How to Earn from Sharing Pictures

Okay I’ve mentioned in a previous article a way how to earn from links you post in your website or forums. Now I’m going to share a way to earn from the pictures you show your friends and families.

The website’s name is shareapic. Basically it is like flickr, picasaweb and photobucket which serves as a free online host of pictures. The main difference is shareapic will pay you whenever people view the pictures. The reason they can pay is because there are ads beside the pictures. These ads are paid by advertisers that pay shareapic to show them to people. So you need to direct people to view the pictures from their website to make it count in your earnings. If you like to make the picture immediately viewable in whole on your website then their service is not for you. Shareapic will only provide a thumbnail of the picture to at least peak the interest of the viewers. Take a look at my gallery for an example.

There is no limit to the number of galleries you can create or the number of pictures you can upload.

Earnings varies depending on the income of the site and the page views you were able to get. But since this site also has a referral system. You can earn a certain percentage of the earnings of your referral which is great. This means you can immediately reach the minimum payout of $20 (paid through Paypal) the more active referrals you get.

I hope you found this article helpful. This is just one of the ways to monetize you blog or website aside from my previous post. If you want to give it a try just click on the link below to direct you the page.

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