Ayosdito.ph guilty of spam

Ayosdito.ph is a website which allows you to post ads for free. They have been actively promoting their website and I was able to chance one of their ads through youtube. I tried posting an ad there about a food supplement I am selling but they did not accept it. Another Free ads website that is less restrictive, Sulit.com.ph accepted my add. Now, It did not matter that Ayosdito.ph rejected my ad it was their prerogative and I respect their decision. However after that incident I no longer tried posting another ad there. Little did I know they will use the email I trustingly gave them to spam me.

I can understand Ayosdito.ph wanting to encourage people to  post their ads with active marketing but spamming people’s inbox in definitely not a way to do it. Fortunately I am using gmail so the spams are less obtrusive in my inbox. I can only imagine how it looks like for those using yahoo mail. (hahaha) Honestly, the way Ayos.ph does push marketing I will really think twice using their service. To its administrators and owners. “Hindi po Ayos ang spam”. Translation: “Spam is not good”

6 thoughts on “Ayosdito.ph guilty of spam

  1. Hi,

    We’re admins from AyosDito.ph and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. It was not our intention to send out spams. Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch that resulted to multiple sending of emails on that day but this has already been addressed.


  2. If your good office was really regretful you should send a mass apology immediately for all those other people who were inconvenienced with your unfortunate technical incident. It has been 3 days since then and I’ve yet to read an official letter of apology in my inbox.

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