Where shall I vote?

May 14, 2007 is the day of the election. According to today’s Fact’s Machine article in Inquirer Libre 17,880 people will get elected on Monday. This number is composed of 12 senators, 55 party lists, 220 congressmen, 81 governors, 81 vice-governors and 770 provincial board member. There will also be 118 mayors and 118 vice-mayors for major cities, 1510 mayors and 1510 vice-mayors for municipalities. The remaining 12,092 will all be for councilors.

I am a first time voter and fairly have no idea where to vote so I checked the internet for the information. I found a link where I can view the precinct I may vote in but unfortunately it is taking too long to load up. *sigh* Maybe I’ll try it later.

5 thoughts on “Where shall I vote?

  1. I finally found my info. But it doesn’t say where exactly my precinct is. Just a code. Which I think is the same code I got on my stub anyway. Hah.

    Yes, I think there’s an SMS version for it. 🙂 (Watch Y-Vote now! LOL.)

  2. i doubt the find precinct form is reliable, or at least complete. already tried this the other night. i was there, but few of my friends and family members were not. 🙂

  3. Steps to know where to vote:

    Before February ends, check at the local COMELEC office whether or not you are included on the voter’s list. (After February, the law prohibits the Commission from removing or adding name(s) from the official list of voters.)

    The official list of Voters are often posted at the Election Officers Office at least a month before the election. ^_^

    It is also posted at the school where you will be voting a day prior to the election day. ^_^

    (Shocks, bakit ngayon ko lang nabasa ‘to?)

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