Suspensions due to Typhoon Ondoy

LAST EDIT: Sept 29, 2009 8:48PM

1) MMDA suspends number coding for a week

MANILA, Philippines — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has suspended the number-coding system for vehicles starting Monday until Friday.

2) No class until Sept 29, Tuesday

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE 5) Classes at all levels in Metro Manila and the provinces of Rizal, Batangas, and Laguna have been suspended until Tuesday, September 29, due to the floods brought about by typhoon Ondoy, officials said Sunday.

3) No class until Oct 2, Friday

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 4) Classes in all levels in areas affected by storm “Ondoy” will remain suspended from Wednesday until Saturday, education officials announced Tuesday.

17 thoughts on “Suspensions due to Typhoon Ondoy

  1. totoo po bang alang pasok po sa tuesday ang College

    nababahala lang po ako kc di ko po maconfirmed kung meron nga pong pasok o wala

    naguguluhan lang po please help me



  2. @azariah
    taga-san ka ba? Sabi sa Inquirer link

    The Commission on Higher Education suspended classes at the college level in Calabarzon (Region 4-A or the region made up of the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon).

  3. same here, I’m getting confused as to the news update regarding suspended classes until Tuesday. I’m studying in UPLB,Laguna..

    there are some news saying that suspended classes are until monday only and I am not really sure if there is or there is no classes on September 29, 2009.

    Please enlighten me on this anyone.
    I really appreciate it ‘coz I don’t know if I must travel back to LB tomorrow since I have 8am class on Tuesday.

    Please do update me.

  4. @noah
    there is already an official message about no classes until Sept 29, 2009 (Tuesday). For the officials to retract that message now is foolish and only shows poor leadership. If I were you it would be best to either (1) cherish the longer time to be longer with your family (2) or volunteer your time to help with the relief operation 🙂

  5. @dana
    you have a point there. honestly it would be best if you send an email to your respective college councils to confirm. So they can forward to Chancellor Cao. I’ve sent one now. I’ll give you an update if they reply.

  6. Good pm. Just a question though, would it still depend on the chancellors whether to suspend classes or not even if it is the Malacanang (through NDCC) that announced the suspension of classes? Wouldn’t it be binding on the areas mentioned? (i.e. Metro Manila, Rizal, Batangas, Laguna). Thanks

  7. @Selem
    Not necessarily. From what I know with UP, it is a separate jurisdiction. We don’t take the decisions of CHED in suspension. Anyway it is best to be sure so lets wait for an official message from our respective Chancellors. IMHO I’m pretty confident also it’ll be no class tomorrow.

  8. ,. marami talagang naguguluhan ngayon,. basta ang alam ko,. sure na yung sa elem at high school na walang pasok bukas,. sa tingin ko talaga depende pa rin sa university pres. yung desisyon,. sa plm kasi monday lang yung suspension,. i’m still waiting for the update kung ano ba talaga desisyon nila,.

  9. @royalflare
    Yep. I know that not all universities follow CHED announcements re suspension of classes. However, in the present case, it is not merely the CHED, but also the NDCC that announced the suspension. But yeah, you are right. Better wait for official announcements for our respective areas.

  10. Thanks royalflare.
    At this moment, I’m also waiting for whatever announcement UPLB’s chancellor will be.
    But I’m hoping if whatever update there is, they tell it soon. It’s a hassle to decide if I have to travel back to Lb already now or not.
    I’m still scared to travel at this moment.

  11. We have classes today, royalflare.
    Fortunately, the travel on the way here (LB) was smooth.
    But I heard some rumors that there will be a one-week no classes with UPLB included, but I’m not sure..
    The problem here, honestly, is that news/announcements are always made late.
    Thanks for the update anyway. I appreciate it! =)

  12. @noah
    aww, sayang. I hope wala ngang pasok kahit one-two days lang so that you guys can lend your hands in helping out with volunteer work. Ako rin tied sa work but I’m planning to give donation instead.

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