Pictures you don’t want to see during Ondoy Bayanihan Spirit

1) Ms. Plurk of Dubai

I made a reply to her but made another post about a possible explanation of what may have happened.

2)  Is that you Congressman Mickey?

Buying hard drinks at Rustan while people are hungry and helpless on top of their roofs waiting to be rescued by three new rubber boats?

3) Now is not the time for politics.

If this is real all I can say is honestly Sen. Manny Villar, it was only a waste of time printing, cutting and pasting your name on those styro foams. I know you want to win, but there are other ways to be subtle with the approach. Which weighs more sir, winning or helping?

4 thoughts on “Pictures you don’t want to see during Ondoy Bayanihan Spirit

  1. it’s unavoidable that in times of disaster, “politicians or running politicians” are working to win the people’s favor through helping..

    okay na sana.
    but do they have to make it that much obvious for people not to forget their deeds, let’s say in the time of election?


  2. I am just wondering… how are they going to get even with all the money they spent helping?

    …obvious na.

    I hope the help comes from the heart and not because of their agenda to win people’s vote.

  3. In campaigns, maraming volunteers na sumasali. Pwedeng maglagay ang isang ‘hater’ para sirain ang taong kung sino man. Madaming supporters si Senator na nagbibigay din ng tulong. So, hindi natin alam kung kanino nanggaling yan.
    isa ako sa mga nagvolunteer para mag re-pack sa WCC, office ni Senator Villar. Wala kaming nilagay na kahit isang pangalan sa mga packed lunch. It’s sad kasi 72 hours ka na nagrerepack at tumutulong sa mga victims, ganito pa yung makikita mo. Meron din mga generous friends and mga nagdonate ng ready to distribute packed lunch, and we did not bother to check them kasi kailangan mabilisan ang galaw, so lagay lahat sa trucks. Meron din namang mga friends na dumretso na agad sa affected areas at tumulong in behalf of the good Senator. Shempre, tumutulong sila, hindi natin alam kung ano ang nakalagay sa mga pinamimigay nila.
    It’s not the time to meddle in politics and magsiraan. Magtulong tulong na lang tayo para sa mga nasalanta. You are more than welcome to give donations and/or join us in helping the Ondoy victims. Let us spread love not hate :)… thanks

  4. anonymous is right.

    hope the help does come from the heart, not in any”hidden intention” whatsoever..

    let’s just focused on helping the victims of Ondoy, rather than trying to win the people’s heart for the upcoming elections.

    I wish I could help physically, but we have classes here in LB. I could only do through text..

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