UP tuition increase is inevitable

This is a lengthy reaction I commented for a friend’s blog post. It is my personal stand on the issue of tuition fee increase in UP Diliman.


It’ll be a shame not to react to a post of such passion and intensity. So here goes…

I will admit I am one of those people who are not against the idea of increasing the tuition in UP. I see the cons but I won’t discredit the gravity of the pros as well. I see UP and I love it too much to allow it to deteriorate in quality of teaching. It is a fact that money is still needed for quality education. Who wants to code and debug on paper? Who wants to draw drafts on bumpy desks? Who wants to walk at a dark, ominous sunken garden? Who wants a teacher who knows nothing? There are more but you get the picture. The focus in school should be to study so why hinder the student’s focus with all these worries.

The government shows too little interest in allocating a larger share of the budget. UP administrators are tied themselves to the idiotic strategies of those in political office. I believe it was a question of allowing deterioration to continue due to lack of funds or pursue a pro-active approach at the expense of some. For me quality rules over quantity.  It was a long-term look at UP’s future that made the tuition increase the likely choice. We should not limit our thinking that poor people will continue to be poor due to lack of education. Personally I think education is merely an evidence one can use to prove one’s intellect or skill. Evidence is needed because it can tell how big a first step we can take (ie. getting hired by the top corporations, foreign study grants etc) But I want to emphasize that the first step is quickly overshadowed by the need to show in action what you really have to offer. So that means what should take into full gear as you climb that ladder to success is the winning attitude you will put into your every endeavor. Success therefore must be measured by one’s actions not by one’s diploma.

But then you might say…well despite that different perspective,  truth is the poor are still discriminated. My question is, are they? I have trust in the abilities of the UP administrators that they have already looked into the matter on how to cater to the less fortunate but bright young Filipinos. Isn’t that the reason for having STFAP* – know who the less fortunate are and help them with subsidy. Now if the STFAP might not seem to be working, why point finger at the action of tuition increase when the identified fail point is STFAP? Why not rethink the process and requirements that STFAP has instead? We can’t let emotions cloud our judgment. End point is we are living in reality. A reality where money is a necessity and  hard-work is your ticket to success.

Those who are Pro and Con of the tuition increase all have one thing in common. Our reason are all for the betterment of our dear homeland, the Philippines. (Isn’t it?) We just have a different way of viewing how to get there. Let us just combine efforts and continue our passion for our country. Being enemies solves nothing.


*STFAP – Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program

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