Top 20 schools in the Philippines

This statistics is a result of the study conducted by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), based on the average passing in the BOARD EXAMINATIONS OF ALL COURSES of all universities and colleges in the Philippines . This study is concluded every 10 years.

Eleven schools come from Luzon, two from the Visayas and seven from Mindanao.

1. University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus / Luzon )

2. University of the Philippines (Los Banos Campus/ Luzon )

3. University of the Philippines (Manila Campus / Luzon )

4. Silliman University ( Dumaguete City / Visayas)

5. Ateneo deDavao University ( Davao / Mindanao )

6. Ateneo de Manila University ( Manila / Luzon )

7. University of Sto . Tomas ( Manila / Luzon )

8. Mindanao State University (Iligan Institute  ofTech/ Mindanao )

9. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (Manila/Luzon)

10. Saint Louis University ( Baguio City / Luzon )

11. University of San Carlos ( Cebu City / Visayas)

12. Xavier University (Cagayan de Oro / Mindanao )

13. Mindanao State University (Main / Mindanao )

14. Urios College ( Butuan City / Mindanao )

15. Polytechnic University of the Philippines ( Manila / Luzon )

16. De La Salle University ( Manila / Luzon )

17. Mapua Institute of Technology ( Manila / Luzon )

18. Adamson University ( Manila / Luzon )

19. Central Mindanao University (Bukidnon/Mindanao)

20. University of Southern Philippines ( Davao /Mindanao)

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  1. This supposedly study made by PRC and CHED is already superseded by a study conducted by the same agencies mentioned above for a period of 5 years, i.e., 1999 to 2005. The top 20 are as follows:
    1. University of the Philipines-Diliman
    2. University of Santo Tomas
    3. Saint Louis University, Baguio City
    4. University of the Philippines-Los Banos
    5. Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan)
    6. Ateneo de Davao University
    7. Central Philippine University
    8. Mariano Marcos State University-Batac
    9. Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Tech
    10. University of the Philippines-Manila
    11. De La Salle University-Manila
    12. Mindanao State University-Marawi City
    13. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
    14. University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos
    15. Cagayan State University-Tuguegarao
    16. Mindanao State University-Gen Santos City
    17. Silliman University
    18. University of San Carlos
    19. Adventist University of the Philippines – (PUC-Silang)
    20. Batangas State University (Pablo Borbon M.I.T.)

    This list can be verified in the Compilation of Statistics on the Performance of Schools in Various Licensure Examinations 1999-2003.

  2. Mine really is old data, from 1992 to 2001 so thank you very much for the update Jun.

    P.S. We may never have the cup but we will always be on top. UP the best! hehehe

  3. san po ung source nito?…kasi the one i saw was university of the cordilleras was ranked number 14th eh… and ateneo de manila is missing in this top 20…hmmm

  4. The study was based on the passing rate of each schools in several board exams. We all know that UP always has 90% or more passing rate because it has the less examinees.Which among the top 20 schools produces the most number of doctors, lawyers,engineers, accountants, architects, nurses, PTs, med techs? PRC should publish an article also about this one.

  5. @beth

    If your going to cite this blog for research I’m afraid this would not be a very good reference because I just got the data from an email of a friend. Now if it were to decide which school to go to then may I suggest that you look at what are your priorities.

    Is it prestige? Is it affordability? Is it distance from home? Is it the number of old friends also there? Know what you want and decide on that.

    Beth, hindi mo kelangan malito. Sa opinyon ko lang [pwede mong pakinggan o hindi] kasi ang success mo ay wala sa pangalan ng school mo kung hindi nasa pagsusumikap na gagawin mo.

    Okay, I admit that in your first job more preference will be given if you graduated from a prestigious university but it will only be helpful for a year or two because honestly the real factor in climbing your way to the top is simply the attitude you decide to project towards any endeavor you take-on and especially towards the challenges that come your way.

  6. didnt know that a school with lame teachers who doznt even know how to pronounce and explain well would make a name…hahaha… Xavier University nakalusot tayo!!!

  7. haha… Xavier Univesity school papers nagkamali!!! ang sinabe nila is #8 kami… un pala #12!!!! akalain mo???hahah

  8. one should not based ranking on CHED passing performance since evry school has different specialization. MIT for eng’g, UP Ateneo for law, USt for medicine

  9. we are pourd that our school the fr. saturninoi urios university here in butuan city is included in the top 20 performing colleges, kahit may bago mang survey dyan na gawgawa ng mga hindi nainclkude sa original listing, urios will remain one of the best mabuhay ang mga urinas

  10. woOwW.. Mindanao State Universtiy-Iligan Institute of Technology .. will always be the best performing school in Mindanao!!no doubt at all!? im proud to be IItians….

  11. according to my couz (current studying in UP), not all students in UP are not intllgnt!!! wahahaha….

  12. San Beda is known for being a top school in the field of accountancy and law. how come San Beda didn’t make it to the top? karamihan dito mataas ang passing percentage sa engineering, education at nursing na napakadali naman ng board exems at may leakage pa. tignan niyo, cpa and bar exams are the toughest and San Beda are always on the top three of those exams

  13. silliman university the best international school in the phil..
    yeah naka top 4.
    go sillimanians..!!go stallions!!
    go S.U.R.O.T.C. red shields.!

  14. well… Our country did not fail of choosing her scholars because they excelled in their studies… This only showed their love for the country and the never-ending duty of returning what it gave them-the privilege to be her scholars…

    GO UPD!!!!

  15. Go Go Go Silliman University……. Top 4.. tapos top 1-3 puro UP, so it means, we ranked 2nd……. Mabuhay ang mga Sillimanians…..

  16. God Bless Silliman University!
    The only school in the country with the highest percentage of foreigners enrolled in its courses.
    “not that I love UP less, but I LOVE SILLIMAN more!
    Silliman will always be the best!!!!

  17. it’s not in what school you graduated but it’s on how you made difference and better our society after your left. but nonetheless, UP is still the best!

  18. to Jun, yan po ba ung latest info regarding the top performing schools here in the philippines? I Hope so… kasi im having hard time deciciding kung san ako papasok… updtae naman please thanks….

  19. to Jun, yan po ba ung latest info regarding the top performing schools here in the philippines? I Hope so… kasi im having hard time deciciding kung san ako papasok… update naman please thanks….

    wait… pti narin po kay royalflare..update naman please kung ano ung latest survey ……

  20. you should include University of the Cordilleras in Baguio City Because it has already been proven its ability to make its name…

  21. Guys dont ger overly excited….
    That list is only good locally (meaning just in the country)
    The world is big, and none of the schools from that list even made it to the Top 1000 in the world or even asia.

    For Tech guys…. invest on International Certificates such as Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Solaris…. that’s your only ticket to the real thing.

    peace 😉

  22. I believe PLM emerges as one of the best schools same with UP and Ateneo. Though PLM lacks facilities, still PLM-students manage to excel.Shame to schools which offer high tuition fees yet with underrated students….you know who you are…..No need to mention…God Bless PLM!!!katalinuhan kadakilaan kaunlaran!!!

  23. tanong ko lang saan yang University of Southern Philippines Sa Davao..
    san yan sya banda? pls…………
    i really need a reply

  24. San Beda is still the top Law school in the country. Bedan lawyers are the finest law graduates in and outside the court.

  25. …central philippines univresity????


    paki check daw :-“

  26. oh wel….central philippines university does exist nga…

    i was just thinking for a bit lang… come wala ang central mindanao university?

    we are number 2 or 3 in agriculture…4 in veterinary medicine…4th or 5th in nutrition and dietitics….5th or something in forestry….

    is this based on the NUMBERS of those who passed ba?

  27. “Congratulatios to all Central Mindanao University Students”
    CMU is “The Academic Paradise Of The South”

  28. i think ateneo de manila should have been included there.. ATENEO DE MANILA definitely is the best JESUIT SCHOOL in the country.

    xavier university is a good school. bt its not the best in mindanao. the best school here in the south would definitely be MSU-Iligan Institute of Tecnology.
    it excels both in the academic and extra curriculars. engineering students in msu-iit are even better than UP studs, top1 and top2 in rank. accountancy is also good coz they got the number 2 rank. also, msu-iit is the only school in mindanao bearing the center of excellence in science and mathematics. for the arts, msu-iit has the best performing arts guild and chorale in mindanao, naMely IPAG and Octava. and iit offers the lowest tuition fees..

    quality education should be seen holistically

  29. GOD BLESS the…

    Pontifical and Royal
    The Catholic University of the Philippines.

    UST rockz!!!



  30. yes naka top 14 pa skul namin.. talo pa ang la salle. haha.! and then my current skul ateneo de davao! go blue knights!

  31. Oppsss… Caution guys, because what you are seeing is just a virtual listing of top 20 colleges/universities in the Philippines. Please try to find out the real one. It is hard to believe ADMU-Manila, USLS-Bacolod and West Visayas State Univ are not found in the list. Don’t be over excited! The BIG questions are… HOW CREDIBLE WAS THE SURVEY? DOES THE ORGANIZATION (conducted such survey) HAVE AN ESTABLISHED INTEGRITY? Hhhmmm… I doubt it.

  32. nagtataka lang ako…

    oo nga sinasabi niyo na no. 1 kau sa ganyan… na nag excell kau sa program na yan..

    pero panu naman sa ibang programs na inoffer ng skul nio na hindi nag eexcell diba?

    sinasabi nio na dapat nasa list ung school nio….pero alam ko din na hindi ganun ka accurate and precise ung survey..pero goodluck na din sa ibang schools…

    isa lang masasabi ko…
    GO USTe!
    400 years of unending grace!!

  33. have you revisted the results of the board exams? I think lasalle-manila have performed well and have always occupied most of the rankings in the list of board top notchers, be it in cpa licensure exam, engineering etc… Not to mention that there were also recent publication releases from the US which included UP, Ateneo-Manila and Lasalle as top universities in respective order. Could you give us a detailed information on how you came up on the list, were there any deliberations and study conducted? This is to give JUST credit to performing schools. You should review your procedure before you release any report.

  34. May be the editor overlooked the word ” Public ” in the Title. It should be presented as Top 20 Public schools in the Philippines otherwise San Beda College should be number one in the list. For the mean time please search for the Top 10 schools that has the richest and good looking students in the world where SBC is rank number 1 as follows:

    1. San Beda College (Philippines)
    2. Harvard University (USA)
    3. Cambridge University (United Kingdom)
    4. Stanford University (USA)
    5. University of California – Berkeley (USA)


  35. San Beda is known for being a top school in the field of accountancy and law. how come San Beda didn’t make it to the top? karamihan dito mataas ang passing percentage sa engineering, education at nursing na napakadali naman ng board exems at may leakage pa. tignan niyo, cpa and bar exams are the toughest and San Beda are always on the top three of those exams – agree. perhaps ndi naman napakadali pero sobrang mataas ang passing rate compared with law and accountancy..

    Besides, this does not include the “real thing”: Being Fully Human, Wholly Christian and Truly Filipino!=)


  36. la lang goverment gumawa ng researh na yan

    ang tanging magagawa lang ng gobeyerno eh ipagkalandakan ang mga bulok nilang skwelahan na magagaling daw maski sandamakmak ang estudyante sa isang room how come hahaha
    real professional cant blame of this kind of survey sorry but i cant believe this…
    economic principle
    low capital cheap labor
    no money no quality
    this is the reality kung napakayaman ng pilipinas maninwala sana ako sa survey na yan….natuwa ang mga skwelahan na kasali

  37. puro kau yabang!!!! pag binaril ba kayu sa ulo, maililigtas ka ba ng pagiging tiga UP,dlsu,etc mo?!!!

  38. For COLEGIO DE SAN JUAN DE LETRAN is the best

    Dito may quality ang education
    magagaling ang professors st mga

    Hindi pa masasayang ang bayad sa tuition kahit mahal….



  39. top 20 schools

    St. Scho

  40. statistics are not meant for public bragging.

    it should be a way to encourage other universities to keep up. (wag maxado insecure)

    anyways, i am a prould PLMayer.

    saludo ako s mga public universities that managed to be on their bests depsite of lack of funds, materials,facilities. (pure resourcefulness and sharp instincts ang tawag don) PARTIDA in popular term.

    students from these schools learned to be leaner, tougher and realistic when it comes to the world outside because they already had the glimpse of it. kahet nkachinelas, shorts. damit na galing sa ukay-ukay. ok na. bsta makapasok.


  41. Wish ko lang na ang mga pinost dito na mga top 20 schools e real…..mukha namang fabricated ang data

  42. well I don’t need this CHED data to know these things…. The best university in the Philippines is pretty much subjective. If you learned a lot from your school and managed to attain enriching life experiences, then who cares if noone passes the licensure examination? Unfortunately, that’s only my personal opinion, not something shared by most employers. However let me comment on one comment.

    “he study was based on the passing rate of each schools in several board exams. We all know that UP always has 90% or more passing rate because it has the less examinees.Which among the top 20 schools produces the most number of doctors, lawyers,engineers, accountants, architects, nurses, PTs, med techs? PRC should publish an article also about this one.” Juan Tamad

    Well… are you implying my university sucks?? How dare you?! Even a new york times higher education survey included our school in the top 500 in the world even though we haven’t submitted any of their requirements, jsut goes to show how good we are. How dare you even suggest that…………….

  43. History tells it all….

    Viva SANTO TOMAS!!

    Kahit hindi lahat CENTER OF EXCELLENCE ang mga courses offered but still..

    UST is considered the no. 1 private school in the Philippines..

    Go USTe!

    Proud to be Thomasian at 400!

  44. UP is the best school, the only school that includes in the 500 World Univ. Rankings as of now.

    to Back to Back Champion, are you hallucinating?

  45. Go silliman..the number 1 american school in the archipelago…
    keep rocking sillimanians…
    wave the red flag of the stallions….

  46. awwwooooottttttt!!!!!!! Urios College No.14!!!!wow grabe im so proud to be an urian!!!!! Father Saturnino Urios University na sya ngayon!!!! GO!!GO!!GO!!! URIANS!!!!!

  47. HEY!!!

    don’t b such feakin’ dipshit bragging ur own skuls….. let others judge them, not yourself…xempre ssbhin nyo n BEST skul nyo…it doesn’t make sense…evrybody does anyway…

    kinda pisses sum of u hus skul not ncluded, ryt??…relax..b cool(*o*)

    congratz saint louis universty…!

  48. Woah..PUP is there!!haha.. Palaban talaga ang mga ISKOLAR NG BAYAN!! Go PUPians at sa lahat ng nag-aaral sa mga STATE UNIVERSITIES diyan.. UP, PLM at sa lahat ng mga state colleges.. Well, hindi naman nakakapagtaka, sa konti ba naman ng pumapasa sa mga STATE-U para lang makapag-aral..haha Unlike sa ‘ibang’ private universities.. basta may pera, pasok na..haha.. Kaya yung ibang school madaming sabaw na students eh..hehe..piz sa mga tinatamaan..=P

    obviously has courses that are different … and students are the most important there ….

    CSB GO GO GO…!!!

  50. go……go…..go….. ATENEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO CRUSADERS!!!!!!!!!

  51. A-T-E-N-E-O!!! yeehah!

    xavier university-ateneo de cagayan consistent yan! congrats, ateneo de davao and ateneo de manila (but why only at #6?).

    let’s get real, whatever the standards, ateneo schools would always make the it to the top of any study/survey, so for all the sorry whiners out there, wise up and concede! there are hundreds claiming to be the best but surely not all can fit into the top 20 (but ey, if it were a top 50, your school just might have made it, too) and you can scream and argue all you want but the numbers pretty much ends the discussion.

    kudos to u.p. and the rest of the top 20. but san beda… you poor, misguided thing. sure, you’re good but there’s probably a good reason why
    up to this day, you still call your pretty little school ‘college’. 🙂

    (heheh. funny how we all bicker about being the best when we can’t even put our country to any but “the worst” list).

  52. hmmmmm…
    USM.!, as in University of Southern Mindanao!
    the no. 1 veterinary schOOL in the philippines!

  53. No doubt that ADAMSON UNIVERSITY (AdU) is part of the Top 20 Universities in the Philippines…

    It only shows that we don’t need to spend so much just to educate ourselves in a highest paying tuition fee schools here in the Philppines.

    Adamson, a private-catholic, Vincentian university could give us the proper education that we need.

    Being on the list simply deserves by the institution for it produces several and uncountable students who passed the board examinaitons in their respective field..

    As ADAMSON said, “Education with a heart is what they served.”

  54. @ Val please read and understand.

    PRC and CHED also release school performance every year.

    The 2007 Top 20 Schools in the Philippines, According to CHED
    Posted Dec 13, 2007

    The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) have determined the Top Twenty Schools in the Philippines, namely:
    Luzon, arguably the most developed area of the Philippines, remains on top of the Visayas and Mindanao. Eleven of the institutions listed are based there, compared to the 2 of Visayas and 7 of Mindanao.

