Nokia E51 Review

This review is long long overdue. But better late than never 🙂

The main reason I decided to buy a new cell phone is due to work. It was at that phase of the project when I will most certainly be doing lots of calls and texting. My Nokia 7650 phone has become frustrating because of the keys becoming hard to press already. Adding the fact that overall cellphones do not really appeal to me to use. I thought if I buy a new cool phone I’d be more willing to carry and use it.  Which is quite true in the end. Even if the project is no longer at critical phase I still have my phone within a 1 meter range from me. It may sound ridiculous to some but that is a great improvement. Before, I could go for days not knowing where and what happened to my cellphone. 😀

I bought my Nokia E51 from one of my relatives in Greenhills for a cash price of Php12,500. They do accept card purchases but it has an additional 10% charge. I bought also some add-ons like a screen protector for Php200 and a Silicon Case for Php350. There was also a neck-strap worth Php50 but I never got to use it since I could not find where to put it.

What’s in the box?
Unit has a one-year limited warranty from Nokia and contains:
1) Manual
2) Nokia Suite Software
3) 512 micro-SD with adapter
4) Data cable
5) Headset with microphone

Nokia E51 has the following features I like

a) Wifi – made it much easier to kill time. It was also easier for me to just update ringtones or get pictures and games since I’ll just download them from the internet. (

b) 3G – have not used this since I don’t want to pay for additional services when there are free wifi hotspots.

c) Bluetooth – I got to use this to transfer files from my laptop and it wasn’t as fast as cable transfer, but hey I could live with it.

d) FM Player / Audio player – You can customized your FM playlist and the Audio player can play mp3, aac and midi. The real plus here is the speaker volume of the phone. It is loud. At loudspeaker mode I’d say you can still here it even if it is 10 meters away indoors.

e) Design – it is slim and compact. The only wifi cellphone I saw which is both chic in design and isn’t bulky to carry like other wifi cellphone like the Nokia E71, Nokia E90, Sony Ericson P1, and Samsung i780. Although the other phone mentioned do have that higher manageability of typing with a qwerty keyboard I am after easy pocket storage. Belt clips are totally out of the equation. Oh, by being not bulky and qwerty it makes it (I think) less hot in the eyes of pick-pockets as well.

f) Battery Power – the stress test I’ve done with it so far is to turn on the wifi for one whole night around 12 hours then play music the next day while wifi is still on I played music non stop. Drained the battery until one bar. And that one bar still lasted another 12+ hours of standby use.

g) Office Tools – it can read Documents, Excels and pdf files. Should they be compressed it can also unzip them. And although I haven’t tried it yet, there is an icon on printer which means I can print directly from my cellphone!

h) Similarities with Nokia E71 – It makes me proud and happy that my cellphone has the same processing power and operating system used to run the Nokia E71 which is definitely one of the latest and hottest cellphone in the market now in terms of price and functionality (read that iPhone lovers). It even has a higher internal memory compared to Nokia E71.

i) Not common – I have yet to see another E51 owner. So far the only common smart cellphone I can see are iPhones and Nokia E71.

The disappointing features I can think of are

a) Side Keys – It takes me a couple seconds to open the cellphone simply because the power button is hard to press. Same sentiments for the volume adjustment on the sides.

b) Camera – it can take 2.0 megapixel pictures and has zoom functionality. However there is no built-in flash and it is not particularly good for  taking pictures of people on stages likes concerts and runways. The spotlight would render their faces and bodies super white on the picture. I have to trash a lot of shots I took at the Anime convention in UP Diliman. Video recording is a little better. I suggest using the camera in times and areas that are balancely lighted.

In a nutshell
Over all I’d give it a 9/10 rating. Nokia E51 is power packed for just the right price and fit for the busy bee who loves connectivity and productivity. But still to help you decide on your own check out its features here. As for me, I am very much happy with my Nokia E51.

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