A reply to Ms. Plurk’s Nasty Comment about the Ondoy Tragedy

I felt anger after reading above. A friend ‘s status at Facebook brought it to my attention. Since it felt  totally out-of-line I decided to blog about my reply. For her sake though I still had the sanity to remove her name. I’ll just call you Ms. Plurk since you were confident making that nasty comment there. (Edit for correction: She made the comment in Facebook and my Friend posted it at Plurk which was automatically updating his Facebook status too. Sorry if it sounds confusing but her comment is really from Facebook but since I’ve already started it she remains Ms. Plurk. )

Ms. Plurk, what were you thinking when you made a very very stupid remark like that. One, I don’t think God is heartless to allow people especially innocent children to be stuck for hours scared and hungry on top of their roof-tops. Two, I don’t think you get a tragedy simply because you did something bad. It happens to everyone, good or bad. I believe it is called a test of faith. Try reading a holy book (take your pick from Bible, Qur’an or Torah) from time to time. It happens even to the holiest persons like the prophets. If you really believe in God then you should try re-assessing what kind of God you believe in. Because I really don’t think there is a God that punishes people because they are bad. Personally it is more like a God, balancing the order of the universe in a way that only He knows how. Everything happens for a reason. This may look like a tragedy for us now but we never know if this event has only been a silver lining to a master plan He is continuously building.

I only hope your family never encounters a tragedy and hear a remark from people saying “oh, they deserve that”.  To Ms. Plurk, please think twice or thrice before making another comment next time.

Edit: adding another Facebook grabbed picture, this one looks more cheerful.

6 thoughts on “A reply to Ms. Plurk’s Nasty Comment about the Ondoy Tragedy

  1. I agree to what you said.
    God never wanted bad things to happen to us.
    These are merely trials to overcome to build us into better individuals, signs to remind us of His presence, and to keep our faith stronger.
    Many fail to see God’s grace whenever they are in the summit of their success and happiness but deliberately blame Him when they encounter tragedy in their lives.

    If Ms Plurk is reading this, I hope she finds this a wake-up call.
    We must be always grateful God still exists, if not, then we should have been not existing since in the beginning..

    royalflare, I added you in my blogroll.
    I’m glad I encountered your blog.
    I inquired about the news on suspended classes on your other post.I hope you give me enlightenment on that matter.I really appreciate it a lot. =)

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