    1. University of the Philippines
    2. University of the Philippines
    3. University of the Philippines
    4. Siliman University
    5. Ateneo de Davao University
    6. Ateneo de Manila University
    7. University of Santo Tomas
    8. Mindanao State University
    9. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
    10. Saint Louis University
    11. University of San Carlos
    12. Xavier University
    13. Mindanao State University
    14. Urios College
    15. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
    16. De La Salle University
    17. Mapua Institute of Technology
    18. Adamson University
    19. Central Mindanao University
    20. University of Southern Philippines

    Philippine News speculates on the reasons behind these rankings:

    Any reader would be inclined to state that those focusing on the quantitative sciences, technology, mechanical arts, applied sciences and the like achieved their ranks because of their role in today’s educational landscapes in line with global concerns that come with the majority of professional stipulations and requirements. [emphasis ours]

    In layman’s terms, the schools deserve their rank because of an apparent focus on in-demand fields (particularly those related to IT and technology). But the same could be said of institutions that focus on these “in” courses. Perhaps prestige, reputation, and perceived quality also go a long way.

    Update: Reader Josh has called our attention to a thread on the Tsikot forums. Apparently, the list above is “superseded” by a study conducted by the CHED and PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) over the past five years. According to the study, the following are the correct Top 20 schools:

    1. University of the Philipines-Diliman
    2. University of Santo Tomas
    3. Saint Louis University
    4. University of the Philippines-Los Banos
    5. Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan)
    6. Ateneo de Davao University
    7. Ateneo de Manila University
    8. Silliman University
    9. University of San Carlos
    10. Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Tech
    11. University of the Philippines-Manila
    12. De La Salle University-Manila
    13. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
    14. University of the Cordilleras(Formerly Baguio Colleges Foundation)
    15. University of Negros Occidental
    16. Mindanao State University
    17. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
    18. Mapua Institute of Technology
    19. Central Mindanao University
    20. Adamson University

  55. bkit walng FEU?…ka2lungkot nman..i love my alma matter so much..bnabchan lng kxe ung board passers eh..panu nman kxe ung ibang skul konti lng ung kumukuha ng board exam..for example ung sa FEU 2000 ung nag exam tapos sa isang university 1500, 1200 ung pumasa sa FEU tApos 600 ung sa isang university, ung isang university ung pumasok sa top university khit mas mrami ung pumasa na taga FEU..

  56. in no particular order..

    University of the Philippines-diliman
    University of santo tomas
    West Visayas State University
    Mindanao state University
    Saint Louis University
    Xavier University

  57. GO UST!

    400 years of excellence!

    oooops….. i guess ms. chanda cannot accept the truth…
    yes, we belong to the top! and better than DLSU!

  58. ROFL..

    how come nasa #2 ung UST?

    dont tell me mas matatalino pa sila sa UPLB at Ateneo and De La Salle?

    what a crap..

  59. To a large extent, institutions differ in real effectiveness of instruction, and there are some that possess a high prestige and merit it, while some are simply tagged as “lesser fancied school”. Leaders in all walks of life are by no means confined to being graduates of those so-called “high-ranking” schools. Undeniably, much depends upon what a student brings with himself, and being a graduate of such institutions guarantees nothing in the way of learning and success. After all, life is more than just about schools.

    I am from New Era University. I am not from any of those “top” schools; but I’ve learned what I’m supposed to learn.

  60. i think PUP is one is one of the best universities in the philippines…

    hndi lang kc pancnin pero matatalino tlaga mga stdyante dun…

    sana alam un ng ched..

    isa ang PUP s mga schools n ngpapatunay na “MAHIRAP K MAN, MATALINO K NAMAN… d kc k2lad ng ibang schools, mayayaman man ang mga studyante, hndi naman PINAPAIRAL ANG UTAK…

  61. wahehehe….

    Kakatawa mga comments ng mga taga-Luzon… Too assertive and defensive… Hahaysss….

    I-qualify lang natin ang mga arguments nyo ha…

    Those list, ranking or whatever you may call it, is a supposed ranks of the school according to “studies” made by the CHED or PRC… Combined ba to??

    Kasi kung combined study to, it is more or less credible… Why??

    CHED – Government agency who checks and regulates schools performances, facilities and the likes; and

    PRC – Government agency who administer professional exams and passers…

    Grabee naman… with those two agencies, di pa kayo nagtitiwala…?? Alam nila lahat kung paano i-rate ang isang school according to their standards, AND NOT YOURS, like the passers which will tantamount to schools performance….

    Pero tama yung nagsabi na there should be a categorization of ranking kasi kawawa yung mga schools na hindi nasasali dahil kakaunti lang yung mga courses na ino-offer… Tsk tsk….


    Yung halos mangbulyaw sa galit dahil di deserving ang ganito ang ganyan, tanong lang…

    yung mga nasa top ang school at nagmamalaki:
    * may na-contribute ka ba para magtop ang school mo?
    * are you living with your school’s mission and vision?
    * are you living with your school’s standards?
    * na i-sapuso mo ba ang mga itinuturo ng school nyo sayo?

    yung mga di nakapasok ang school at nanggagalaiti sa inis:
    * itanong nyo kaya sa sarili nyo kung bakit…
    * hindi purket sikat ay pasok na.. okies…
    * maniwala na lang kayo sa salitang “HOPE”
    * ‘wag mag-alala, di lahat nang nasa top 20 ay 100% na nagpo-produce ng matatalinong estudyante..
    * tingnan nyo na lang ang strength ng school nyo na pwedeng ipagmalaki..


    I was also once struggling to find the best school here in visayas but I later found out na wala sa school ang success ng isang tao… It’s on the student or person himself/herself…

    I am currently a Law student of the Best Law School outside Manila and it has been a debate between classmates kung makakaapekto ba ang school for us “future lawyers” kuno and sad to say I am not one of those who are defending in favor of our school kasi nga daw nagpo-produce ng mga bar topnotchers..

    For me, it is the attitude of the student of how he/she accept the fact that studying is and will never be easy and thus he/she should study hard to exile no matter what school he/she is enrolled…

    Last 2007 Bar Exam, the Top 5 Performing Schools are the following:

    1.) Ateneo de Manila University
    2.) San Beda College
    3.) University of the Philippines – Diliman
    4.) University of San Carlos
    5.) Ateneo de Davao University

    I maybe proud that I am studying in University of San Carlos but in the end it won’t be the school that will matter to know my self-worth but my determination to fulfill my dream….

    Carolinians are not bound to brag what we have but the marks are there… We are one of the best and we will always be….

    Knowledge with Virtue!!

  62. It is good to be able say to someone with pride the name of one’s school specially if you know that the person can recognized your school as one of the best. However allowing it to be the sole criterion for pride is childish.

    Pride is defined “a feeling of self-respect and personal worth”. Emphasis on words self and personal. It involves you! So assess what YOU have contributed to gain that should be given honor and respect. Have YOU done your part?

    Give more pride on yourself – not by what you can do but more on what you have done. Remember that after school we mold our self to perfection and drive ourselves to greatness. And that decision will always be ours.

    and a “Here here” to that!

  63. well, every school/college/university deserves to be in the top list because they did their jobs to impart what must be imparted to every student. It now on the hands of the student on how they will carry themselves, (of course alongside with them is the name of the school where they grad.)to prove that their school is the best.

    Determination and hard work is the key pals.

  64. hey paki ask daw who is the highest gainer of score on mechanical engineering on the history of the phillipines..pls….is it rolando maliwat jr.

  65. i dont think that PUP deserves to be in the latter part of the ranking…

    go English Majors!!!!

    Proud to be PUPian…

  66. hoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alang tatalo sa mapua pagdating sa engineering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ngaung malayan university na cya i think tataas pa cya sa ranking for the next years.

  67. ba’t walang nakasama kahit sang university sa bicol? kung tutuusin walang binatbat yang mayayabang na eskwelahan sa manila compared sa university of nueva caceres, ateneo de naga or universidad de santa isabel.

  68. Ateneo tops UP in world list
    DLSU, UST cited

    By Kristine L. Alave
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 06:28:00 10/16/2008

    MANILA, Philippines—Ateneo de Manila University is not only No. 1 in basketball, but is also the leading tertiary school in the Philippines, based on several criteria like peer and employer review, faculty-student ratio and citations of teaching staff.

    But the University of the Philippines (UP), ranked No. 2 in the country this year after being No. 1 in 2007, dismissed the findings of The Times Higher Education-Quacquarelli Symonds (THE-QS) World University Rankings 2008.

    UP said it did not take part in this year’s survey.

    The THE-QS World University Rankings 2008 showed that the Jesuit-led Ateneo was leading the pack in the Philippines, followed by UP, De La Salle University (DLSU), and University of Santo Tomas (UST).

    In the survey released this week, Ateneo ranked 254th, leaping from between 400th and 500th position last year. Ateneo was sandwiched between London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.

    UP, the country’s premier state university, was at 274th place, up from 398th last year. UP was placed between two German universities—the University of Hamburg and Ulm University.

    DLSU and UST, both Catholic universities like Ateneo, were ranked 415th and 470th, respectively. In the past year, the two schools were out of the Top 500.

    The 2008 results reversed past trends, where the state-run UP led in the rankings and where Philippine universities hovered between the 400 and 500 levels.

    Best showing for RP schools

    Overall, this year highlighted the best showing of Philippine universities in the rankings yet.

    The survey was conceived to rank the world’s top tertiary educational institutions based on how other academies (40 percent) and employers (10 percent) perceive them, the number of citations in accredited publications (20 percent), student and faculty ratio (20 percent), and the number of international teachers (5 percent) and students (5 percent) in the institution.

    The survey also measured the schools’ performance in the fields of life sciences, arts and humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technology.

    The THE-QS website only lists the top 100 schools in the field subject rankings. None of the Philippine institutions made it to the top 100 list.


    Ateneo officials said they were heartened by the school’s strong showing.

    Antonette Angeles, Ateneo vice president for academic affairs, said the community “was very happy” about the results. “It is important to us because it shows how people outside see us,” she said.

    The findings, Angeles noted, reflected Ateneo’s efforts to internationalize the university and to encourage more research work from its faculty.

    Ateneo has consistently enjoyed positive perception from the business community, she said.

    By contrast, UP raised doubts on the survey’s validity, saying the university did not take part in this year’s survey. It took part in 2007.

    Problematic methodology

    In a statement, Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, UP vice president for public affairs, said the state university did not join because the survey organizers refused to disclose where and how they got their data.

    “Since it does not specify who are surveyed or what questions are asked, the methodology is problematic,” Hidalgo said.

    For this year’s survey, UP was not invited to participate, she said.

    Hidalgo said UP president Emerlinda Roman only received an e-mail message from QS Asia Pacific director, Mandy Mok, notifying her that UP had “gone up in the rankings.”

    The QS e-mail also informed UP that it could advertise in the 2009 Top University Guide and join the university fair for a fee of $49,000, Hidalgo said.

    “UP can hardly be expected to spend more than P2 million on publicity for itself involving a survey conducted by an organization that refuses to divulge where it obtains its data,” Hidalgo said.

    Harvard tops list

    The survey showed that Harvard University in Massachusetts topped the 2008 list, as it did in the previous years. It was followed by Yale University, also in Massachusetts, and University of Cambridge and University of Oxford—both in Britain.

    Two institutions from the Asia-Pacific landed in the Top 20: the Australian National University at 16th place and the University of Tokyo at 19th place.

  69. UP, ateneo and DLSU are not the best schools in this country. There are other schools outside manila that produce quality education just like SLU and MSU. SLU and MSU are not that popular compared to these schools in manila simple because their students are not that mayayaman. Thats my beliefs.

  70. I completed my eng’g degree at Saint Louis University, Baguio City and Im proud of my alma matter for being a consistent member of the top schools in the Philippines. To the faculty and students at large keep up the good work. God bless.

  71. Pwede po bang umalma?bakit wala ang malayong silangan? Porke ba 3 gym namin sa school at 1 lang ang library bobo na kami?Mga utot pala kayo na mabaho!!!taga new river ako..Go Inocencio family. Rock on!!!

  72. d ko alam kung bakit nyo pinagtatalunan ang data n ‘yan….. ang mga louisians walang pakialam kung sino ang mga top performing schools…. kahit nga mag-top ang saint louis sa mga board exams wala clang pakialalm…… they won’t celebrate, d katulad ng mga ibang schools na pinaglalandakan sa buong pilipinas na nagtop cla….. ang katabi naming mga school kadami-daming tarpaulin na nakasabit sa school buildings…ang SLU sa blackboard ng Diego Silang lobby nakasulat lang ang congratulation note….. kawawang SLU, pinakamahirap na Catholic School sa ‘pinas…. mas mahal pa ang tuition fee ng U.P. Diliman na government school….. kay pala d kami pinapansin dahil di kami nagpapansin…..



  74. I would just like to point out that the true list coming from CHED and PRC shows SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY in Baguio City no 3 and not no. 10 as presented. To avoid confusion show the latest one so that those not listed will be able to make the necessary adjustment so they will be included next time around. Eka nga sa mga wala sa listahan better luck next time. School administrators should view this as a wake up call or a yard stick for improvement. At least this time may ginawang mabuti ang CHED at PRC.

  75. “To the listed schools congratulatios”. One thing that i want to point out that not all expensive schools when it comes to tuition fee will make it to the list. Look what happened to Saint Louis University #3 in the list and one of the cheapest private schools in the north if not in Luzon. So, its not always that expensive schools will produce top notch student. Its a fact.
    SLU is the proof.

  76. Tama ka dyan kabayan, like Univ of Negros Occidental-Recoletos dati wala pero kasi kunti pa lang courses dun. Ngayon dami na, Nursing, Law, Medtech, Dentistry, ECE, COE, Social Work, Criminology, most especially sa ENGG like EE,ME,CE, CHEM dati pa kaming nasa top notch sa board exams. ENGINEERING LANG PAG-USAPAN marami masisibak sa listahan. Itaga man sa bato!!!

    Congrats! SLU-No.3

    at sa mga Visayan schools, USC-CEBU, Siliman-DUMAGUETE, CPU-ILOILO,

    at sa School ko UNO-R * Bacolod,,,,, No. 14 na. -VISAYAS yan ha!!!

  77. well, congratulations sa SLU. ito ang patunay na hindi kailangang mahAl ang edukasyon…. shame to those schools na abot langit ang taas ng TF pero basura naman ang klase ang edukasyon ang ibinibigay. GOD BLESS SLU… SApIENTIA AEDIFICAT (WISDOM BUILDS)

  78. All of the country’s top universities would boast of offering quality education. Silliman is no different. But while it joins the ranks of prestigious Philippine universities, it is humbled by a gift of a location that bespeaks of the natural environment’s complement to academic learning – one feature that sets Silliman apart from the rest.

  79. I acknowledge the presence of the “big 4” namely UP, ADMU, DLSU and UST.

    Actually it is my dream to study in UP, but I did not meet the deadline in getting the application form for the UPCAT. I only drean of UP and no other schools in metro manila. Maybe Ateneo, but I think I will be needing a scholarship for that. hehe! Mahal kasi! Pero sa UP mahal na rin eh pero kaya pa naman.

    Unfortunately, PUPCET is the only entrance exam I took because it was in the latter part of the school year. Dun lang ako tinuliro na mag-exam sa manila-based school.

    So dito ako sa PUP ngayon, even though not the best, but I firmly believe that it is one of the best as stated above. Wala akong regrets na dito ako napunta (meron din pala, konti lang.haha). Sa tingin ko, PUP is a great training ground for future journalists like me. I must admit, maganda rin ang education dito, not as I expected, akala ko maning-mani lang hindi pala. Hehe! Inadequate ang facilities dito kaya matututunan ko for sure ang isang quality nawala ako nung high school—–resourcefulness. hehe!

    But I really feel that discrimination of being a PUPian (you know what i mean?) and I don’t feel the need to elaborate. But despite that, I know my Alma Mater and its students have something to prove. Most of the student here are under financial problems but we are no imbeciles. We can slap it onto to the face of those who will say we are.

    Magaling Kami! At hindi yan kataka-taka!

    Mabuhay ang Iskolar ng Bayan sa PUP!

    Mabuhay ang Sintang Paaralang PUP!

  80. To God be the Glory!

    The only University Chapel in U-belt, unique and good looks inside & out.

    Top in Law

    Top in Criminology

    Top in Engineering

    Most number of Enrolled Doctoral & Masteral Degree

    That’s only in MLQU
    Manuel Luis Quezon University – Quiapo, Manila Phils.

    Go Mc.Q (Makyu)

    Go Quezonians

    May God we Praise!

    Marlo Montemayor
    IBM Phils.
    Lotus Technology Group

  81. hehehe…grad aq ng plm.. peo kpag ngwowork k n tlaga.. hindi skul ang tutulong sa karer u kndi sarili mo di ba??

