Quest for Compiz-Fusion

For two days, I have been trying to make Compiz-Fusion work on an old AMD computer and today I admit defeat. Not because I got tired, but mainly due to the message finally telling me my hardware is simply not up for it.  It is not the Duron 1300Mhz processor at fault, because I saw those cool desktop effects run on a 450Mhz (just forgot if it was a PII or PIII). It was still called Compiz/XGL then.

The culprit is the video card. I have a 32mb nVidia TNT2 Model 64 which is considered a legacy card according to the restricted driver installation on Ubuntu. I even tried a Live CD of  Sabayon, a Debian-based distribution,  to  see if it can make Compiz-Fusion work out-of-the-box. But I was still sadly mistaken. This Compiz check site, only affirmed what I want to deny all along.  I need an upgrade.

Anyway I loss this war, but the battle ain’t over yet. I’ll just be on the look out for a better video card. The only consolation is I learned a lot again and at least I got to play with some cool desktop effects on the Compaq 6510b laptop using Sabayon Live CD. hehehe 🙂

Here is an Ubuntu Compiz-Fusion video from Youtube, just in case you don’t know what you are missing.

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