Cheesy Banat – The Husband and Wife Edition

Warning! It’s really sappy and corny! =)

A. Divorce
Wife: Did it ever occur to you to divorce me?
Husband: Actually it does every, single day since I married you.
Wife: <Too angry and sad of what she heard and starts to cry>
Husband: <hugs wife and whispers in her ear> Because all I want to do is pledge how much I love you every single day of my life and if the only way to make you and the whole world see how sincere I am about it is to marry you, then I’d like to divorce you only to marry you again and again. Because saying “I do” is my most cherished and happiest memory and I’ll never get tired saying it to you over and over again.
Wife: Really? You mean it?
Husband: Yes, I do! =)

B. Cooking
Wife: So how’s the meal I’ve prepared?
Husband: Oh this Sweet and Sour Chicken is perfect!
Wife: <starts crying> It’s not Sweet and Sour, it’s Adobo!
Husband: uhh Yes I know, but you see with each bite I get reminded that this was a meal prepared by the most sweetest and most caring wife in the whole wide universe and no matter how sour the moments in our life get she is always there to give me a smile that melts my heart and just makes me say the most absentminded things. And the last thing I want to do now is make her cry. Sorry, I really did want to say Adobo.
Wife: It’s okay, I forgive you. =)

C. Night Out
Wife: Where were you last night? I tried to call but I couldn’t reach you.
Husband: My phone batery went dead just before I was able to text you that I spent some time with the boys. <abruptly cutoffs wife who is about to start nagging…> I arranged a meeting with them to asked help about you.
Wife: <Most definitely becomes curious and fearful of what she is about to hear> What about me?
Husband: You see our anniversary* is about to come up soon and I was running out of ideas how to how to make it a memorable day for you. So I called up the gang so they can pitch in their ideas. And you know what? They weren’t of much help.
Wife: Why?
Husband: Not because they didn’t have anything to say but more because I was much to preoccupied thinking of you the whole time that I never caught what they were saying properly. So end of story is I left them, bought a rose, and drove as fast as possible straight back home – to you. I thought it better instead to ask you what will make you happy. <Gives the rose he is hiding behind his back>
Wife: Oh silly…what makes me happy is you =)

*Anniversary can be replaced with Birthday or holidays like Christmas and New year.

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