Solution to PLDT’s erratic connection

Last year I subscribed to PLDT’s Plan 990, the DSL and phone line connection. At the beginning, I was not particularly pleased with their service because I always get this limited or no connectivity problem for the first three weeks of use. Back then everytime I open my computer to log-on the net I have to call their service hotline 171 to complain about the error. It was very annoying.

It was only this week that my connection became more stable after they have done their remote testing but it can’t be helped sometimes that I suddenly lose connection even though the two computer icons on the bottom-left portion of the taskbar shows no error message.

Here is what normally do:

1. Click Start
2. Click run –> Type “command” then press enter key
3. On the black screen type “ipconfig /release”. You should see three rows of values
4. Next type “ipconfig /renew”. You will see that the bottom-left icon will start acquiring a new ip address
5. If an error message limited or no connectivity shows up, simply continue steps 3 and 4 until error is gone.

The instructions above is not a 100% assurance you’ll get your connection but for me the success rate is around 80%. I hope it helps you too. 🙂

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