  82. The Royal Catholic…

    U N I V E R S I T Y O F S A N C A R L O S

    U N I V E R S I T Y O F S A N C A R L O S

    U N I V E R S I T Y O F S A N C A R L O S

    U N I V E R S I T Y O F S A N C A R L O S

    U N I V E R S I T Y O F S A N C A R L O S

    We dont brag to be the Best!
    We are proud to be one of the Best!
    Yet, We will soar to be the Best!

    USC: Beyond Borders, Within Worlds: WITNESS TO THE WORD






  83. heii..

    Up go..


    heii.. leys go.. lets fight..@100 years of excellence!!!

    100years of excellence compared to 400 and 150 of NOTHING!!!!



  84. heii..

    Up go..


    heii.. leTs go.. lets fight..@100 years of excellence!!!

    100years of excellence compared to 400 and 150 of NOTHING!!!!



  85. perhaps one of the best things readers should actually know and discover is the performance of the University of the Cordilleras. Inspite of its meager resources, the university produced over a hundred topnotchers (and still producing) in the field of law, engineering, teacher education, architecture, accountancy and the best in the country for 23 consecutive times in criminology. Maliit talaga ang campus unlike other schools na sprawling pa , and yet the university is making its hay in the field of quality education. Its not even imposing rigid college entrance exam and retention policies, but true to its mission, they developed a kind of moral compass guiding everyone to fulfill their dream minus expensive tuition. Anong sey nyo?

  86. guys ung mga top 20 nio mali mali, ung 1st comment tama na san pero theres something wrong wag ka magimbento para maisali school nio, at ung isa namn puro school sa manila, ung mga common schools palibhasa un lang alam nia


    if u dont believe go to the PRC loc, mismo

  87. yes university of the cordilleras is one of the best ive seen this school, and perhaps the cleanest school in baguio and the most humble and a good ambiance

  88. Congratulations to the


    Beyond Borders, Within Worlds: WITNESS TO THE WORD

    We soar in quality-oriented Catholic Eduation for 410 Consecutive Years

    Viva! San Carlos Borromeo!





  89. hey to that person who said about sbc being the richest…we r talking about quality my friend…sa sinabi mo, para mo na ring sinabi na sa pera lang kau ume excel…bobo..

  90. ..hekhek.. pasok ang UST, the Pontifical & Royal University.. hekhek.. 400 >100.. ahaha! 400 OF NOTHING? kalokohan.. ahaha =P ..


    -the oldest Protestant university in the country and the oldest American-established university in Asia.

    -known as “the center of learning in the south”.

    -The school is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as being a “Center of Excellence” in nursing, teachers’ education, and Coastal Resources Management.

    -Silliman University is CHED Center of Development in Physics, Biology, Marine Sciences Mechanical Engineering, Business and Management Education, and Information Technology.

    -Silliman College of Nursing prides in it’s tradition of 100% passing average in the licensure exam since 1952 up to 2006, and 99.9% passing average in 2007.

    -The school is host to the annual Church Workers Convocation, a gathering of hundreds of members of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines— from around the country.

    -It is among the top 3 schools in physical therapy with outstanding board exam performance. The PT Department has produced graduates who made it to the Top 10.

    -Silliman also consistently leads in accountancy as to the percentage of successful board examinees, and it is among the country’s top 3 centers for development in Business Education.

    -The College of Agriculture ranked among the Top 3 schools in the country with highest passing averages at the recent First Professional Agriculture Board Examinations. One of its graduates made it to the Top 10. While the national passing average was 22%, Silliman Class of 2003 had a passing rate of 100%.

    -The College of Performing Arts (formerly School of Music and Fine Arts) has produced great names in Philippine Music Education history. Among them are ethnomusicologist Priscilla Magdamo, violinist Gilopez Kabayao and baritone Elmo Makil. Silliman is also a pioneer in Choral Music Education in the country.

    -The Silliman Information Technology program received 100% rating from CHED.

    -Silliman is also recognized as one of the leading schools in marine biology in Asia with the Marine Laboratory as its home.

    -Silliman is among the country’s Top 10 schools included in the annual BPI Science Awards for student achievers.

    -Silliman has a continuing exchange student program with three Japanese Universities (International Christian University, Shikoku Gakuin University and Ferris University).

    -Silliman is on the Top 10 List of schools in the Philippines listed as No. 4.

    -Starting in 2005, The medical school is to open as part of Silliman University.

    -Silliman University College of Law is ranked 7 on the Top Law Schools in the Philippines.








  93. s ngaun ST.THERESE-MTC COLLEGES NG ILOILO nangunguna s hotel & restaurant management at only ang school namin ang pnapadala s ibang bansa 2 rpresent d philippines

  94. ei guys.. i’m from SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY.. well, i was a bit shocked knowing Silliman is in the number 4 spot sa top performing schools. and i guess most of the students do feel the same way too. well, we sillimanians assume that lots of schools (especially those of the NCR) are way better than us. i could say that we always keep our feet on the ground and make sure that all glory and honor still goes to Him.
    i’m an accountancy student and most of the board passers i talked with would say that the board exam per se is not as difficult as those exams we usually have in our school. they say that lots of factors affect their performance in the board exam: homesickness, lacking of financial support to name a few. our mentor who was working in SGV would say that what makes Sillimanians stand out among other students, even those from intimidating schools like UP, Ateneo, and La Salle is the fact that the’re humble. Sillimanians don’t refuse when given menial tasks such as photocopying in the basement and all, those tasks that students from other school feel they don’t deserve doing, saying that they’re not sent to school in order to do such tasks.

    Silliman is not as fame-hungry as other schools especially those in ncr. but one thing for sure is that we always make sure that excellence ,competence ,character and faith always go together.

    Go Silliman University!

    the journey of 107 years goes on and on…

    Via, Veritas, Vita!!!!!!


  95. go PLM.. you might not be the best in terms of facilities, faculties and all, but the undying tradition of honing the best among the finest students in manila and the nation as well will surely be your legacy in the philippine academe…
    – i think therefore i am a PLMayer…

  96. Congrats to all UNORIANS and to all Recoletos!!!! we are truly one of the Best schools of the Philippines.



  97. Quoted from Daily Inquirer just to show our School “Univ. of Negros Occidental-Recoletos” Bacolod City from the province is not left out by Manila schools.

    Bar exam roll of honor
    By Artemio V. Panganiban
    First Posted 08:11am (Mla time) 04/15/2007

    Filed Under: Laws
    MANILA, Philippines — For a job superbly done, unfettered felicitations are due the 2006 Supreme Court Bar Examination Committee (chaired by the able and amiable Justice Angelina Sandoval Gutierrez) and the following examiners: Salvador B. Lao (Political Law), Salvador C. Medialdea (Labor), retired Supreme Court Justice Josue N. Bellosillo (Civil Law), Court of Tax Appeals Presiding Justice Ernesto D. Acosta (Taxation), Nilo B. Peña (Mercantile Law), retired Sandiganbayan Justice Romeo M. Escarreal (Criminal Law), retired Supreme Court Justice Bernardo P. Pardo (Remedial Law), and Deputy Court Administrator Zenaida D. Elepaño (Legal Ethics). The Office of the Bar Confidant, headed by the indefatigable Cristina B. Layusa, assisted the committee.
    Highlights of the 2006 test. Of the 6,187 who took the exam (the largest batch ever), 30.60 percent passed. During the last 60 years, from 1946 to 2006, the highest passing percentage was registered in 1954 at 75.17 percent; the lowest in 1999 at 16.59 percent. From 1982 to the present, the passing grade had consistently been 75 percent. Prior to 1982, the passing mark was invariably “reconsidered” to include grades below 75 percent; to as low as 69 percent in 1947, 69.45 percent in 1946, and 70 percent in 1948, 1963, 1972 and 1974.
    In the latest test, Noel Neil Q. Malimba of the University of the Cordilleras came out numero uno, followed by Deborah S. Acosta (UP) and Ricardo M. Pilares III (Ateneo de Manila) who tied for second place; Erika Ana Andrea C. Jimenez (Ateneo), third; Maria Charizza B. Carlos (Ateneo), fourth; Gina Lyn R. Rubio (Far Eastern University), fifth; Anjuli Larla A. Tan (Romualdez Educational Foundation), sixth; Karen H. Gaviola (University of San Carlos), seventh; Al-shwaid L. Ismael (University of Cebu), eighth; Timothy Joseph M. Mendoza (UP), ninth; and Alain Charles J. Veloso (UP), 10th.
    The year 2006 marks the first time that four non-Metro Manila schools landed in the top 10. This is also the first time that the Romualdez Educational Foundation and the University of Cebu (UC) produced placers. Congratulations to Deans Martin Romualdez and Adelino Sitoy. UC president Augusto Go was so enthused by the success of UC’s first law graduates that he gifted Ismael with a brand new car.
    Top schools in bar history. During the last 37 years, from 1969 to 2006, the first place had always been monopolized by Ateneo and UP, interrupted only in 2006 and 1998 (Janet B. Abuel) by the University of the Cordilleras, in 2002 by the University of Santo Tomas (Arlene M. Maneja), in 1975 by the University of the East (Nicanor B. Padilla Jr.) and in 1970 by the Far Eastern University (Romulo D. San Juan). From 1944 to 1968, San Beda, FEU, MLQ University, Philippine Law School, University of Manila and Divine Word College (of Bohol) competed actively with Ateneo and UP.
    From 1944 to the present, the top 10 spots were captured mostly by the above-mentioned schools, plus Lyceum of the Philippines, San Sebastian College, Arellano University and Adamson University.
    Provincial schools with top 10 placers include the University of San Carlos, Ateneo de Davao, University of Perpetual Help, Bicol Colleges, University of San Agustin, Colegio (now University) de San Jose-Recoletos, University of the Visayas, Silliman University, University of Bohol, University of Nueva Caceres, University of Southern Philippines,

    *University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos*,

    University of Iloilo, St. Louis University, University of St. La Salle, Mindanao State University, Xavier University and others.
    Past top 10 achievers. Four incumbent Supreme Court justices are bar placers: Antonio T. Carpio (6th place, 1975), Adolfo S. Azcuna (4th, 1962), Presbitero J. Velasco Jr. (6th, 1971) and Antonio B. Nachura (7th, 1967), along with two Supreme Court officials, Assistant Court Administrator Antonio H. Dujua (8th, 1969) and Corazon G. Ferrer-Flores (10th, 1986).
    Of the 21 past chief justices, nine were topnotchers: Jose Yulo (3rd, 1915), Cesar Bengzon (2nd, 1919), Roberto Concepcion (1st, 1924), Querube C. Makalintal (7th, 1933), Ramon C. Aquino (6th, 1939), Claudio Teehankee (1st, 1940), Pedro L. Yap (1st, 1946), Andres R. Narvasa (2nd, 1951) and Artemio V. Panganiban (6th, 1960). Notably, the first three lady Supreme Court justices rated No. 1: Cecilia Muñoz-Palma (1937), Ameurfina A. Melencio-Herrera (1947) and Carolina Griño-Aquino (1950).
    Retired Supreme Court members who figured in the top 10 were: Mariano H. de Joya (1st, 1907), Antonio Villareal (1st, 1909), Jose Hontiveros (1911), Jose P. Laurel (2nd, 1915), Alejo Labrador (1st, 1918), J.B.L. Reyes (6th, 1922), Conrado Sanchez (3rd, 1923), Julio Villamor (6th, 1926), Calixto Zaldivar (3rd, 1928), Estanislao Fernandez (4th, 1933), Pacifico P. de Castro (2nd, 1939), Lino M. Patajo (7th, 1939), Guillermo Santos (5th, 1944), Buenaventura de la Fuente (5th, 1947), Irene R. Cortez (9th, 1948), Jose C. Campos Jr. (5th, 1949), Isagani A. Cruz (8th, 1951), Florentino P. Feliciano (6th, 1952), and Florenz D. Regalado (1st, 1954), who obtained the highest grade in bar history at 96.7 percent.
    Other notable placers (former presidents, vice presidents, Senate presidents and speakers) were Manuel Roxas (1st, 1913), Carlos P. Garcia (6th, 1923), Eugenio Perez (1st, 1926), Arturo M. Tolentino (2nd, 1934), Diosdado Macapagal (1st, 1936), Emmanuel Pelaez (1st, 1938), Ferdinand E. Marcos (1st, 1939), Jovito R. Salonga (tied 1st with Jose W. Diokno, 1944), Neptali A. Gonzales (9th, 1949), Ernesto M. Maceda (10th, 1956) and Franklin M. Drilon (3rd, 1969).

    Where are some schools in the top 20? Sorry for that.

  98. Soar high Sintang Paaralan! Go PUP!

    Pamantasang Utak ang Puhunan!

    You know few things that make us a proud PUPan:
    1) We may not be from high paying institutions, with the P12 per unit, no tuition fee hike in two decades and counting, the lowest in the country, we still manage to keep the zeal of academic excellence burning. We have the right determination and firmness of purpose. We don’t buy our education. We’re home to scholars and achievers;

    2) despite the poor facilities due to budget denial of the state, still we excel and prove that we are worthy of the taxpayers’ subsidy as TUNAY NA ISKOLAR NG BAYAN!;

    3) we carry with us the responsibility of rebuilding the nation. We understand the social illness and give our modest part in solving it, we are vigilant with social issues. we care for the nation. We don’t just consider that we are ahead of others, we care to help others;

    4) we have the true brand of nationalism cause we’re exposed with the right social background, we came from the masses;

    5) above all, we are humble yet great! we don’t brag whatsoever. We know where we are, our capabilities, and the role we are playing.

    These are just few things that run in our blood!

    Mabuhay ang mga Tunay na Iskolar ng Bayan!

    PUP Tanglaw ng Bayan!

    Cheers to the top 20 Philippine Universities!

    It’s time to unite! Can you imagine how far we could go with the fusion of great minds from this top universities!

    All the best!

  99. This is an interesting post. Most of the schools mentioned here are really deserving to be in the top 20.

    I agree with one commenter that these schools are not created equal. So we have provided a poll in our website where we Pinoys can vote as to which is the best school for them and which schools should be in the top 20.

  100. i think la salle should be on the top 1!!!
    it deserves the highest rank coz they are not only intelligent they have also values that other universities dont have!!!
    no doubt!!
    you can easily identify who are the lasallians!!!

  101. To be listed in the top schools in the philippines does not necessarily mean you have to excell only in law or bar exams. It would be unfair to other institutions if the basis for the selection will only be confined to law. However, I wish to congratulate the law schools whether in the list or not for the effort. Since the government knows exactly which schools are best and worst then, what actions will the prc and ched recommend to those least performing schools? Is the government willing to help those at the bottom end by providing assistance? Or, are these agencies have the power to close or give such institution a time table to improve?

    The government must prepare a plan to push the owners to improve the quality of instruction so that would be enrollees will receive the quality education everybody is aspiring for. Other wise, these institutions will be forever in the bottom list and students at large will suffer. The survey or study prepared by the governmet will be useless if no related solution will be implemented to correct low performance or rating.

    Also, are these agencies who are supposed to monitor the performance of each schools implementing the law before an institution can open or offer new courses? Otherwise, if prc and ched are not implementing the regulations then they too are part of the system and therefore partly to be blamed for the low performance of said schools.

    Yes, I agree that ched are giving autonomous status to top performing schools but what are the steps done to correct the status of those not performing well in the government exams? It should be a two approach
    by helping those at the tail end , after all it is the thrust of the DepEd and Ched to give quality education to all.

    Lastly, I’m just lucky enough that my school was included in the top performing schools in the phil ” SLU “

  102. feeling ko!!!
    silimanians gumawa ng web na 2!!!
    puro kc kau tao d2 eh!!!
    kht nga ung ataeneo walng comment eh!!!
    d nio ba un napansin?
    la salle iz still the best!!!!

    animo!!! la salle!!!!!

  103. hahha…
    we are at top 13…

    with 85.00 tuition fee per sem? nagtop pa rin???
    wow! galing talaga ng MSUans…(sa main ha?)

    What more if dagdagan tuition fee namin…tapos mag.improve lahat ng facilities nmin? Biruin we are at the top na kh8 not os competitive ang facilities namin?

    wow!!! san pa kayo makakahanp ng standard-top university through-out the universe with 85.00 na tuition fee???
    may laban kau?
    wala d ba?
    cge nga?
    kayong mga nagtop? magakano tuition fees ninyo?
    tapos nakahabol kayao sa ranking kasi grabe facilities ninyo?
    wat if talino pag.uusapan?
    isipin nyo ha?
    nasali kami kh8 so low namin sa facilities?
    wow naman..
    8 means bumawi kmi sa “Brain” and “Brains”…

  104. what happen to arellano university?
    is that a good school? I went there in the 80’s.
    I use to live in Dasmarinias, Cavite across De la Salle U. but I move to US..and graduated in (VCU)/(MCV) Virginia commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia in 2003

  105. Congratulations Silliman University for consistently making it on the Top 20 list! “To whom much is given, much is expected.”
    Soar higher! 107 years of EXCELLENCE…

  106. bakit walang ateneo de manila university at far eastern university….nakakainis naman….grrrr…at nakakalito

  107. Congratulations Silliman University for consistently making it on the Top 20 list!!! Soar higher! 107 years of EXCELLENCE!

