Steps to remove Taga Lipa Are

I have created an instruction on how to remove IMGKULOT virus however there is another pesky local virus called Taga Lipa Are that needs to be dealt with too. When translated this means “I’m from Lipa” which is a city in the Philippines. Luckily a friend of mine who is a certified security buff has created her own set of instructions on how to remove it. Do check out the comments too since people have added their own way of erasing the virus from their system.

3 thoughts on “Steps to remove Taga Lipa Are

  1. Hi Maximus. 🙂 I no longer included the steps here since if you check out the link to my friend’s blog you’d see that she has covered the subject well and comments from other readers made her post on the topic even more informative. However should you encounter some problem on how to execute some steps in her blog or the virus just seems to be so persistent after doing the instructions you can enumerate the steps you have done here and I’d try to see what I can advise for you to do next. 🙂 Or you could also post a comment on her post too!

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