Check your PLDT Plan

    When subscribing to any service especially through an agent always check if the right service was given to you. Sometimes you’ll be applied to a higher plan by the agent so that he/she will get a higher commission. It almost happened to me.

I just got my quick install kit modem this afternoon after two days of fouled waiting. I was supposed to get it last week Friday but the contact agent gave me the Plan 999 instead of the Plan 990.

Before I continue, let me explain their difference. Plan 999 is dsl only that offers 1 mbps speed while Plan 990 and dsl and phone line but only 384 kbps speed. Having been used to dial-up for nearly a decade I am sure I’d be quite satisfied with 384 kbps for the moment. Besides I don’t want to shell out too much on internet connection. We already have a PLDT line so it’ll be just like buying two internet prepaid cards a month for a faster net connection and uninterrupted phone line. And the sweet bonus is there is supposed to be a one month free for Plans 888, 990 and 1299. So…Plan 990 it is!

I applied at one of PLDT’s SM department store booths on a Monday and was informed that I could get it on Friday. I was quite excited to try it on the weekend but my happiness was short lived when I learned that the agent applied me for Plan 999. I would not have known if I didn’t start asking questions about what am I paying and why I am paying for it from the customer service at 5th floor Megamall who by the way needs to be reminded on how to give the best Total Customer Experience – smile, listen, and be polite.

I learned from them that this is a common ‘mistake’ and that there are people who come to them questioning their billing statement about why they must pay a higher amount than what they expected for their internet connection.

Don’t let yourself get scammed by others. If this is your first time to ask for a PLDT myDSL connection always ask for questions and verify your account after receiving the connection. Make use the PLDT hotline 171 and rid yourself of the possibility of wasting time and money in the future.

11 thoughts on “Check your PLDT Plan

  1. waaa… If it was me, I would’ve gotten 999. 1mbps vs 384kbps. That’s crazy. And thinking about it you won’t get the 384kbps at 100%. But if you really needed the phone.

    Lucky for me I’m with Bayantel. 768kbps-1500~kbps for plan 899. 😀 No phone though.

  2. Argh! I got plan 1299. And this month’s PLDT bill is P2900. Before the QIK installation, we used to pay less than a thousand. BAD.

  3. I think QIK is what I got. The thing I still hate about my plan is that we can’t exactly use the phone because of too much static if we are using the internet. They do have a gadget called a microfilter to remove the static but the PLDT technician removed it since he said it was the cause why we can’t get any internet. So technically speaking we can’t use the phone when we are using the internet.

  4. Ang mga speed ng PLDT sa internet scam. Yung explain sa kin eh 384 kilo bytes..un pala kilo bits..Di ba nila alam yung capital B tsaka ung small b..Yung kBps at yung kbps ay mg kaiba

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