Alive once again

After a very long absence from the internet here I am once again. I have nothing to say much because I did say to myself that this blog won’t get filled with ‘boring’ details of what has happened in my life however just to break this very long pause I’ve decided to ‘bulletize’ (Please don’t cringe if your a grammar freak. A google search assured me I’m not alone in using this word) the main highlights instead.

– just graduated last April (At long last!)

– worked for my parents ( Made me regret, a little, finishing school. I had more money as a student)

– went to UPCC and got my unclaimed salary then gave a Pizza hut blowout. (To the new applicants, allow me to taste some fruits of your labor also! Uh… I think that sounded wrong.)

– made a website using Joomla. (Still under construction. Comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.)

– got a job just this week (Yehey! Now I’m no longer very poor. Just poor.)

– visited the UnPLUG website today (Wonderful layout! Good work pips!)

There. That’s all for now. I hope I can do more post in the following days!

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