  108. cmu ………… da best yan ….. it should be in the top 5………….. walang halong pera………………… talagang talino lamang ang labanan….. go go go cmu -an academic paradise of da south

  109. =) i heart the best… silliman university since 1901!
    via veritas vita! wonderful SUCN, center of excellence, more power! =)

  110. University of Southeastern Philippines….Way ligo man…. Way panghimasa man…. Wa man gani katuod asa? 20 man lagi????hehehe

    GO USEP!!!! GO USEP!!! GO USEP!!!!

    Sorry for the other schools (which were) not included. Let the survey serve as a challenge to you guys to give your best and be better… malay nyo next survey pag top 100 na yan sali na school nyo…hehehe

    GO STATE Us!!!!

    Congrats…UPSystem,MSUSystem, PUP and sa lahat na State U sa PINas!!!hehehe


    la lang I taught there… GO USEP!!!hehehe ABALALA’04

  111. what happen to ARELLANO UNIVERSITY???

    i surf their website and found out there are at least 4o or so who also passed the bar exam…………… even this recent bar results 2008?????

    how come their not included???????????????






  113. its not how high you pass PRC exams, its how you will excel your career. remember not all professionals are successful. its the skill that counts. hehehe

  114. PUP go! galing ntin home of the most intelligent students
    DLSU College of Saint Benilde home of the BOBO’s hehe
    MAPUA Institute of Technology hangang Engineering lng keo
    DLSU talo p din ng ADMU
    mag PUP n lng keo
    la pang tuition
    my rally nga lng hehe
    pataasan n lng s academic Excellence MAPUA hehe

  115. DLSU puro yabang and I can attest to that.

    There was this instance na may game ang UST at DLSU. Nung nasa gateway kami, may group of la sallians na dumaan. Then there was this girl na nagparining ng “EWWW UST.” Hindi ko alam kung paano magrereact so tumahimik na lang ako. Ang point ko lang, hindi naman kasi kailangan magyabang. Dapat patunayan yun. We are where we are because we ought to be there. I may be in UST but the girl who insulted my alma mater doesn’t know that I passed the UPCAT. She doesn’t know that I am in the UST-College of Nursing wherein may cut-off na dos bago makapag-second year at bawal ang kahit isang unit ng bagsak unlike in DLSU, kahit bumagsak ka, uulitin mo lang or tatawid ka ng Benilde. She doesn’t know that when I was in 4th year highschool, I had a girlfriend na 1st year sa DLSU na pinapagawa sa akin ang paperwork nya and guess what, my articles were always chosen by her professors. take note, I was in 4th year HS.

    This post may have traces of bitterness and belligerence but the main point of this article is to expose this girl’s folly. School pride is good when it molds the students into humble and well-rounded individuals. It is a poison when it disrupts judgment and promotes arrogance.

    Being the best isn’t achieved by stating things that would elevate one’s self to a self-created pedestal. It is neither achieved by having expensive and state-of-the-art facilities. It is achieved by working hard in the silence of one’s heart while staying anchored to the bosom of the earth.

    BITTER? hahahaha

  116. WOW… gogogo MSUans… marami tlgng magagaling sa MSU. For those na hnd nakakaalam sa MSU main campus, nsa marawi city po yan. majority maranao tao dyan pero marami rin mga non-muslims..

  117. many of the universities now are competing if who will be on the top of the list, undeniably, it only goes into an unhealthy competition… FAME, PRESTIGE, HONOR and all!!!Are these enough in looking after for an almost admired school?Or even the benefit that we can get from it?But remember my fellows, it doesn’t matter of what school you came from, the only only thing that matters is that how it shapes you as a better human.
    Be proud where you are now…whether your school belongs to the list of highly recognized or not!!!!Remember to be contented and you’ll be recognized in your own…

  118. many of the universities now are competing if who will be on the top of the list, undeniably, it only goes into an unhealthy competition… FAME, PRESTIGE, HONOR and all!!!Are these enough in looking after for an almost admired school?Or even the benefit that we can get from it?But remember my fellows, it doesn’t matter of what school you came from, the only only thing that matters is that how it shapes you as a better human.
    Be proud where you are now…whether your school belongs to the list of highly recognized or not!!!!Remember to be contented and you’ll be recognized by your own…

  119. UP students are always stating this cliche: “100 years of excellence vs. 400 years of existence” eto lang masasabi ko,
    yeah right we’ve existed for 4oo years pero naisip niyo ba na kahit 400 years ng ang UST most of it’s programs ay nagstart lang noong 1900’s
    na halos nagkasabaysabay lang.?
    perhaps you were sleeping when your history teachers is lecturing about this

    the first programs that UST offered were theology and philosophy-1611- course para makapag pari
    1733- canon law–laws ng church
    (programs offered para makapag-pari)
    1871- faculty of medicine/pharmacy
    1907- faculty of eng’g
    **the rest follows
    eh sa Up
    1908 courses offered:
    -fine arts, liberal arts and medicine
    **the rest follows

    —-lumamang man ang UST, pero ilang taon lang, saka mas ok pa na sabihin nio yang cliche na yan if UP is offering theology, philosophy and canon law kaso hindi..
    —-saka mas ok na sabihin nio yan if all the programs which UST is offering all started on 1611 kaso hindi din eh.

    kaya sana wag mang away!..
    400 and 150 years of nothing? haha
    you made me laugh…




    THE LAW FACULTY ARE NOTED IN THEIR OWN FIELDS SUCH AS atty. rene villa=former agrarian secretary and judge roger patricio=national awardee among others!!





  121. Okay!!!! Enough with these school wars netizens!!!! All we can do now is just to keep ourselves preserved and not be consumed with belting out our institutional ego…. It has not done good to any one of us here so if your school has not made it to the list FORGET, IGNORE THE LIST!!! Five-year study lang yan…. Soon enough..I mean within these years or after that changes will happen. In this world nothing is constant but change. GO IIT!!!GO USEP!hehehe toink!

  122. i know, and i think everybody would agree that msu-iit is doing really great. however, stundents of iit should not brag nor hallucinate that they’re the best school in mindanao because that isn’t right. COme on! if we talk about employment and other stuff, xu is still a lot better. Jesuit education is always the best and XU has helped build MIndanao all throughout its existence. And yes, even if we talk about rankings, XU still soars higher and farther!

  123. fr. saturnino urios university is not a big university but it has consistent passers in the different board and bar exams kaya no. 14 tau sa top 20 , di tau nazezero, nobody can argue that record. dito sa butuan city at buong caraga region, FSUU is the best. regards pala to atty. rey salve , a councilor of tagum city, hes a product of FSUU,

  124. unending.grace…..ur absolutely ryt!…even though my school was not included in the list…sooo what…what matters most is that Ive finnish my studies on my own and the values Ive earned during those days of struglling in college…..

  125. Grant.. again.. nothing’s constant in this world but change! I agree magaling talaga ang JESUIT Education! Soar high blue eagles!!!>>>Go IIT!!! Go USEP!!! These schools have undoubtedly shaped Mindanao in their respective fields of expertise. Humility is a sign of excellent education! PEACE TO ALL… 🙂

  126. As I browse this thread, there are some people who were questioning why UST is at sthe second place of the rankings.

    Just so you know, UST has lots of courses that needs licensure examinations compared to AdMU at DLSU.

    (no need to take board exams for liberal arts at business course just so you know)

    Yah, its true, UST is not the best university in the country BUT still one of the best.

    The ranking is not surprising to see since I always see UST graduates in the top ten of various board exam results.

    As PRC said, UST has produced the most number of board passers in 2008.

    I just do hope that when questioning things, do your research first.

    Last year,

    University of Santo Tomas,
    Ateneo de Manila University and
    University of San Carlos in Cebu

    was chosen to have a corporate partnership with Harvard University in the US. Various newspaper articles and billboards can attest to that in Massachussetts.

    Eduniversal (website) acknowledged

    University of the Philippines-Diliman,
    Asian Institute of Management,
    Ateneo de Manila University,
    De La Salle University-Manila,
    University of Santo Tomas-Manila and
    University of San Carlos-Cebu

    as the best business schools in the country and included in the TOP 1,000 business schools in the world.

    University of the Philippines
    Ateneo de Manila University
    De La Salle University
    University of Santo Tomas

    are consistent to be included in various international rankings of world’s best universities.

  127. Instead of doing school bashing, let us face the reality of REAL status of our education system

    Did you know that, the Philippines has the record of having the most number of higher education institutions in Asia according to Forbes Asia.

    And Yet, only four were being recognized internationally.

    Even Times Higher Education Supplement (the people behind the Top 500 world’s best universities) said that what is lacking in Philippine universities is that our higher learning institutions are not research oriented.

    Most universities in the western world are actively inclined in research.

    Harvard University, US
    Massachussetts Institute of Technology, US

    University of Oxford, UK
    University of Cambridge, UK

    is cited as the world’s premiere research universities.

    Here in the Philippines, universities are text book based.

    A UP professor said that research is what’s lacking in our universities. Local professors doesn’t invest time on research.

    As of today, only

    University of the Philippines
    Ateneo de Manila University
    University of Santo Tomas
    De La Salle University- Manila
    Silliman University
    University of San Carlos

    is gearing up re established themselves as “research university”

    One more thing,

    in Forbes Asia Magazine

    University of the Philippines-Diliman
    Ateneo de Manila University
    De La Salle University-Manila
    University of Santo Tomas-Manila
    University of the East

    was cited as the best universities in the Philippines

  128. LEARN THE WORD RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Article from Varsitarian
    (UST’s official student publication)

    UST is best-performing private university
    By Andrewly A. Agaton and Prinz P. Magtulis
    WITH AGE comes wisdom – and a good academic reputation.

    But aside from the the 100-year-old University of the Philippines and the 397-year-old University of Sto. Tomas which have consistently stamped their class as the top two higher education institutions in the country with a rich history of academic excellence, there are also other universities in the far off provinces that deserve a second look as far as performing well in various licensure exams is concerned.

    Statistics from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in 2005 showed that Mariano Marcos State University in Batac, Ilocos Norte was the leading school in Region I, acing seven of 13 licensure exams, the highest of which was the 89-percent passing rate in Electrical Engineering. In all, it registered an average passing rate of 58 percent in 13 examinations that it participated in.

    Mindanao State University (MSU)-Iligan Institute of Technology, MSU-General Santos, Bicol University-Legazpi, and MSU-Marawi followed suit with 57, 52, 49, and 47 percent overall passing rates.

    Among private institutions, Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro, followed UST, with a batting average of 70 percent in 11 licensure exams. Its board exam result for agricultural engineers was the highest at 86 percent.

    The other private universities that registered good ratings were Silliman University, Saint Louis University, Ateneo de Davao University, and Central Philippine University, which had an average passing rate of 66, 65, 62, and 60 percent, respectively.

    The common denominator is that these schools have a long tradition of research, faculty development, and educational, rather than commercial pursuits.

    Government versus private

    The PRC acknowledged UST as the top performer among private schools nationwide, tallying an 80-percent overall passing average and recording 14 high passing rates in 19 licensure exams.

    However, UST’s passing rate fell a few notches short to that of state-run UP, with passing rates from eight campuses delivering an 85.3-percent overall passing rate, enough to be hailed as the best performing higher education institution in the country.

    Three UP campuses – in Diliman, Los Baños, and in Manila – were also named by PRC as the top three government schools in terms of performance in board exams. The three all posted perfect scores on a number of licensure examinations.

    UP students produce good results in licensure examinations because of the demanding academic requirements of the university, UP-Diliman Registrar Pamela Constantino said.

    “Because of the usual students’ strenuous academic life in here, they are already being trained to be hardworking people,” Constantino said.

    The former Commission on Higher Education (Ched) chairman, UST Rector Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P., noted that the University has maintained its high stature considering the large number of UST examinees every year.

    “Usually, UST is the highest in the rank of 100 and above examinees,” De la Rosa said. “For instance, medicine performs well because there are almost 500 examinees and most of them pass.”

    In 2005, 456 Thomasians took the licensure examination for physicians and 384 passed, leaving UST with a passing rate of 84 percent. The University also produced 386 professional nurses out of the 411 examinees, with a 94 percent passing rate in the same year.

    UST produced a total of 2,409 new professionals that same year, much higher than the 1,979 professionals coming from the three leading UP campuses.

    For the first three months of academic year 2008-2009, UST has already produced five top notchers in different licensure exams.

    Figures from the PRC showed UST topping board exams in architecture, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, and pharmacy with 68, 98, 84, 98, and 83 percent passing rates, respectively.

    But despite the remarkable performance of Thomasians in the board exams, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Clarita Carillo believes “dominating” the exams is not enough.

    “We are performing well, but we can always do better,” Carillo told the Varsitarian

  129. Autonomy and Deregulation

    In an effort to rationalize its supervision of institutions of higher learning, CHED has also prescribed guidelines for granting privileges of autonomy and deregulation to certain schools. According to the guidelines, the general criteria examined by CHED are an institution’s “long tradition of integrity and untarnished reputation,” “commitment to excellence,” and “sustainability and viability of operations.”

    Autonomous status

    Autonomous status allows universities to design their own curricula, offer new programs and put up branches or satellite campuses without having to secure permits, confer honorary degrees, and carry out operations without much interference from CHED. Aside from all host state colleges and universities and other chartered public universities, such as the University of the Philippines, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, and Mindanao State University, a number of private schools have also been granted autonomous status. These include the following:

    5 years, 15 November 2007 to 14 November 2012

    Assumption College
    Ateneo de Davao University
    Ateneo de Manila University
    Centro Escolar University
    De La Salle University
    Miriam College
    St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City
    Saint Louis University,Baguio City
    University of St. Louis,Tuguegarao City
    University of Santo Tomas

    1 year, 15 November 2007 to 14 November 2008

    Ateneo de Zamboanga University
    Baliuag University
    Central Philippine University
    Holy Name University
    San Beda College
    Silliman University
    St. Paul University Manila
    St. Paul University Dumaguete
    St. Scholastica’s College
    University of San Carlos
    University of San Jose-Recoletos
    University of St. La Salle

    Deregulated status

    Deregulated status enjoy the same privilege as autonomy except that they must still secure permits for new programs and campuses.

    The following schools have been granted deregulated status:

    5 years, 15 November 2007 to 14 November 2012

    Ateneo de Naga University
    Jose Rizal University

    1 year, 15 November 2007 to 14 November 2008

    Adamson University
    Far Eastern University
    Manuel S. Enverga University
    Notre Dame University
    St. Mary’s University
    Universidad de Sta. Isabel
    University of Baguio
    University of the Cordilleras
    University of the East
    University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos

    This March 2009 until 2014

    A 5 year Autonomous status was given to:

    Silliman University
    De La Salle Dasmarinas
    University of San Jose – Recoletos
    University of San Agustin – Ilo Ilo (I think)

  130. This article caught my attention, read carefully
    Written on Saturday, September 27th, 2008 at 11:22 am | by blackshama)

    “The 100th year of the University of the Philippines is a time for a series of big parties, oblation runs, centennial lectures, a Big Dome Alumni homecoming, several theatrical extravaganzas and of course the Mother of all Lantern Parades to close the year.

    Not even a typhoon could stop the Alumni homecoming. But the only lowdown could be that UP once more failed to make it to the final four of the UAAP basketball tourney (Ateneo won!). Oh well we can look forward to the bicentennial for that.

    At the risk of being called as the centennial party pooper, I will have to dish out criticisms not of my own but that of an American professor that the UP invited to do a critique in 1947. The destructive war just behind it, UP under President Bienvenido Gonzales invited Professor Harley Harris Bartlett of the University of Michigan to critique the university, its priorities and the state of higher education in the Philippines. Bartlett an eminent botanist and Southeast Asian scholar; in his convocation address to the university, identified key areas that UP should focus, namely research and strengthening graduate programs . Bartlett believed that by doing so, the Philippines can kick start its development by laying the foundations of what we now call a “knowledge based economy”. Bartlett wanted a university that cuts across academic disciplines or what we now call as “interdisciplinarity”. Bartlett also envisioned a more international university.

    Bartlett noted problems that have bedeviled UP since 1908 and up to the present. He noted that UP was losing its best profs, the low professors’ salaries, its obsession with increased state subsidy, Malacanang’s meddling in the Board of Regents, its ungrateful alumni (who refuse to give generously), abuse of academic freedom, and of course, the lack of a research culture. Bartlett’s prescription was like that of corporate restructuring; make UP competitive, make sure the best profs stay and kick out the mediocre ones, get external funds, focus on science and technology, improve graduate programs and make the university more autonomous.

