Trip to Ocean Park

My favorite is the last picture. I like how the eyes of the sharks flash with the camera’s flash. It’s similar to cartoon villains who get the evil gleam in their eyes when they have a sinister plan in mind.

4 thoughts on “Trip to Ocean Park

  1. tol sang part ba ung ocean park:-?Can you give me the whole information about the ocean park:-?balak ko pumunta dyan,pag nagbakasyon ako!!thanks in advance>>>>>>>>>>>>>:))

  2. @dew
    here, I got their info from their website

    MANILA OCEAN PARK, Behind the Quirino Grandstand Luneta, Manila, Philippines
    Tel: (632) 5677777 Fax: (632) 5672309

    They are open until 7pm during weekdays and 8pm during weekends. Admission rate is Adults : Php 400.00 while Kids (4.5 ft and below) : Php 350.00

  3. ok thanks,bilis ah!!!nakita ko na sa google,,dun lang pala,,hahaha:)):))thanks ulit!!!im curious lang,,are you a boy or a girl:-?

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