Minus 18 slots

I am already a graduate but it seems like my name is not yet erased in the database of students. I was still able to pre-enlist 6 subjects a few minutes ago. But in fairness to the new development team, I like the new adjustments they made like the one where I would immediately know if the subject has a conflict even before I click on it. Now, all they have to concentrate their efforts on is finding a way to make the real-time enlistment a working possibility. As of the moment they decided to revert back to manual pre-enlistment. Having seen what happened to the registration this summer, I can understand their decision.

4 thoughts on “Minus 18 slots

  1. the pre-enlistment is quite complex when done in the systems. i’ve tried doing it on my own application and i always end up frustrated. maybe it’s my limited brain cells, i don’t know. 🙂

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