    Bartlett didn’t say it but from the context of the speech he really means to have a new UP charter. Even in 1947, the 1908 charter was oudated. If Bartlett were alive in 2008, he would wonder how come it took UP 61 years to have a new one.

    Bartlett’s criticisms were respectfully taken but largely were not acted upon. The Philippines was a prostrate nation and America exacted onerous conditions for aid. UP was cash strapped.It is understandable why UP started to lag behind US and European universities at this time.

    The professor’s critique is significant since UP’s weaknesses is also the weakness of Philippine higher education. Bartlett was livid in his critcism of the Bureau of Higher Education (the grandaddy of CHED) for giving university status to “diploma mills” that sprouted after the war. These private universities were given substantial autonomy and they did pirate many UP profs. Many of these “universities” offered only law programs and Bartlett was aghast that as a result, the Philippines would have an oversupply of lawyers. This would be a tragedy for the nation. If the nation were to succeed, Bartlett wanted an oversupply of scientists, engineers and good teachers.

    These diploma mills were unlike Santo Tomas, Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle and Silliman. These schools had good reputations as teaching colleges. Bartlett believed that they didn’t compete with UP but helped UP in its work. (How about that? Schools don’t compete but collaborate! Ateneo helps De La Salle and vice versa!)

    Bartlett then throws Filipinos the question. What is the value of the University of the Philippines to your nation?

    The fortunes of the Republic is mirrored in the fortunes of UP. And in this centennial year, it doesn’t look good. Bartlett writes that UP is really a barometer of our people’s committment to democratic ideals. That the elite fails to give generously to UP (and public education) really betrays their lack of faith in these ideals. Public education then as now is the best way for people to lift themselves out of poverty. It is the best way of empowerment. But Bartlett predicted that this won’t happen. He predicted the spiralling cost of fees as education became a profitable business. And in its centennial year, UP is guilty too. I have known students (kids of government employees of SSL grades 15 and below) who have to drop out since they can’t fork out the 21K a sem fees.

    Thus we have the anomaly that the people have private education as a first option (even if they have little means) then public if there isn’t any choice.

    As for the teaching problem, Bartlett noted the anomaly that there were few assistant professors since many of them left UP. Today there are departments with one or two assistant professors and a lot of senior tenured professors (and a lot of instructors who have no postgraduate qualifications). These top (or bottom) heavy departments (and they are many of them in all of UP’s constituent campuses) with their frustrating politics tend to drive the juniors out of the campuses. This reduces the university’s competitiveness since it is the junior professors that churn out the best research and most innovative teaching.

    The College of Science in Diliman is one of the few exceptions. Its professoriate is composed of all PhDs many of which are world class in their fields. The junior to senior professor ratio is respectable. The college is not exempt from the problem of attracting newly minted and young PhDs. The PhDs that were sent overseas in the 1980s and returned are now in mid-career as associate professors and professors. In 10 to 20 years we could expect some if not many to seek early retirement. Thus there is a need to attract young PhDs to the faculty. The science professors are experts in their fields but many fields have only one or two PhDs. We need teams of experts if we want to launch the Philippines into a science and knowledge based economy as Ateneo’s Father Nebres pointed out in his centennial lecture.

    Despite these signs of progress which are uneven. UP has difficulty attracting new and young PhDs to staff its colleges as assistant professors. In some cases, a department in one UP campus has no choice but to “poach” a professor from another UP campus where the politics has become unbearable. This shows the dire straits the university is in. Also academic freedom has been abused and even Bartlett noticed this. Academic freedom has been made an excuse for lousy teaching and research. In his centennial lecture, Randy David defined the real sense of academic freedom and this includes profs showing up for class prepared!

    UP may have to address its own way of doing things and its structure. It has to institute reforms to make the university competitive and in an academic community with petrified ideologies, we can expect that this would be met with strong resistance. I believe that the kind of nationalism that pervades the UP ethos is retrogressive. The idea of the university never limited itself to a certain class or nationality despite the sectarian origin of universities. Universities are meant for all who qualify for admission. If UP wants to be a University for Filipinos, it has to be a university for all, even non-Filipinos.

    Reforming and reorienting UP may take a decade or even hundred years. The 2008 Charter gives the opportunity and the difficulty. President Emerlinda Roman, I believe is keenly aware of these. The work does not end with the centennial year and Roman’s term, it will continue with her successors. Thus we have to pay tribute to UP’s American founding presidents, Murray Bartlett, and Guy Potter Benton, and also to its first Filipino president, Ignacio Villamor. These gentlemen faced gargantuan challenges which are essentially what Emerlinda Roman faces today.

    The UP needs a real peer review. It has invited its outstanding alums and academics from other Philippine universities to give their critique like what Ateneo’s president did. But we have to remember that what ails the UP in many ways ails other universities. That’s why I believe we have to take seriously the international university ratings where UP never got into the top 100. While the methodology of these surveys isn’t perfect, it reflects to a large extent how competitive the university is.

    When Bartlett gave his lecture, the Republic was young and even when faced with the ravages of war, it had optimism. Will the celebrations of the centennial provide the optimism that matters, or is this ephemeral?

    Also can the UP still have the sense and objectivity to invite an American professor to give it peer review











  132. Again, I insist

    Instead of doing school bashing, let us face the reality of the REAL status of our education system

    Did you know that, the Philippines has the record of having the most number of higher education institutions in Asia according to Forbes Asia.

    And Yet, only four were being recognized internationally.

    Even Times Higher Education Supplement (the people behind the Top 500 world’s best universities) said that what is lacking in Philippine universities is that our higher learning institutions are not research oriented.

    Most universities in the western world are actively inclined in research.

    Harvard University, US
    Massachussetts Institute of Technology, US

    University of Oxford, UK
    University of Cambridge, UK

    is cited as the world’s premiere research universities.

    Here in the Philippines, universities are text book based.

    A UP professor said that research output is lacking in our universities. Local professors doesn’t invest time on research.

    As of today, only

    University of the Philippines
    Ateneo de Manila University
    University of Santo Tomas
    De La Salle University- Manila
    Silliman University
    University of San Carlos

    are gearing up to re established themselves as “research university”




  134. errata:

    Philippines has the most number of universities in South East Asia (Not in the whole Asia)

    Top 3 countries with most number of higher institutions:

    1. China
    2. India
    3. USA


    Article from regarding the new Top 200 Asian Universities in Asia this 2009:

    Only 4 RP schools among Top 200 Asian universities
    05/12/2009 | 09:50 PM

    Email this | Email the Editor | Print | ShareThisMANILA, Philippines – Four Philippine schools have made it to the Top 200 Asian Universities list of the Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd. ( for 2009.

    Leading the Philippine schools was the University of the Philippines (UP), which shared No. 63 spot with Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee of India, Osaka City University of Japan and Universitas Gadjah Mada of Indonesia.

    De La Salle University (DLSU) was 76th, Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) was 84th, while the University of Santo Tomas (UST) shared 144th spot with Nanjing Agricultural University of China.

    Japan had the most number of schools in the list at 58, including 10 in the top 20 ranks.

    South Korea was next with 46 universities, of which three were in the top 20, while China had 39, including two in the top 20.

    Taiwan had 15; India, 11; Thailand and Indonesia had 8 each; and Malaysia, 6.

    Hong Kong also had only six, but four were in the top 20, three of which occupied the 1st, 2nd and 4th slots.

    Singapore had only two universities in the list, but both were in the top 20 slots.

    Occupying the Top 10 slots were:

    1. University of Hong Kong;
    2. Chinese University of Hong Kong;
    3. University of Tokyo (Japan);
    4. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HK);
    5. Kyoto University (Japan);
    6. Osaka University (Japan);
    7. KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea);
    8. Seoul National University, South Korea;
    9. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan);
    10. National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore and Peking University (China).

    For the complete list, check

    Results of the first survey was officially released on Tuesday.

    Managing Director Nunzio Quacquarelli said the results of the Asian University Rankings focus on regionally relevant measures of excellence, with the top performing universities distinguished not only by quality, but also by high productivity of research, compared to their regional peers.

    While the Philippine universities were way below the rankings, QS Managing Director Nunzio Quacquarelli had this to say: “Philippines universities have performed well, with high recruiter review scores. These results make study in the Philippines an attractive option for international students studying abroad,”

    Quacquarelli said QS based the first ever top Asian universities list on regionally relevant measures of excellence, selecting schools noted not only for quality, but also for high research productivity compared to the institution’s regional peers.

    The ranking of Asian universities used to be done yearly by Asiaweek, a Hong Kong-based English newsmagazine, which folded up in December 2001 due to a downturn in advertising revenues.

    Subject rankings

    When it came to the 2009 Asian university subject rankings, University of the Philippines (UP) rose to the 12th spot under Arts and Humanities, while ADMU, DSLU, and UST got the 19th, 44th, and 55th slots respectively.

    Under Life Sciences and Biomedicine, UP was 47th, ADMU was 52nd, DSLU was 79th, and UST was 85th.

    The Social Sciences list placed UP as 22nd, ADMU as 28th, DSLU as 51st, and UST as 75th.

    In subjects under Information Technology & Engineering, UP ranked 63rd, ADMU was 64th, and DSLU was 79th.

    Under Natural Sciences, ADMU took the 24th spot, UP got the 32nd, UST got the 94th, while DSLU placed 97th.

    The THE-QS 2008 world’s top 500 universities rankings had raised eyebrows when ADMU overran other Philippine schools in the top 500 list by rising from somewhere between 401st and 500th in 2007 to 254th, edging out UP which ranked 398th in 2007 and fell to 276th the next year.

    DLSU and UST ranked 415th and 470th respectively.

    UP officials earlier doubted the survey’s credibility, since the organizers refused to disclose where it acquired the data used, thus making the methodology “problematic.”

    Officials also revealed the “business side” of the survey where QS sold its various services to help universities improve rankings.

    On the other hand, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) refused to comment on the rankings, pointing out that Chairman Emmanuel Angeles, who also presides over the UP Board of Regents, was out of the country.

    QS research chief Ben Sowter said “the advantage of regional rankings is in the richer picture we can create when comparing universities at a regional rather than global level, through the inclusion of additional factors.”

    Sowter added that the shift to a regional focus proved to be significant, “The position of institutions in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore was to be expected, but the stronger performance of South Korean institutions in contrast to the world rankings suggests a strength known in the region that has yet to be fully acknowledged globally.”, which conducted the Times Higher Education-QS University Rankings, is the world’s leading information specialist in the higher education sector. – GMANews.TV

  135. Kaya kaonti ang nagboboard exam galing sa UP ay dahil onti lang din ang gumagraduate. Mahirap kasi ang “screening” dun, kaya magagaling na talaga ang gumagraduate sa UP. Pansinin niyo sa board exam, onti lang, 90+ % pa, at puro nasa top, kaya hindi dahilan na kaya mataas ang passing rate ay dahil konti lang ang nageexam. Compare niyo kaya sa ibang school, minsan nga mas marami pang nageexam galing sa UP mas mataas pa ang passing rate, puro topnotchers pa..

  136. It’s not all about the ranking but rather how a school moulds it’s students to be the best after leaving the institution. PRC board exams only represent few subject areas and DOES NOT show the whole capacity of a certain graduate.

    In the actual field, what’s important is the attitude of each individual because it will naturally show up to what depth his school had influenced his ideas, how he can cope with what’s hot and what’s not, and how he can deal with people from all walks of life. Sure thing though, we are all proud of our Alma mater but the real question is, are you making her proud of you?

    -Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 2013
    -University of the Philippines Diliman, Class of 2008
    -Philippine Science High School Diliman, Class of 2003
    -Reedley International School, Class of 1999

  137. HELLO Philippines is right.

    Make your school or alma mater proud of you.

    I’m very much sure that ALL SCHOOLS doesn’t teach their students to degrade other people.

    whether it is a public/private/sectarian/non-sectarian institutions.



  139. wala naman yan sa pinanggalingang paaralan.
    nasa tao yan.

    kung may bobo man dito, eh yun yung mga nagsasabing better ang school nila sa school ng iba. do you really think na may maniniwala?

    bawat school may kanya kanyang strengths. katumbas nito ay kanya kanya ring weaknesses.

    kaya pointless makipag away kung sino ang better.
    pinapakita yun. hindi lang puro salita.

  140. pwede ba yong hindi nasali sa lista but u think you deserved to be there , tumigil na kau, make your own list na lang ok, basta kami sa fr. urios university dito sa butuan in the caraga region , kasali kami , and nobody could argue that , let our records speak

  141. The above study shows result for the pass 10 years… while jun source was based on a 5 year period results… i would prefer the 10 years study based more, compared to the 5 year period….

  142. Well, the survey only shows that Imperial Manila has already lost it status as the center of excellence. It has really detoriated na pati ang educational system is also affected. It is now only catering to most students coming from the provinces around it unlike 20 years ago when everybody around the archipelago wants to study in the NCR. All the NCR graduates in the past two decades have come home to their own regions to built their own niche. And for the Davao Jesuits, go blue knights! Padayon sa paglambo! Tinuhog na nila ang Blue Eagle. Hehehehe

  143. Landrew said the top 20 schools are as follows:

    top 20 schools

    St. Scho

    Yan yung top 20 diyan sa Metro Manila. Ang pinag uusapan, sa buong Pilipinas. Kasabot?

  144. well, em happy na khit nsa last list ung school nmin, proud prin akuh. akalain nio sa dnami rming mgagandang universities d2 sa philippines eh nkpsok pa school nmin. well, we deserve nman na mkpsok school nmin kc 22o nman mrming mttalino sa amin. khit mura nga lng tuition fees na nsa hlagang P200/unit, atleast ung mga studyante sa USEP eh puro mttalino. wla lng, im PROUD lng kac 2 be a USEPiAN. cheer up guyz! have a nice day. ^_^

  145. oi aAhh!!!

    papabulaaanan ko lang na LAHAT PO NG ESTUDYANTE NG UP-DILIMAN ay mahuhusay sa buhay at maipag mamalaki ng bansa!!!

    magiging numero uno ba sila kundi dahil sa mga MATATALINONG mga estudyante nito!!!

    UPCAT palang ay mahahasa na ang mga estudyanteng mag-aaral dito!!!

    LETS GO UP;p






  146. hi im sarah.15 years old from davao!

    wow! gling nman ng ateneo..i would like to enrol nga jan eh if i will be in college 4th year pa eh.. wat courses that indemand in ateneo?. nalilito na kc aco eh.. mahilig ako sa business. i also like to count money. ahhm.. mahilig din akong magbasa. my mom is businesswoman.. anong bagay skin.. help confused na tlga!!

  147. bakit wala ang NCST dyan matatalino naman kami ah.,,.,,

    at maganda ang school namin.,.,.,

    walang-wala ang Adu, ADMU, DLSU, UST, FEU, UE, etc.

    mahiya nga kayo

  148. hayzzzzzzz!!!!
    Buti p d2 hndi gaano nilalait ang PUP, sa ibang site grabe manlait ang iba. lalao na ang isang tga FEU.

    hindi kc nla mtanggap na makakapasok ang PUP sa top 20.

  149. congrats sa inyong lahat…

    keep up the goodwork

    & to my school: Pamantasan ng Timog-Silangang Pilipinas/ USeP-main

    well,let`s just do our best,

    NUMBER ONE pa rin keu dito ——>♥

    (U-S-e-Peeeeeee)Go USeP!!!!

  150. iloilo city’s colleges and universities are the best!! = st. paul university iloilo got 100 percent passing rate in nursing board exam 2009,west visayas state university got 99 percent of san agustin college of law rank number 7 in the whole country, with consistent bar passing of more than 50 percent every’s college of medtech ranked number 2 in the whole country, also the college of pharmacy.

    john lacson maritime university, the only maritime university in southeast asia always produced topnotchers in maritime board exams every year.

    central philippine university is good in engineering also with consistent 100 percent passing rate in ECE board exams.
    western institute of technology is the mapua of western visayas.

    univ. of the phils. in the visayas in miag ao being the center of the u.p. system in the whole of visayas of which u.p. cebu is just an extension campus is very good in accountancy and in fisheries.

    no wonder why yahoo finance recently ranked iloilo city as one of the next wave of BPO cities worldwide because the educational standard here is exceptional and globally competitive with english language as the strenght.


  151. lahat naman ng kasama sa top 20 ma pa buong pilipinas o metro manila magaganang schools hindi kailangang pagtalunan.

  152. eh ano ngayon kung pang ilan lang ang school mo nasa student yan wala yan sa school. iba nga dyan pang mayaman lang pero wala namang kalidad ang estudyante. I’m proud to be a Thomasian.

  153. cathy, hindi issue yan. wala namang nangmamaliit sayo eh…mukha kasing puro sarili mo tinutukoy mo. hahaha! chiiiilllll….

