Anime Cosplay at Bahay ng Alumni

After taking my finals on Cisco 1 last November 8, I decided to roam around UP Diliman Campus and see what’s new. (By the way, aced my exam. I’m sorry, I can’t contain my happiness. I just have to brag. :D) My first destination is the campus cinema (UP Film Institute) to check if there is any good movie (also hoping it is free) that I can see.

Now, Bahay ng Alumni was just across the street from the cinema and I noticed a large crowd of people, some in costumes, gathered outside. Apparently AME, one of UP’s Anime Enthusiasts Organizations, is holding an anime convention. I was curious so I paid the Php100 to get in.

It was a wonderful experience! It was bustling with energetic youngsters (not that I’m old), all happy and excited, wearing costumes, taking pictures with friends and those in costumes and, eating and buying Japanese goods that are mostly cute and hilarious. Yes, even the food is cute because there was a booth which styles their foods to be so. Unfortunately I was unable to taste nor see them for myself since I didn’t want to lose my position which was close to the stage. There were booths selling stuff toys, cute hats, beautiful accessories, japanese foods (tokoyaki, tanburi, sushi, etc), CD and DVDs of anime and Japanese artist as well as, definitely, Manga (Japanese comics). The activities (which I was aware of) were Speed Dating, Japanese Karaoke-on stage, Costumed Coffee Shop, and of course Cosplay in three categories – individual, group, and Harajuku.

I took lots of pictures and some video clips. Pictures are posted to my flickr account. As for the videos, I’ll upload them somewhere soon. Pictures are not much great though since I only used my cellphone (Nokia E51) which is mainly built for business functionality. Nevertheless, please enjoy looking at them.

Posting this classic one for your immediate entertainment. Ang mga magagandang tagapagtanggol ng pag-ibig at katarungan. ( The beautiful protectors of love and justice). Can you guess who they are? 🙂
Sailormoon Cosplayers

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