Zaido or Lastikman?

I won’t deny it. I am a Kapuso. Therefore given this question I should be bias to Zaido. Normally, that would be case but it is hard to be be so when ABS-CBN has done an excellent job in making Lastikman look as authentic as possible.

A day after the Zaido premiere, I switched to watching Lastikman just to get a feel with what competition has to offer. And lo and behold I was amazed! From the costume, the set and the actors, Lastikman delivered quality production. In fact quite the opposite sentiments I had for Zaido.

The alien race looks original enough in idea as far as I’m concerned, can’t remember seeing their costumes from any movie or TV I’ve seen plus they are authentic enough for my taste. They were able to stir my interest in wanting to know how they were able to give the aliens the blood-shot eyes and grey complexion. The type of digital effects was superb too. The alien ‘sets’ was well done in such a way that it didn’t feel too crampy. There was a chase scene there that easily scored them lots of quality points from me too. As for their artists well they didn’t fail to disspoint also. And surely, with a comic like Vhong Navarro as lead-star it’s sure to be all fun for the whole family. I have to admit I am impressed.

Overall I’d say this is truly a tragedy. This is a real bad news for us Kapuso. I wished GMA would hire people with more eye for detail. If they are pirating ABS-CBN stars why not the production staff too. I mean quality of work is also important not just who is doing the lead. Please please do something about the stagnation of creativity in your station. I want to see GMA on top for all time. You are already there so please don’t lose it.

15 thoughts on “Zaido or Lastikman?

  1. Lastikman, like Zaido, showed that rip-off factor as well–with M.Bison on Zaido. If you know Smallville, you know what I mean. According to my mom, Lastikman didn’t come from anywhere outside the Earth. He was an ordinary guy who one day drank (accidentally?) sap of some rubber tree. That sounded very Filipino to me and people behind Lastikman should’ve sticked with that. I also hate the way Lastikman talks with the ‘san na u?’ way. On the pilot of Lastikman, I got frustrated with the slow video that was obviously a result of some poor plans in effects rendering–good effects, bad video.

    Nothing on the local TV seems to be getting some positive net change. The trade-offs of what creators are calling improvements either cancels the improvement altogether or produces a negative net change.

  2. I did not get the chance to watch Smallville but at least I think it was not a total ripoff in a sense that you will get to see it always like M. Baison in Zaido. At least creativity is more apparent in the pilot episode of Lastikman. By the way I really thought those frame lags are part of the overall effect. It might be a point deduction but I am not that totally disturb by the video flaw. Networks should really think of doing some test market survey for two-three episodes even before it debuts in television. Kinda like a feasibility study in business

  3. I haven’t seen either of the show. So, I’m not in the place to comment on this. But, I think, ABS is doing really good with their fantaseryes. I personally commend their production teams.

    Ate aisa, miss na kita. 😛 Tagal na natin hindi nagkita. Paramdam ka naman. ^_^
    Visit ka sa mga GA ng ACM ^_^

  4. Hello Abbi! I agree. Channel two does better animation in their fantaserye compared to seven. Just look at the quality of work of Rounin. Sad that not many people seem to notice if ratings where to be based.

    Before I forget thank you so much for visiting. Pagnagkatime punta ako UP. Busy na kasi nagwowork na ako. Sumasideline pa sa weekends. 🙂 Kelan ba GA na may Pizza? aabsent ako. 🙂

  5. may i comment… on the contrary to what rdgoite has said… the original lastikman komiks is really an alien… and not some guy who accidentally drank a rubber sap…

    regarding your article, im glad you like lastikman better… although the chasing scene is a rip-off… yes it is a rip-off of the chasing scene in minority report with tom cruise… but still the effects are much better than that in zaido!

  6. Though originally in Mars Ravelo’s version Lastikman was an alien, I found out that there was a rubber tree version of the story though he didn’t exactly drink the sap. The rubber tree version sure sounded ‘more’ Filipino to me than the alien one. It also has Filipino values added in it.

    For this one, if I were to choose, I’d go with to revise of the story than to stick to the original that doesn’t seem so.

  7. @jazz
    How good is a ‘parang gawa sa Amerika’ show? If a show is made in the US does it follow that the show is good? And IMHHO, what Zaido is is a so far cry from the common notion of ‘parang gawa sa Amerika.’ I used to like Power Rangers, the one based on Zyuuranger and something that is’talagang gawa sa Amerika.’ However when I got older, I realized it was not as good as those tokusatsu shows that had Japanese production staff and actors. It seemed to me that Americans are badass tokusatsu show stars. IMO, even PR-SPD can’t compare with Maskman of 1987. Compare that now to Zaido. Does Zaido even come close?

  8. @ jazz
    I beg to disagree that it looks like it was made from the US. The animation is still terrible. If only the storytelling is superb then I wouldn’t have to cringe too much every time my channel surfing makes me watch Zaido for a few minutes.

  9. i surely agreed with with u have said…i didnt like their aircraft chase but i cant deny that id still watch that portion…anyways ive always been a great fanatic of GMA but talent from that network realy need to exceed more effort on their acting skill cause it realy shows how crapy they are acting no offense but ABS-CBN has been getting good actors by taking over the best artist that GMA have…hayz i hope GMA pick actors and artists that realy deserve it for the show bussiness..ahihi ive siad too much but im always gonna be GMA!

  10. “If they are pirating ABS-CBN stars why not the production staff too. I mean quality of work is also important not just who is doing the lead. Please please do something about the stagnation of creativity in your station. I want to see GMA on top for all time. You are already there so please don’t lose it.”

    cge why not… i’m free na after lastikman

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