with a new online selling site to love or hate – . For now, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

5 thoughts on “ Website is Now Gone…

  1. I always hate OLX. That’s why we put up a truly Filipino buy and sell website.
    With the new Sulit, we are offering these:

    1. 500 days Ad validity. You can post once and forget it for more than a year. Other site only allow 30 days and they ask payment for extension. Avoid these sites.
    2. 1000 worded ads. Other are restricting you to only 100-300 words
    3. Posting with or without pictures.Others are forcing you to post a pics before posting
    4. Automatic ad posting. Others are manually approved, it takes forever for them to approve your ads.
    5. Ability to post video classifieds using youtube code. Others dont have this feature.

    With all these features, everything is FREE. While others ask you to pay them for some internal currency.

    Visit now the new Sulit, which the truly Pinoy Lahat Libre Style.

  2. Yes you have other options now. We launchedFree Ads Site only last June 3 2015 and we already have thousands of users and 50,000+ visits.

    Its absolutely free

    Post ads even without creating an Account, or create an Account easily for easier Ad Management. Or simply use your Facebook® Account
    Compose your Ad in rich text with Font type and size options, colors and formatting with the familiar Microsoft Word® interface. If you have pictures from you website, you can also bring it in stream. You can also Copy-Paste the “embed URL” of your YouTube® videos
    MenosGastosPH is Certified as mobile ready by Google – that means your Ads are automatically formatted when the visitor is using a mobile or tablet. You can see this in action by visiting first using your laptop or PC, and then while using your mobile or tablet. It also features automatic QR Code generation and share links.
    The Google Logo Ads are automatically formatted to comply with Goggle® recommendations, including auto detect and resizing, friendly URLs, and sitemap
    FREE !
    There are no fees for Ads whatsover. Ads have a long validity of 120 days. You can edit or delete your Ads anytime.

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