Heavens Apart

If I remember correctly, I was initially inspired to write this while listening to Take That’s song Rule the World which was used in the movie Stardust. But it took a while to finish since I can’t immediately think of how to end it. Whether you liked it or not I hope you drop me a comment.

A full moon lights the sky tonight
yet one man stays away from sight
Alone within an empty dark room
like a prisoner waiting his fated doom
His mouth opens but without sound
Trapped in nightmares yet to be found

But then something shines and blinds
Freeing the poor soul from his binds
A savior appears ; a sight of delight
Moving with an angel’s grace in flight
Her eyes smile and melts his fears
Gave him memories happy and dear

He has seen those eyes so many times
When life gives him more lemons than limes
She was his guardian, he was her charge
It was that way until love went at large
Tonight he remembers and no longer forgets
Whom the faceless vision his heart has all set.

Their gaze meet ; Their hearts beat
They shared a kiss ; They felt at bliss.
They shared a wanting they always knew
From each other strong passion ensues

As night ends to give way to day
Two souls took some time to pray
They thank the heavens for the time
And for their destinies intertwined

They may be different but they are the same
For their hearts beat each others’ name
Earth may crumble and Heaven may fall
But, holding hands, they shall conquer it all

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