Stagnant blog

I have been neglecting this blog again. Shucks I better find something good to post.  It feels like my brain cells are dying. So I supposed I’d just answer the question why the lack of posts

1) I’m busy working

2) I’m busy playing

3) I’m busy procrastinating

In short, I got busy with everything except blogging. I just ran out of ideas to put in it. I takes me a while to write a good piece together. I’m even tempted to find my college papers and post it here just so I have something intelligent to write from time to time. My poems can’t get finished so nothing from the creative department and the technical stuff well honestly I am now using Windows because of my work laptop so nothing experimental I can do.  Mostly troubleshooting of pesky bugs and viruses which I tire on posting about. No new challenge for me. Argh…I want my blog to live again. I got to find some content fast.

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