Osalt.com: Website for Open Source Alternatives

When I was working as a student assistant at the computer center of my university I got exposed to using Linux and open source. Ever since then I am an advocate of using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). For each commercialized program I want to use I always think first if there is an open source alternative to it. If there is one I decide to use that first instead of shelling out cash on the commercial one.

Recently I am in need of a screen capture program like Camtasia and surfed the internet for a viable open source alternative. Luckily I stumbled upon the website osalt.com and suggested  I use Camstudio. This site is great because it compiles the list of open source projects for different programs. I wish for everyone to look into using FOSS so take some time to visit the website. You might find something useful at absolutely zero cost.

One thought on “Osalt.com: Website for Open Source Alternatives

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