  154. for the record, UC produced the two topnotchers (ist place) in the sanitary engineering in the March and September 2008 board examinations. Likewise, Ist place in the criminology board examination with the highest passing percentage for the 24rth time. Palagay ko, no schools have done the same even in any field with board examination. 375 pesos nga lang per unit tuition dito. Even without the rigid screening (unlike SLU) in the nursing and other courses, UC was ranked 5th overall in the category of more than 500 examinees (nursing) coupled with 2nd place in the may 2008 CPA board. E? what more we can ask with a university with a less than a hectare lot area?Kung malaki nga lang sana compound niyan, it might have a bigger population than SLU. One evidence why UC is really a good school, ung 2 bar topnotchers nila ay parehiong CPA graduate ng SLU. They took their law at UC not from their alma mater. And they are doing injustice sa UC at bakit ipinalit Urios University sa tutoong PRC at CHED ranking? hehe , kaduda duda naman yata, e , kitang kita naman ung board examination results where UC got those toipnotchers, a ang Urios me top ba in 2008 Siyanga pala, tama iba comment diyan, me nacontribute ba kayo sa school niyo to make it a performer, ako, meron, andito ako sa professor ng adamson, naging faculty coordinator ako dati ng community college, director ng student affairs, at author ng mga textbooks.

  155. Naturally, UP is number 1 because their examinees are very miniamal. But if you based on which school produces more passers, i doubt if UP would still be on top. Ateneo is still the best. Try to check on “top universities in the world” Ateneo has ranked higher than UP. This research was conducted by most trusted professors / researchers in the world. Thus, this is of no bias. Purely factual.

  156. UST FACULTY OF MEDICINE and SURGERY center of excellence for more than a century! Beat that! Ha ha. Kawawa naman UST lagi na lang pinagtutulungan. PAg kasi sobrang galing dapat pagtulungan talaga. Go USTe!


    Center of Excellence for more than a CENTURY!

    not just “nitong nakaraang board exam, or board exam 2 years, 5 years ago”

    Beat that! Ha ha.

    Hanep! UST lagi na lang pinagtutulungan. PAg kasi sobrang galing dapat pagtulungan talaga.

    Go USTe!

  158. well for me, every university has its own forte why are we fighting for the top spot? we really cannot say who’s the best because there are a lot of brilliant students but they are not given the chance to go to other schools because of some factors. being in a top school will not make you famous or great. what we should do is to study hard to uplift the crisis in our economy. studying in a great could be a big factor especially for job applications but what the companies here are looking are the skills and dedication of each employees….

  159. wow!nakapasok ung skul namin…Recently lang Top 1,2,3 in mEchaniCal board exam result namin..gogogo!MSU-general Santos city.

  160. The school rankings by CHED & PRC is a good reference for less fortunate Filipinos who can’t afford to study in the best universities of Metro Manila. If you are in Mindanao, you can choose from among the 7 top performing schools. In the Visayas you can also choose between San Carlos & Silliman. Nevertheless, there are other schools who are better than all these schools. For the seafarers, Iloilo has JB Lacson Maritime University, the only Maritime university in the country. St.Paul of Iloilo and of Dumaguete are excellent in Nursing (100%passing rate). UC & CIT of Cebu is good in Engineering. Cebu Institute of Medicine is the best medical school in the south. For the poor but deserving students in the MINSUPALA region, the MSU system could offer a lot. Nursing costs only 9,000 pesos per semester and they are among the top 10 nursing schools in the country. Their College of Medicine, whose tuition fee in the 90’s is as low as 1000 pesos. has 80% to 90% passing rate. The MSU main campus are giving full, partial., free tuition fee scholarship status and many students are receiving monthly stipends besides free books and dormitories. That is why because of the incentive, MSU Main & MSU Naawan, MSUTawi-tawi are good in fisheries. MSU General Santos and MSU Maguindanao is good in agriculture. MSU Main, MSU IIT and MSU Gensan are excellent schools for engineering & education. If in doubt, you can browse the internet for previous results. Not only these, high school students who came from MSU IIT, MSU main, MSU Gen San competed with other best high schools in the country and finished their courses as magna cum laudes & cum laudes for UP, Ateneo de Manila, De Lasalle and UST, just to mention a few. Well, learning knows no boundaries and transcends gender bias as well as geographic, social, cultural and sectoral barriers. To attest this Maranaos and other minorities have also excelled in board exams. The 2nd placer in the recent bar exam is a maranao woman. We can’t say that you are “bobo” because you are of from poor ethnic minority background and either from the Visayas or Mindanao. In fact poverty is not a reason we could not finish college. For all we don’t know, the goverment whom we criticize with no end and rallied against is doing a lot to improve our status through education. Summing up all these things, the ranking just showed that we need not gripe or resort to selling vast of our properties just to send our children to UST, Ateneo or De Lasalle. Above all our attitude determines our altitude. If you are diligent in your studies and industrious worker, you will attain greater heights.

    Let us endeavour more and dream higher for the sake of loving this country. Avoid bickerings and supressing competition as these could not achieve either godly or noble purpose. Maybe, it is one of the reason why we lagged behind with other developing countries in Asia like India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. In fact China & India have already send their satellites to the moon. Tata of India had produced the Nano (cheapest car) and Malaysia had produced a proton car while we vouch on our ingenuity making jeepneys which nobody from abroad dared to buy. We are proud of Dr. Ed San Juan and Mr. Banatao, but how many are like them from the 92 milion Filipinos. We still have a lot of work to do and improve this country. We need to solve our dependency on petroleum products as source of energy. We have to make solutions for the peace and order situation of our country. Criminality, lawlesness and poverty are the biggest problem our country is facing today. There are a lot more and to enumerate them is so taxing. How can we reason? Where are the bar and board topnotchers? What are the mentally gifted people doing? What are those popular and intellectual senators doing? Look at the irony, if not for the number of lowly and average OFW’s, our country will be in an irreversible recession. Let us think about this.

  161. kitakitz na lng sa field mga kolokoy after all lahat nmn nang pinagaralan natin sa application dapat makita e. en beside many pipol came from difrent ‘good’ skuls as dey said ang nakasama ko na sa work pero di sa pagyayabang pagdating s pagaaply nang pinagaralan wlang wla na. wag puro yabang mga wla nmn plang binatbat nakakahiya lng pati skul nyo nawawala na ang reputation dahil s performance s work..

  162. UP produces minimal graduates because not everyone can graduate from this university ng nanguyakoy lang. grumadweyt lang dugo, pawis, luha ang ibubuwis. gagraduate ka palang niyan. basta grumaduate ka ng UP sigurado yung kalibre mo.

  163. how I wish SLU will include in the list of professors German engineers, who are MS/PHD in their choosen careers just like what they did in the late 70’s and early 80’s where exchaged professors from Germany handled electronics subject to tranfer
    and enlightened filipino students with new technologies and usage of advanced equipment and prepare SLU at that time for the new course electronics engineering. The effect was very encouraging because SLU produced topnotchers and one the institutions that is included in the list of best performing schools not only in electronics but also ece.

    To SLU, keep it up. God bless

  164. correction, the letter “s” was missing in the word “transfer”.

    Any way, congratulations Saint Louis University – Baguio City

  165. Ateneo outranked UST in Life Sciences and Biomedicine? Too anomalous, Ateneo medical students has not even taken physician licensure examinations, they have no courses in nursing, PT, OT, etc.

    Tsk, tsk, THES-Q did a shameful job

  166. university of san agustin iloilo is top 7 among the law schools in the country.
    west visayas state university is the best medical school in the southern philippines.
    JB Lacson maritime university is the only maritime university in south east asia.
    UPV ILOILO is the main UP system in the visayas,is very good in accountancy.
    st. paul university iloilo is number one in nursing in the whole country.
    central philippine university is very good in engineering.

  167. how sad nman hindi kasama ang CEU sa best university nakaka-produced nman cla ng topnotcher and boardpassers in the field of science course like dentistry,optomery,medtech and pharma ang nursing nman me nag totop and parami din pumapasa at hndi lng dyan magaling ang ceu magaling din sila sa field ng education kya nging CENTER in EXCELLENCE in teacher edication pati din ang business course ng ceu magaling din CENTER in DEVELOPMENT in business education and ISO 9001-2000 sa laht ng programs both manila and malolos campuses!pro khit ganun proud to be ESCOLARIAN!! pdin ako and beside wla sa school yan nasa student yan wla nmang perpektong skul eh maswerte pa tau nag aaral tau eh ung iba ngang mga kabataan hindi makatungtong ng kolehiyo eh!

    GO pink&white!!!

    Ciencia y Virtud

    100yrs of inspiring the best in you

    life happens here

  168. Saint LOuis University in Baguio City Screened their stidents to maintaine their consistent performance in Licensure Examinations unlike other schools…hahahah!!!!!kilalang kilala tlaga ang SLU when it comes to Medical Courses like madicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Med Tech…Engineering and accountancy…..SA med tech only SLU ranked as the top performing among other school…Sa nursing mapa june-december board palaging nsa 99 to 100 percent passing rate in with 100 or more categories…PAG SLU ka galing madali kang tanhggapin sa work”’hahaah .i’m proud lang tlaga na graduate ako sa SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY………

    GO SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!sa latest na list no. 2 na ang SLU…heheheheh


  169. Saint LOuis University in Baguio City Screened their stidents to maintaine their consistent performance in Licensure Examinations unlike other schools…hahahah!!!!!kilalang kilala tlaga ang SLU when it comes to Medical Courses like madicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Med Tech…Engineering and accountancy…..SA med tech only SLU ranked as the top performing among other school…Sa nursing mapa june-december board palaging nsa 99 to 100 percent passing rate in with 100 or more categories…PAG SLU ka galing madali kang tanhggapin sa work”’hahaah .i’m proud lang tlaga na graduate ako sa SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY………

    GO SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!sa latest na list no. 2 na ang SLU…heheheheh


  170. walang wala naman ang Saint Louis University sa Univwersity of the cordilleras lahat kya ng school sa baguio tapunan ng SLU”’hahaah

    Tapunan ng SLU ang University of the cordilleras, University of Baguio, Baguio Central University at especially Pines City Colleges….Bihira nga kamign magtop pero lahat naman nakakapasa unlike sa ibang school

    The best talaga ang Saint Louis University,,,,,

  171. MAGALInng ang mga taga SAint LOuis UNiversity…..bobo ang mga taga Pines City Colleges especially dean nilang matandang tanginang DEAn bawayan…Tangina mo Dean Bawayan tangina mo….

  172. SA baguio pa lang SAint lOuis University na ang kilala dahil tlagang consistent sila…

    Pines city colleges,wala yan bobo ang mga estudyante dyan…

    tapunan lang kya cila ng SLU. kahit UC, BCU, tpunan ng SLU yan alam ng mga estudyante sa baguio nagmamaang maangan lang cila

    SLU is the best

  173. bobo ang mga tag pines city colleges especially Dean Bawayan…bobong dean di man lang iniicip ang estudyanmte at pangalan ng skul basta tanggap ng tanggap kung dean kang matino dapat iicipin mo yan…bobo na tanga pa dean bawayan….

  174. Shame on all of you! Compared to other countries, Philippine education is one of the poorest in quality. And now you bash each other just to claim your school’s the best in the country? Shame on you!!!

    It only shows the kind of “crab” mentality the people in this country has.

  175. Ang tagal nman ilabas nung pinaka latest! 2005 p kc yan, bago pa lang ang PUP-Taguig nun.
    Gusto ko na makita sa No.1 ang PUP-Taguig.
    haha, wala na yang ibang mga galante na universities..

  176. Does anyone have a more up-to-date data regarding this school ranking?
    My personal viewpoint is that it’s worthless to compare schools by just the AVE board exam performance. Some schools offer more courses than the others, so I think it’s not a fair comparison.

  177. uhm i am going to take up medicine at parang hindi ko n kayang i-afford pa ung med ng slu, which is my alma mater, kaya iniisip kong mag western visayas university… pero ng mabasa ko ito, parang gusto ko na ulit magbalik louisian…pero gusto ko din talagang i-try ang iba… especially now na am aftering the scholarships…first choice ko plm pero me back subjects daw xe ang mga nursing kaya hindi ko na tinuloy… hahy, lalu tuloy akong nahrapan sa pagpili….. btw, sa mga nagmamaliit sa ub, pines, uc at bcu, wag nman ganyan, xe nag-eexcel nman sila sa iba…wag magpaka bad…louisian arrogance nga nman…hehehe…. sapientia aedificat!

  178. I am a mathematician and I just have a few observations on the different sets of data supposedly extracted from well recognized agencies. The first report covers a period of 10 years while the second report covers a period of 5 years. Though the second report is based on more recent results, I don’t think it’s safe to say that the second one supersedes the previous one considering that the second only covers a period of 5 years. Basic rules of statistics mandate that for a subsequent set of data to supersede a previous one, the same criteria must be applied. In the present case however, the second one is predicated on a different set of criteria -e.g. covering only a period of 5 years. Assuming that both the first and second reports are genuine, I would say that the second one, as of now, will not be able to supersede the previous one unless the second report is based on data collected over a period of 10 years. We will therefore have to wait for the proper time to have another report released. Maybe 2 or 3 years from now. This is not to totally disregard the second report though. The second report can be a good indicator on the current trend. But then again, it’s not safe to immediately say that it supersedes the previous one. Things could change in terms of trend in the next couple of years. We will then have to wait for the next 10th year report. I hope this commentary is objective enough, considering the current confusion plaguing this forum. Just sharing a piece of my mind. Cheers! 🙂

  179. Bisglish: “Agree ko nimo brad”. Taglish: “Agree ako sa’yo brad”. English: “Will have to agree with you bro”.hehe….

    Anyway, let’s not be too shaky on this one. There are lots of good schools in the Philippines and there could be one near you. If you’re in Central Luzon, you can have SLU, or the other good schools there. If you’re in Manila, well you already know what the good schools are.hehe… so you just take your pic. If you’re in the Visayas, you can have USC or Silliman University depending on where you’re located. If you’re in Mindanao, well, you can always choose between Ateneo de Davao, Xavier University or MSU-IIT. Just take your pic.

    Each school is peculiar though, so you can’t just depend on generalities. There are schools that are good on this field, and there are some that are better on another field. A good indicator would be the level of accreditation that the program has been given, e.g. Level I, II, III, IV. But a Level I does not mean that it’s not good. The moment a program is given accreditation status, then it means that program has passed the test on quality. If it’s a CHED Center of Development, even if its on Level I, that would even be better. My advice, is, if you’re looking for a good school for the “kind” of course you’d like to take, select the one with a good “program-based” accreditation.

    Finally, don’t rely only on accreditation, you have to remember that ultimately it will be you who determines your future. NO MATTER what school you are in, if you don’t work hard, you’d still not make it.

  180. the ranking presented was extracted from the files of PRC and Ched. however, it does not follow that once your school is included in the list is already a license to discredit other institution after all we studied because we wanted to be educated and being educated we must be civil mannered in what we say or write so as not to create hatred and animosity to everybody. The truth is, there has to be no. 1 and no.2 and so forth and so on. It so happens that (maybe) the school where we came from made it in the list, it means well and good and even congratulations for the accomplishment. However, to boast and use deregatory language to other school is foul and shows immaturity and lack of good manners. The school is a part of breeding ground on how far we have accumulated good behavior outside from home, nevertheless, because of inappropriate acts that is manifested on how we talk and write then we can say that indeed even our parents failed in their pursuit to mold us as good citizens of this country. It is very unfortunate that we, who were given the chance to further our studies and use it to the fullest are the one’s acting like we were never educated, and up to this point in time never left behind that crab mentality. What a pity that even a list will be a source of discord and division on a supposed to be united country like philippines.

    Again to the top performing schools, congratulations and to those whose schools didnt make it in the list keep improving for the students welfare.

    TO my alma mater, “Wisdom Builds” Go GO SLU

  181. ang gagaling ng mga schools na to..
    well ano pa ba masasabi ko?
    does it matter kung nasa top ang school na pinapasukan ng mga students?
    for me its not important..
    ang school ko wala sa top kahit ata sa top 100..hehe!!
    well it doesnt bother me.
    kasi naninwala ako hindi naman sa magandang school
    magiging matalino mga students..
    iba iba kasi IQ ng mga students..
    siguro ang mahalaga sa iba nakapag aral ako sa high class school..
    well anyway i just want to congratulate them..
    keep it up..
    maraming mas magagaling na mga students na nagaaral sa mga DI KILALANG UNIVERSITIES..hehe

  182. I appreciate the comments of Critique, Spider-man and Mar, just to mention a few. Truly, discussing about ideas is great while throwing invectives and fighting with one another is mean. I suggest that our fellow countrymen have to visit the Anyone can browse the topnotchers and top performing schools in order to be updated of how their dear alma mater fare well with the others in various board exams. Surely, many will be surprised that some schools in the official top 20 list are not performing well this time. But please do not be judgmental to these schools. PRC and CHED also based their ranking on the number of COE and COD the school has earned. This is because some schools offerred courses which does not require board exams but excelled in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology. So some schools had earned either Center of Excellence or Center of Development status in the aforementioned subjects. As to to the top rankings, UP and UST are truly very difficult to overtake. But I appreciate UST more than UP because their success was not based on their stringent screening of enrollees as what UP and other state universities did but on how their instructors and the UST administration mold them to become one of the best. However, there is always a trade-off ,i.e., UP is cheaper than UST. For those parents who can’t afford to send their children to UP, UST, De La Salle and Ateneo, the good news is that you have one of the top 20 schools at your own region or locality. In fact, this year’s 2009 PRC board exam results showed more topnotchers coming from provinces or cities outside Metro Manila. Lastly, since our goal is to earn a living after schooling, what matters most is our attitude towards work and our godly character. Kudos to all and God bless.

