Caught off-gaurd

Time for some creative literary exercise.

Walking into empty doors is not surprising. Finding a jewel in one of the doors is what is interesting. You pick it up and scrutinize it for a while. Admiring the intricacies it offers. Getting enchanted with its brilliance. Holding it delicately against your excited hands. Feeling time and space momentarily cease to exist

But then such beauty cannot be kept hidden for long. The jewel shines so bright, others start inquiring of the mystery concealed behind the door. They walk unwelcome inside invading your reverie. Pulling you away from the magic, snapping you painfully back to reality. Resistance is only futile.

The inquisitive hands pass around the jewel. You can only watch as the luster slowly dims. After the last faint twinkle they have lost interest. Discarding carelessly the once brilliant jewel, they left abruptly.

It happened so fast, you choked for words of defiance and misery. But it has passed. They are gone. You have your treasure back and lesson learned. There shall be no repeat.

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