your online desktop

“Jooce appeals to what we call the cyber-nomad, or a person who has a relatively sophisticated online life but who doesn’t own a computer. They move from one computer to another to conduct their online life. Jooce brings all the disparate parts of their digital life together and makes it available on one easy-to-use online space.”

This can be very useful since who wouldn’t want their data on the go minus the hassle of bringing storages devices with them. But sometimes you can’t help but wonder about some questions.

How secure can they truly make their system – we are talking about lot’s of data here, personal or work data that can quite sensitive and off-limits. Plus if you include file-sharing next you deal with is copyright issues. I suggest to approach this like a simple online storage and never a substitute for your own computer desktop/laptop.

Besides with the lowering prices of technology, buying your own computer and  getting a dsl connection is a cheaper alternative in the long-run.

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