Petition to make President Gloria resign

Taken from this website of online petition.


To: President and Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines


WHEREAS, because of the numerous unresolved scandals involving the present administration, including but not limited to the “Hello Garci” Election controversy, the ZTE , North Rail Project, Diosdado Macapagal Highway scandals, the Joc-joc Bolante Fertilizer scam, Jose Pidal caper, hundreds of unresolved extra-judicial killings and the latest Malacañang Bribery Incident, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has completely lost her moral authority to govern this country;

WHEREAS, the GMA has lost public sympathy and support in the light of her tainted electoral mandate and her responsibility for the numerous controversies hounding her administration, as consistently shown by survey after survey conducted by reputable polling entities;

WHEREAS, Vice President Noli De Castro is a member of the Arroyo cabinet and is a beneficiary of the cheating perpetrated during the May 2004 Elections and is also considered to be a silent partner in crime of GMA not only because of his close personal association and unflinching support for GMA but also because of his failure to stand-up against and denounce the abuses and excesses of the Arroyo regime;

WHEREAS, the recent Glorietta bombing incident appears to be a signal for the more violent phase in the regime of GMA;

WHEREAS, the sham impeachment case filed by personalities connected with Malacanang effectively sabotages and ridicules the impeachment process;

WHEREAS, the only peaceful, legal and constitutional option available to the Nation under the circumstances and to prevent the situation from developing into a full-scale conflict or civil strife is for GMA and Noli De Castro to resign from their respective positions as President and Vice-President, of the Republic of the Philippines;

WHEREAS, the 1987 Constitution, under Section 10, Article VII, expressly provides that:

“Sec. 10. The Congress shall, at ten o’clock in the morning of the third day after the vacancy in the offices of the President and Vice-President occurs, convene in accordance with its rules without need of a call and within seven days enact a law calling for a special election to elect a President and a Vice-President to be held not earlier than forty-five days nor later than sixty days from the time of such call. Xxx.”

NOW, WHEREFORE, We the undersigned citizens, taxpayers and voters of the Republic of the Philippines, in our capacity as the true sovereign of the Nation, DO HEREBY:

1. Call upon Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Noli De Castro to spare the country from further turmoil and violence by immediately resigning from their respective positions as President and Vice-President of the Philippines;

2. Demand the holding of a Special Presidential and Vice-Presidential Election within Sixty (60) Days from the date of the resignation of GMA and Noli de Castro, pursuant to Section 10, Article VII of the 1987 Constitution;

May God bless our Great Nation!

DONE in Metro Manila, Philippines on this 21st day of October 2007.

The Undersigned


Out of 80,000,000++ Filipinos only 3366 (as of 3:32am) signed the online petition. The majority cares not anymore and I’m no exception.

6 thoughts on “Petition to make President Gloria resign

  1. Out of 80,000,000++ Filipinos, one more showed his/her stupidity.
    27,000,000 of the Filipinos population is below 14 years of age, more then 30,000,000 Filipinos they have no access to internet and 10,000,000 Filipinos are working abroad. Thanks to those 10,000,000 Filipinos the economy is surviving.

  2. ya right whoever the prisident is in the philippines people always go look for some reason to go the street and make the em resign !! ,, no wonder the philipines is not progressing at all !! how about helping the economy improve instead of destroying it ?

  3. gumising kayo tagapagtanggol ng HUSTISYA. anu ba. asan na ang common sense ninyo.
    kami na hindi nakapagaral ay nakakintindi kung me demonyo sa paligid namin kayo pa kaya na napakataasng pinagaralan.
    Hustisya para ke gloria.
    ipakulong ang magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan , magnanakaw ng eleksyon,magnanakaw ng buhay at pagpatay sa mga pilipino.

    According to a survey conducted by Pulse Asia from October 20 to 31, a pluralty of Filipinos (at 42%, beating former president and strongman Ferdinand Marcos by 7%) consider Arroyo the “most corrupt (president) in the history of the Philippines”.[54] A November 30 – December 3, 2007 Social Weather Stations survey found Arroyo’s net satisfaction rating at -16 (32% satisfied minus 48% dissatisfied

    Illegal succession on presidency on edsa 2.
    Killed violently supporter of Estrada on edsa 3
    Jose Pedal; – corruption
    2004 election, massive fraud…MAGNDARAYA….
    2004 “I am sorry” ,,, without saying what for……for your evil work.
    Immediate state of emergency always to protect her regime..
    National broadband scandal ZTE/FG……….hello too much…
    Controversial e-vat…..
    economy selling……..putangina ang mahal ng pandisal……
    constitution charter change to parliamentary system..
    E.O 464. fucking shit arroyo.
    Ngayon spratlys ibinenta mong gago ka.
    Putanginamo Gloria macapagal arroyo.
    Anak ka ni satanas…………



    bakit kelangan png patapusin ang demonyo sa termino ha……………

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