  183. astig talaga ang mga schools na ito!!hanep sa galing…
    proud tuloy akong maging USEPian!!!!!!
    kung alam nyo lang ang hirap para makapasok sa skul na ito at makapagtapos!!!
    Mahilig silang mang KicK-out ng mga estudyante na mababa ang grades. Kaya hindi na ako magtataka kung kasali man kami sa top 20.hehe!!! USEP remains the best…
    BEWARE of enrolling USEP kung ayaw nyong maging kalbaryo ang skul-lyf nyo.hehe.
    chika lng sa mga prof na mahilig mang-bagsak!!!

  184. 1. University of the Philipines-Diliman
    2. University of Santo Tomas
    3. Saint Louis University, Baguio City
    4. University of the Philippines-Los Banos
    5. University of Saint La Salle-Bacolod
    6. Ateneo de Davao University
    7. Central Philippine University
    8. Mariano Marcos State University-Batac
    9. Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Tech
    10. University of the Philippines-Manila
    11. De La Salle University-Manila
    12. Mindanao State University-Marawi City
    13. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
    14. University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos
    15. Cagayan State University-Tuguegarao
    16. Mindanao State University-Gen Santos City
    17. Silliman University
    18. University of San Carlos
    19. Adventist University of the Philippines – (PUC-Silang)
    20. Batangas State University (Pablo Borbon M.I.T.)

  185. oh where’s FEU?? i thought it was one of the top nursing schools in the Philippines. sunugan ng kilay ang nursing sa feu then wala diyan?? haha.. oh well congrats sa dati kong school SLU.. :]
    pero kahit nakaka disappoint. i love FEU pa din. UAAP na lang oh!! CDC!! haha.. kidding. :]]


  187. siguro dapat malaman din ng taga slu na iyan na ang importante sa isang graduate ay yong mapagkumbaba. kung tapunan man ng slu ang university of the cordilleras, university of baguio at pines city colleges at bcu, ay dahil di din nila masikmura ang palakad ng slu. hindi lahat ng umalis sa slu ay na kick out. bakit di niyo tanungin ung dalawang bar topnotchers na parehong cpa product ng slu at doon sa university of the cordilleras nag law at bar topnotchers nga? si Abuel at Malimban? Bakit mga teachers ng slu at deans ay nasa uc din? Bakit lumipat si Dr. Brenda Corpuz sa uc then eventually naging LET examiner? Kung makainsulto ka, akala mo, alang achievements ang UC at UB? papaano kung alang donasyon ang Belgians at German catholic missionaries at ibang CICM? me SLU pa kaya? kung taga Baguio ka, di ka dapat manghusga ng ganyan. ANG UC ay 24 times na rank 1 sa Criminology, puwera pa ang status nito sa Sanitary Engineering. Bakit, ikaw me napatunayan ka na ba bilang product ng SLU? Aber? sana man lang maging proud ka din sa achievements ng UC at every year, may topnotchers sa criminology, engineering, at architecture. Maghintay ka na papapel sila sa nursing. Di ganyan ang natutunan ko sa SLU noong kumuha ako ng units (cross-enrol) sa MA Teaching 15 units. Gaya ng Easter College, gumaganda na ang kanilang nursing perfornance at nasa top 20 performer. Hmmn, at bakit ang UC ang binigyan ng Center of Excellence sa IT Education at iyan din ang Regional Center sa Masters sa IT? di ang SLU? ibig sabihin di puwedeng saluhin lahat ang biyaya ng panginoon .

  188. Speaking of universities and colleges, can I ask for your assistance guys? One of my kids wants to go to Philippine Military Academy (PMA) when he enters college. I just want to ask you guys if there is a high school university here in our country that provides or includes a military kind of training in their curriculum aside from the usual training?
    The reason for that is to allow my kid to assess himself if he can really endure and enjoy the training of a person who really wants to wear a military uniform. Thank you and God bless

  189. i am from region 6. i really was surprised when cenral phlippine university was in the top ten, when here in iloilo the two university that are really vying for each other in the top is the west visayas state university and the UP miag ao. i think the criteria is the quality of students, so if then, it is really unbelievable that wvsu and up miag ao are not listed on top while cpu is there.
    -here’s one e.g. all wvsu and up miag ao CAT applicants who failed go to cpu or other university in iloilo. every grad high sch student in iloilo aspires to enter wvsu and upo miag ao as priority university in college.
    maybe if the criteria is budget then cpu will be on top.
    -the curriculum of wvsu and up miag ao are followed by cpu and other university here in iloilo.
    -the college of medicine in wvsu is in the top 4 in the phil.(look at the 2002 until 2009 licensure exam for physician)
    -wvsu is constantly in top ten in nursing board.
    -wvsu is at the top 2 and top 5 of the 2006 board(LET)

  190. @russell,
    I am not sure if there is a military school here in the Philippines but you can tell your son to be a CAT officer and aspire to be the batallion head (not really sure how they call the equivalent of a club’s president for CAT). To be an officer they should have one year of rigid training as COCC and then become an officer. If your son can be the top officer in CAT then he should at least get some confidence in attending PMA. Check out UP Diliman Vanguard building too. This is where ROTC training is held for UP students. They might be better suited to give you more advice on this military matter.

  191. Uhm thank u so much for helping me out…ur ryt d skul where am planning to take med myt not be among the top 20,but some schools which were not mentioned mayhave something to excel from,dat’s y even though am from northern luzon,i wud still want to be a part of wvsu…it’s actually my dream..

  192. This is my opinion, we should not look UPD as always the best school entire the Philippines. Now a days, there are a lot of schools outside Manila who are as good as UPD or even better. Just look at the results of the board examinations given by the PRC, its not only the students from UPD who are doing good but also those students coming from schools outside manila. UP is maybe was the best in the past but that was in the past. Today is different, maybe the UP system of education they used to brag off is not longer applicable in todays generation. We are not already in the medieval period. Lets wake up and realize the fact before people from other country will laugh at us. I did not graduate in UP but I got a lot of UPian friends and they are not brainy. They are just the same as me and the other friends who are also not Upians. Ofcourse a lot people are still dreaming to enter UP schools because of ignorance. Haha. Look at this scenario, the University of Baguio which is athletic oriented school is still better than UP baguio when it comes to quality of education.

  193. im a proud PUPian! saan sa pilipinas kayo mkkpag aral sa halagang 4,000 at magiging CPA? yes.. ganyan ka affordable ang tuition samin.. 500 isang sem,mas mahal pa ung pantalon ko.. hahaha.. quality education without paying much.. im proud to say na ung mga professors namin ay nagtuturo din sa La salle at UST.. pero kaming mga PUPians di nagbabayad ng kasing laki ng sakanila.. yan ang Iskolar ng Bayan!
    I just passed the October 2009 CPA Board Exam..
    salamat sa PUP!

    Sintang Paaralan!
    PUP Pinagpala!

    Go PUP College of Accountancy!

  194. although may factor pa din ang school na pinanggaling ng stud, pero nasa experience at attitude na natutunan nya sa school na pinangalingan niya. Tipong malayang kaisipan kung saan ka mag-iexcel

  195. University of the Cordil is also good school especially in the filed of CRIMINOLOGY, but I think if SLU will offer that course, UC will realize that they will no longer in the top. JUst take a look at CCDC, that new school is doing better that UC in the criminology board exams. Another thing, UC should likewise be thankfull to SLU because the two Bar topnotchers who happens to graduate from their school are actually products of SLU. It was just because of conflict of schedules that they were forced to enroll at UC.

  196. maritime academy of asia and the pacific
    is 5th best in the world!and yet it is not here,
    all these schools are lame

  197. 20 years ago, UPD was very popular in our schools as the top school entire the philippines. Appareantly, thats no longer the case now a days. Why? simple because every thing in this world changes. Most of our old leaders (Trapo) today were graduates from UP and look what is happening in our country? Why can’t they make this country a better place to live in yet they studied in a school they called UPD.
    In the past people often say that when you are a graduate of that schools you are clever. Clever in what?

  198. kkk Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 2:52 pm
    according to my couz (current studying in UP), not all students in UP are not intllgnt!!! wahahaha….

    Siguro na tsambahan lang ng iba ang UPCAT… ,pero pag naka graduate ka ng UP .., dun mo lang massabi na intellgnt ka talaga… Sa iba madali lang pumasok sa UP.., pero tingnan natin ang galing mo .., kung makaka graduate ka talaga.

  199. what is the basis of this survey?
    is this the percentage of students who passed the board exam or the ranking only base on the votings system?
    pls enlighten me!!!!!

  200. what is good being in UP is not what we learn inside the classroom but our exposure to the real world and applying these things after we graduate. In terms of passing rate, UPians are not trained to rely on the questions based from the board exams unlike other schools. It’s just a shame for us if we don’t recognize the importance of these exams. The corporate world welcomes most UP graduates because we learned how to think by ourselves and beyond what the school wants to impose. Being part of UP community is different, students are just free to express what they think is good and somehow, exercise these stuffs as they learn. And i think, that’s the seed of learning.

  201. lahat kayo may sinasabe pero sa mga taong magaaral p lng ng college 3 letra lng ang tatandaan nyo
    A – Accreditation
    B – Board Exam
    C – Campus (COE or COD)
    kng yng tatlong letrang yan eh meron yng school n pupunthan nyo, magiging ok kyo sa future

    always remember your future will start in College.
    yun lng po
    Choose wisely
    Choose the best school for you kahit hndi kilala

  202. ohhhhhhhhhh……….
    my school was included in the top 20 most performing schools here in the Philippines………I’m proud to say that I am Yanong Usepian…………………..go go go USEP……aim high…………… breathtaking…………

  203. para sakin e2 ang top 4:
    U.P-wlang duda
    La Salle-ok din

    pero nasa tao parin ang kapalaran nya.. no matter how prestige your school…

  204. to all readers: the CHED document 9October 2009) on the updated HEIs granted autonomous and deregulated status is a clear indications of who really belongs to the top 20 performing schools. While I was surprised to see University of Baguio as among the new members of autonomous schools, where UC is still deregulated together with FEU and Adamson, where is Fr. Urious University and University of Baguio in the list of performing schools?

    Being a true blooded Cordillerean, I am proud of SLU, UC and U.B for their achievements. At least these three big universities are proving that Baguio is really the center of education in the north minus the poor performance of Pines City Colleges in the nursing board exam. Maski ung Baguio Central University, even it topped the nursing board in 2008, does not mean excellent na ang kanilang board performance. in the 2009 nursing board, ay 30 percent lang sila, Pines naman ay 24 at UB ay 29 %. UC got better at 67%. Except for SLU na very consistent sa Nursing, I hope that UC will improve their board performance in Nursing. At naku naman , autonomous na kayo UB, gandahan naman ung 29 % na iyan?kakahiya?

  205. Saint Louis University – Baguio (Underrated school)
    University of the Cordilleras – Baguio (Upcoming school)

  206. PUP the best!!!! hindi nmn kailangan mg bayad ng libo2x hahahaha, 12pesos per unit pa rin!! Kami ang TOTOONG ISKOLAR NG BAYAN!!!!!!!!

  207. grabe daig ng PUP ang feu, ue, ceu hahahahaha syang lang binayad nio s skul nio ahahaha. Pamantasang Utak ang Puhunan!!! PUP tanglaw k ng bayan!!! feu fastest earned university, ceu cash earned university hahahaha

  208. POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES RULEZ!!!! ano sinabi ng mga private school na ang yayabang? wala? sa list? ahahaha feu ceu ue san kau?

  209. @PUP tanglaw ng bayan

    ok..lets wait another 10 years..tingnan naten kung makakapasok pa PUP..haha

    Congrats to FEU Manila as TOP1 school in 1000+ takers in NURSING BOARD EXAM IN 2009

    Top 5 Law school in 30 or more examinees (5 years)

    Top 3 in Medicine nationawide in 100 or more examinees

    Top 3 Medical Technology School nationwide

  210. To Kirt ng SLU? I do not know if you are a product of SLU or you’re still a student of SLU. For your information, the year 2008,2009 and 2010 are the years where the University of the Cordilleras topped board examinations in Sanitary Engineering twice in 2008, 2nd place in CPA 2009 and 9th in 2009 plus of course their cream, the Criminology for 26th times.

    UC is now an autonomous university, kasabay niya ang Adamson which were both granted autonomous status after passing the IQUAME. June 9 , 2010 was the date when these two schools joined the elite schools in the Philippines.

    Kaya, puwede ba, tumigil ka na sa kakapintas sa UC at ibang schools sa Baguio? Baka naman sabihin mo nagkamali ang CHED at PRC at mga PAASCU at PACUCOA sa pagklilala sa UC as autonomous university?

    Ang board performance ng SLU ay bumababa na except in Med Tech, Pharmacy at Nursing. sa LET 2009, no 8 ang UC sa Secondary, at ang latest na pagkapahiya ng SLU ay yong May 2010 CPA board. No 7 at 9 ang UC with 54% passing rate against SLU’s 49%. Ang masakit naka top 8 ang UB na bulok sau na tapunan sau, at ang SLU alang topnotcher.

    Sana magpasalamat ka naman at ang UC ay nakakaungos maski alang entrance examination di gaya ng SLU , e kung nag entrance din kaya UC, what do you think?

  211. Just to inform the readers that University of the Cordilleras was granted the autonomous status by CHED as of June 9, 2010. So tatlo na ang autonomous schools sa Baguio, SLU, UB at UC. Of the three, SLU ranked no 3 and UC , 14 sa 2007 Top Performing Schools. If ever there will be a new release, I am sure SLU and UC will be included in the top performing schools.

    The highlight of the duel between SLU and UC is the result of the May 2010 CPA board examinations. UC got two topnotchers, 7 and 9, with 54 % passing rate while SLU got 49% with no topnotchers. Suwerte ng UB, me no 8 sila. So ung mga mapanira diyan na taga SLU, wag naman ganun kababa ang tingin niyo sa UC at UB na tapunan. Did you ask these students why they prefer UC at UB? me dentistry ba sa SLU, nme criminology ba sa SLU? Kelan lanmg nag offer ng HRM SLU? UB and UC are already performing in HRM and Tourism and SLU just offered the course two years ago? Ung 2nd placer CPa board na taga UC -2009 itinapon kaya ng SLU ganun din ung 9th placer sa 2008, itinapon din kaya ng SLU? aba, nagtatapon pala sila ng topnothcers, kung ganun di magaling ang kanilang Evaluators sa Academics?

  212. Again I would say, to be included in the list is not a ground or a licence to boast or discredit other institution, After all , we studied because we want to learn and when we learned and was able to acquire that certain level of intelligence, we must use it to the fullest for our self advancement, malign other school or people not included.
    Here in GCC or middle east for that matter, there is one high profile project that the employers love to hire filipinos, not because all of us came from the top schools in the phillippines but because, filipinos have that sense of adaptability especially in situations where judgement and application of technical informations gathered during school days can be applied to solve problems with minimal supervision. The intricasies of engineering aplication is manifested on how we pinoys provided solutions and stand our groud during moments of pressure. We came from different schools, some are listed in the top schools others are not included but mind you, we stand as one and faced the problem that beseech us, eye ball to eye ball and the recognation is for the pinoy group as a whole. More than 100 Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Fighting Engineers for that matter, male -female stood as one just to show to them that even though we didnt came from only one school but we can work and understand each other and accomplish a what we call excellent job. Those “white people” sometimes envy our technical skills but would not dare show it as it would be an embarassment because they are looked upon as the “best” but in reality not all of them are capable of the positions that they handle. Be as it may, all of us did our share just to show to them that indeed Filipino Engineers are far better than our asian counterpart.

    Lastly, I would say I am proud of my alma mater, I am not boasting, but thanking Saint Louis University for the type of education that was imparted in me during my school days. TY “SLU”…….GOD bless to all,

  213. PUP, ang yayabang… haha, Lalo n ung TAGUIG BRANCH 🙂 Kung meron lang sana tlga budget ang school, cguro Tayo na ang Number ONE sa List…

    Mr. Mar from GCC, tama po kayo jan… We’re their prefered choice… Kaya ang Middle East parang Pilipinas n rin sa dami ng pinoy.

