Experiment with TightVNC

[Home Project I]

Experiment with TightVNC
(On Two Windows XP PC)

TightVNC is an enhanced version of VNC which means Virtual Network Computing. VNC is a great client/server software package allowing remote Network access to graphical desktops. With VNC, you can access your machine from everywhere provided that your machine is connected to the Internet.

Gadgets I used:
1. 2 Windows PCs with LAN
2. cross LAN cable (I do not have a ready hub or switch to experiment with so I had to use a cross-cable which I made myself.)
3. TightVNC (I used version 1.2.9)

1. Assign IP address to both computers.
a. Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections
b. Right click “Local Area Network Icon”
c. Select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click Properties
d. Select “Use the following IP address”
2. Install Tight VNC
3. Configure server or host computer
a. Start -> Programs -> TightVNC -> Launch Tight VNC Server
b. Assign passwords (one for remote access other for view only)
4. View from client workstation
a. Start -> Programs -> TightVNC -> TightVNC Viewer
b. Input IP address of host computer
c. Input password of host computer.

I was able to successfully do the following to host computer from client workstation
1. View desktop contents.
2. Play Minesweeper.
3. Turn off.

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