  214. good to know na curiouse kayo sa development at achivement ng mga skul ninyo, pero ang lagay kaya nyo ba itong iaply sa outside world? tingin ko hindi dahil saan ba kyo nagmana kungdi sa mga magulang ninyo na kung hindi kurap eh walang ginawa kundi tumunganga. kaya hirap ang bansa dahil antataas ng ego niyo

  215. ano2x nga ba ang school na ksama sa top 20? I think credible tlga ung 3rd ang school namin or iyong 2nd na pinost not dat I’m Louisian but ayon tlga ang totoo at nabasa ko sa newspaper namin sa school…

    Siliman? UP? UST? I believe wala na dapat patunayan tong mga school na to kasi lahat ng nbasa ko sa PRC result ng khit anong board exam hindi matatawaran ang performance ng mga school na to sa IBAT -IBANG KURSO… take note capitalized ang IBAT-IBANG KURSO ibig sabihin
    hindi lang sa kursong nursing , law o ano pa man

    himay-himayin natin…akalain mot binasa ko lahat ang reactions ahahahahahaha
    ******Bakit nagtataka ang Ateneo (manila) at san beda,bat wala daw sila sa list? dahil ang katotohanan kasi yong ranking sakop lahat ng kursong ino ofer ng school ibig sabihin hindi lang sa LAW,agree? well take it or lv it… ganun pa man kung mag lo law man ako tlgang d best yang skul niu..apir!!!!

    ******bakit wala daw ung mga big or richest daw at mga madadaming pogi at magaganda na skul sa manila like benilde san beda etc etc,? e ganun tlga peo cge sa papogihan at yaman pinagpala kau..peo alam niu swerte kau kc after college halos ok at stable ang buhay niu kc xempre eider my family business kau or ibabaker o irereto kau sa bisnis ng family fren niu..aminin niu man o nde ..tlgang totoo hindi gaya ng mga asa top school na mahihirap na dugot pawis tlga ang puhunan para umasenso.. bottomline is swerte kau kasi pinanganak kaung MAYAMAN at pogi kanio nga apir!!!

    ****Bat wala daw ang FEU? mga tamaraws!!! idol ko volleyball team nila hekhek naku madami ako kaklase jan.. bat nga ba wala ang napakagandang skul na to? ayon sa mga nabasa ko naman madami tlga top dito lalo na sa kursong NURSING..sila pa nga ang my pinaka hi tech na learning media sa Nursing ayun sa nbasa ko. peo sa pag oobserba ko madami ang pumapasa peo halos katumbas din ng bumabagsak kya hirap ang skul na makaabot sa top kasi mag agree man kau at hindi ang rating ng skul ay total number ng nkapasang student divided by total number ng nag take sa batch.. aplicable to sa lahat ng bord exam result… kya wag magtaka kung wala ang feu

    ******* SA mga UP students naman.. wag masyado magyabang … peo nde bawal magyabang kung my ipagyayabang nmn di ba.. which is merun tlga… pero BEWARE… bka ang mga pinapatamaan mo ay nkapasa din sa UPCAT for some circumstances eh nde itinuloy ang pag enrol jan sa skul nio.. tulad ko tatlo ang inexaman ko at naipasa ko nman sa awa ng DIYOS (UP,FEU,SLU)… napasa ko ang UPCAT… dhil pangarap ko ang nursing dun ako sa UP manila na designate..umiiyak nga ako kasi gusto ko diliman.. sabi nman ng ate ko na nagtapos sa UP diliman eh “tongek, walang nursing sa UP diliman ahahahah medcal kurs sa UP manila tlga haha (funny tlga ako nun iyak iyak pa) Bkit nde ako tumuloy sa FEU? josko porsanto!!! 1st sem palangkulang kulang 30K na! compare ko to sa SLU na 1st sem is 15k.. taz malapit sa province namin kya isang factor din un at madami pang iba.. both parents ko FEU grad hihi peo sbi ng mama ko ilang beses sila naholdap ni papa hahaha kaya sa baguio nlng daw.. maniwala kau sa hindi khit maglakat ka hating gabi galing duty or wat di ka mahoholdap dun exaj peo totoo

    ******ito naman ay para sa nagsasabing nagtatapon ang SLU ng topnotchers…. naku hindi yan totoo… sa SLU my tinatawag na QUOTA.. pag hindi mo na meet yun e sorry pero kick out ks.. not necesarily na kik out ka … una palang my pinabasa na sau na rules ng skul… at pinirmahan mo ito pag hindi mo na meet ang grades na yun e tlgang aalis ka sa skul… set aside na natin ang paggawa ng kasalanan para mapaalis sa skul focus tau sa dalawang posibleng dahilan kung bakit naalis sa skul un sinasabi mong topnotchers na asa UC, eider my bagsak or hinde nakaabot sa kota yun… hindi natin makakaila na umaabot tau sa point ng exhaustion at my times na we dont do well in skul kasi ayaw lng talaga natin… TAMA? ang pagkatanggaL NG TOPNOTCHERs na cnsbi mo po ay ginawang inspirasyon ang skul … hidi para ipahiya ang skul kundi sa personal growth nia at kelangan niang i redeem ang sarili nia sa pagkabigo or wat..
    sa sinasabi niung bago palang ang HRM at Tourism ng skul? naku indikasyon un na lumalawak na ang sakop ng skul… oo nag ta top ang SLU kc konte ang examinee hindi tulad sa UC at FEU.. peo tinanong niu ba kung ilan kami originally? halimbawa nlng sa nursing, sa 1st year 1780 kami lahat.. ngunit top 500 lng ang kukunin… kumbaga matira matibay… survival of the fitst ika nga, at walang angal kc pumirma ka sa RULES.. REMEMBER? pagdating ng 3rd year iririlis ang top 500 at kelangan mo tlga mag transfer sa skul khit pang 501 ka pa.. hindi tapunan ang UC or UB.. xempre 2 yrs ka na sa baguio nsanay ka na sa klima o di malamang eider UB o UC ang choices d b? aminin nio man Ubians o UCian na dating LOUIsian na may BITTERNESS tlga sa pagkakatanggal niu sa skul peo bat hindi nio gayahin yong top nio kahit natnggal e nag top pa din… lahat ng natanggal sa batch ko napunta sa easter college sa BAGUIO din kilalang sister school ng SLU, congrats sa kanila kasi hindi nila kinakanti ang SLU kasi alam nila kung anu tlga performans nila mga taga BAGUIO SUPPORT NLNG natin mgaUBIANS kc pag hindi pa daw nag improve rating nila sa nursing e tatanggalin na nila widin 4 years ata at madami pa tang skul na my ganung sitwasyon na nabasa ko sa article ng CHED.. ngunit heto sila top 16 sila sa buong nursing skul sa pilipinas..hindi nio ba naalala na once a louisian always a louisian…kung may nasagasaan man ako pcnxa na po ito tlga nasa puso ko..

    Anut anu pa man LAHAT tayo ay FILIPINO ung iba may halo, nevertheless pinoy pa din.. hindi maikakaila matalino ang pinoy .. those above are jas numbers at hindi nia ni rereflect kung anung klaseng tao ka..mahalaga ay may natutunanan tau sa kanikaniyang prstgious skul natin, makapagtrabaho ng maayos at ma secure ang future natin… TAMA!!!!!!!!!!

    ung top 20 magbabago din yan.. bilog ang gulong at nde permanente yan… peo congrats sa top 20 at present at gudluck sa iba na wala peo for sure mag ta top din kau po…

    Godblesssssss…. jas STUDY WELL;;;we are all top in our own way (“,)

  216. ahemmm. ako naman ay product din from one of the schools in the list. for the sake of comparison, ok, sige lang, magyayabangan na tayong lahat dito. pero ang sa akin lang, walang kwenta kahit saang school pa tayo galing, kahit sampu ang kurso na pinag-aralan sa lahat ng schools in the list at topnotcher pa sa lahat ng board exams, if we are only living for ourselves, if we are only concerned of our own advantage, if we have no contribution kahit gaano man kaliit, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to make this world a better place to live, hindi lang para sa sarili natin, lalo’t higit sa mga kapatid natin na nangangailan ng tulong natin. that alone, we miss the purpose of life.

    darating at mangyayari ang pagsusulit…kailan? walang board topnotcher or top performing school ang makasasagot nyan. siguro ‘yan ang mas dapat nating paghandaan. walang topnotcher doon. pass or fail lang po. walang take 2, walang removal exam, walang conditional status, walang refresher course.

  217. You’re kidding me dude. How come wala ang ADMU on your ched/prc list? This is not official. I don’t believe this data. I’m not from admu but we all know for the fact that in bar exams for the last ten (10) consecutive years ADMU remains the best when it comes to passing percentage. UP-DILIMAN is only rank 3rd to SAN BEDA. Only few knew about this. For me, the top five schools in the phils are: 1.)ADMU 2.)UP-DILIMAN 3.)UST 4.)DLSU 4.)ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY-BAGUIO

  218. SLU might be under rated but, mind you this school from northern Luzon is one of the best. PRC and CHED record will show the real standing and ranking, though some people wanted to manipulate the list but still SLU will emerge as one of the best………To the manipulators, cheaters who cant accept that SLU per PRC record is number 3, mahiya kayo sa balat nyo…………..peace ……peace…..ha ..ha…ha

  219. My advise to everybody here is to invest your money properly in where you should enroll. Avoid diploma mills schools, survey properly, their mind is purely business. The school depends on the students not the other way around. If you cannot find a job after graduation then its your problem not the school….

  220. i agree with ruskenz …………… im also proud louisian….go slu… pagnag aply ka sa SLU, kelangan mong ipasa ang entrance exam…bago ka ulit papasa..ibabase nila ung grado mo sa course na kinuha mo…

  221. .Xavier University!!!its gud 2 know were on top..wag tayo gumaya sa pinipilit na sila talaga the best..:) Lets ignite always the MAGIS spirit..the atenean way…

  222. how come west visayas state university is not on the list….
    WVSU is top performing school in the fields of MEDICINE, NURSING and EDUCATION…

  223. i am still proud and happy even though Bulacan State University is not included in the 20 philippine top performing schools. I just want to say to all of you that NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE COUNTED COUNTS, and NOT EVERYTHING THAT COUNTS CAN BE COUNTED. And another one, the reason why we want to study is that we want to LEARN, learning doesn’t depend on the school where you are enrolled, it is in YOU. My advice? Avoid BIAS. If you want to have a good job in the future, study hard. ( bilang estudyante, dapat marunong kang maghintay at magyiyaga………. siyempre, dapat samahan mo rin ng sipag at agap). good luck sa inyong lahat

  224. It is easy to brag about one’s school. But wait a minute, if the schools we’re bragging about are soooooooo gooood, why is our country in such a mess? Our government is corrupt, the poverty and unemployment level remains high, what else is new? Nothing! UPD? Ateneo? De La Salle? UST? So-called “Big 4.” BIG 4 OF WHAT? Big 4 producers of the most corrupt and vilest politicians in the country? I’m so ashamed.

    And why is there so much media bias in favor of the foregoing when a lot of other schools, colleges and universities are excelling in their own respective regions in the Visayas and Mindanao?

    And there’s this stupidest and most idiotic rivalry created by egomaniac idiots called the “Ateneo v. La Salle Rivalry” which is nothing more than a battle of two egomaniac camps who would rather spend millions on basketball instead of helping the poor (which by the way constitutes most of the work force for these elite’s businesses who are underpaid and overworked).

    So much for rankings.

  225. Sana kasi “Passers – Failures” yung pag rarank ng top performing school. Kasi kung % yung iba eh napaka unti lang ng nag tatake tapos sila pa top performing. Yung ibang school dyan sa taas nakapag produce na ba yan ng mga magagaling na alumni?

    “This statistics is a result of the study conducted by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), based on the average passing in the BOARD EXAMINATIONS OF ALL COURSES of all universities and colleges in the Philippines . This study is concluded every 10 years.” Yung ibang school dyan yung law lang may board exam. Yung iba naman engineering courses lang nag eexcel. Sana pati mga undergraduate courses na walang board exam irank niyo base sa pag accreditation niyo or yung LEVEL. Napaka BIAS kasi nito.

  226. CENTRAL PHILIPPINE UNIVERSITY (Jaro, Iloilo City) is a non-stock, non-profit Christian Institution of higher learning, where a well-rounded program of education is offered under influences that strengthen faith and build up character.

    It was founded in 1905 as the Jaro Industrial School by missionaries of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. It started as an Elementary Vocational School for poor boys who worked for their board and tuition. Perhaps it was the first school in the Philippines to teach that labor is honor. The school also had the distinction of having organized the first student government in the country – the Jaro Industrial School Republic, and one of the oldest student’s newspapers – the Central Echo.

    Dr. William 0. Valentine, the first principal, worked hard to have the school incorporated and recognized by the government. His objectives were reached in 1913, the year when the school began to admit female students also. In 1915, the first two years of high school were opened. In 1920, the third and fourth year classes were added and the following year the first batch of high School graduates were turned out.

    To satisfy the growing desire of young people for education, a junior college was opened in 1923 and the name of the school was changed to Central Philippine College. The senior college was established in 1936 and by 1940 five degrees were offered: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Religious Education.

    The war broke, out and with it came destruction and death. The college buildings were destroyed. Eleven American missionaries were massacred by the enemy. Central students, faculty and staff members and alumni joined the guerrilla movement or the Civil Resistance Government. Many of them laid down their lives for democracy and freedom.

    The “Central Spirit” however did not die in the night that was World War II. As soon as war ended the college was reopened by loyal faculty members and returning missionaries who were caught by the war in America. Destroyed buildings were reconstructed and new ones were built with funds from friends at home and abroad. Postwar reconstruction resulted in a well-laid, attractive campus.

    April 1, 1953, was an important landmark in the whole CPU story. On that day the ardent dream of thousands of alumni and the long line of American and Filipino pioneers became a reality: Central Philippine College gained university status and became Central Philippine University.

    From the founding of the school, Filipinos were gradually given larger responsibilities in its administration. In 1966 the first Filipino president, Dr. Rex D. Drilon, was elected; and in 1968 the entire university property – land, buildings, and equipment – was turned over by the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society to the Filipino corporation of CPU. Since 1973, all members of the Board of Trustees and administrative officials of the university have been Filipinos.

    In 102 years, CPU has grown from an elementary school with 17 pupils to a widely known university with an enrollment of over 12,000. The 24-hectare campus, which was originally chosen for its quiet and relative isolation, is now a veritable community by itself, with more than 30 buildings used for classrooms and support facilities.

    CPU has grown much in physical plant and in educational programs, but it has remained true to its mission as a Christian institution whose motto is Scientia et Fides (Knowledge and Faith). It is affiliated with the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches and maintains fraternal ties with the International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches (known before as the American Foreign Mission Society) and the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia. The university is also a member of the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACSCU)

    For more information,visit as at

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  228. Hello, you used to write wonderful, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

  229. Kapal ng mukha mo mo Montemayor! Top ba ang MLQU? Dapat ng ipasara ang MLQU!!!! Lagi kayong ZERO PASSING PERCENTAGE sa mga board exams! HAHAHAHA1

  230. Kakatawa naman ang daming bitter sa UST. Mag aral nalang kayo kasi no amount of money can ever change the fact that you either pass or fail your board exam in the future. Mas marunong pa kayo sa CHED and PRC when in fact its the board exam passing rate of the schools that they used as basis. And these passing rates are across several years hinde isa or dalawang taon lang. Sorry nalang sa mga nagrereklamo. Pagbutihan nalang pag re-review para you help your school go up in her ranking sa PRC-CHED survey, ok? peace!

  231. Napansin ko lang, kaya siguro nasabi ng iba na kaunti lang ang kumukuha galing sa UP, kasi,

    halos walang bumabagsak sa board exams, kaya WALANG REPEATER. Kung papansin niyo, malaki ang dagdag ng repeaters sa dami ng kumukuha ng exams. Kaya hindi ako naniniwalang kaunti lang ang kumukuha galing sa UP.

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    on several of your posts. Several of them
    are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to tell the reality then again I
    will certainly come again again.

  233. Hoax alert. 🙂
    CHED does not release a yearly list of Top 20 schools in the country.
    There is a lot to consider in ranking academic institutions, and PRC passing rate is just one of them. This is not a numbers game.

    Want to see if your institution is really good? Check the QS World Rankings.

  234. KAPAL NG MUKHA ng mga taga ADMU! Magkano ibinayad nyo sa survey na to? Pano kayo napasama sa list na yan? Eh eskwelahan kayo ng MGA TAKOT SA BOARD EXAMS! HAHAHAHA!

  235. Mga taga TAENEO. Puro imbentong engineering courses lang naman ang inooffer nyo. Ang ambisyon lang naman ng mga estudyante at alumni nyo ay kumuha ng mga engineering courses na inimbento ng school nyo para pag graduate nila Instant Engineer na agad. Dapat gawaran kayo ng CHED ng COE. Center of Excellence in QUACK ENGINEERING. HAHAHAHAHA!

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