Logical storyline for Spiderman 4

Seems like Spiderman would be the next Star Wars franchise. It will supposedly have three more movies to go. I ran a search on google and stumbled upon a logical storyline for Spiderman 4. Although the movie isn’t made yet please I warn you on reading no further because the following contents could highly be a spoiler for the fourth sequel.

SPOILER First off if you didn’t notice in part 3 Spidey asks new Goblin for help, Spiderman admits he can’t defeat them without his help. Another spoiler is that Sandman doesn’t die and somewhat befriends Spiderman. So that only leads me to believe that Spiderman will fight several villains in part four and Sandman will show up to save Spiderman.

I think Sandman will be back in Spiderman 4 or 5 to save Spiderman from certain death.

Again if you follow the story lines, we’re not going to see some random villains like Vulture or whatever…

Here is what I’m thinking for Spiderman 4 (keep in mind I’ve written a few scripts) Dr. Conners takes what he’s learned from the alien goo (Venom) and uses it to create his serum for Lizard. He becomes Lizard and Spiderman can’t stop him… Kraven the hunter learns of Lizard and comes to trap him. Kraven is trying to KILL Lizard, Spiderman doesn’t want Lizard dead because that’s his friend. So Spiderman has to fight Kraven to save Lizard while at the same time try to save Lizard.

To me that is the only natural storyline for Spiderman 4. There won’t be any Electro, Rhino, blah, blah.

I’ll bet anyone $100.00 bucks you see Lizard and Kraven in Spiderman 4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone like Black Cat introduced to help Spiderman but it will be Kraven and Lizard for sure.

Kraven and Lizard go hand and hand… Its possible that Jamison wants to find out who Spiderman is to help his flanking newspaper, so he hires Kraven to capture Spiderman, and Kraven discovers Lizard as well. No matter what… Lizard and Kraven 1,000 % I’ll bet anyone including Sam! Larry Kirchner

17 thoughts on “Logical storyline for Spiderman 4

  1. i think spider man 4 will be a little more complicated than retarded crap first off the villains will be as followed
    silver sable
    lizard man
    and shocker
    and the hero’s are
    spider man(obviously)
    sand man
    black cat(results may vary)
    and the storyline is eddie brock at random times feels in control of his black suit and the source is peter meanwhile spider man is chasing down a new villain called silver sable then she leads him to shocker (who is briefly in this movie)and he tells him she is looking for venom then venom and sable fight just when he is about to kill her spidey comes and saves her and then venom and spidey fight and the both faint after and sable turns spidey into trask labs because he wore the black suit in the 3rd movie then the guy injects him with a goo(carnage suit) then he goes nuts then venom fights him again but this time he is in the carnage suit then venom smacks it off him and it runs away to a murderer and he goes crazy then dr coners injects him self with lizard dna meanwhile venom and carnage meet each other and play fight and a little piece of the goo mixed catches onto gwen Stacy and she becomes black cat and at the end there is a big three on three fight.

    spidey sandman black cat vs. venom carnage and lizard man

  2. spider man will marry m.j and stacey then he will have 3 kids and their names are going to be
    bill then each will have a power ben will have 8 arms and have web power and stick on walls jack will have alot of eyes and can jump high and bill will have spider fangs and eat people then they all save the world then his kids have kids and have more kids then their are spider kids every where

  3. I thought this would happen for Spidy 3 after I saw 2, but I guess Spidy 4 will be……


    OPEN ON:
    PETER PARKER in class. The bell rings and everyone but Peter leaves. He sticks around to talk to DR. CONNERS about his latest project. Conners reveals he is at a very exciting stage on something that if proved possible, will make him a household name. Peter wishes him luck and leaves for work.

    Peter arrives at the Daily Bungle. He flirts lightly with BETTY BRANT. We find out that Mary-Jane is out of town making a low-budget horror movie. J.JONAH JAMESON spots Peter through the large windows and BANGS on the glass for him to enter. He does.

    J.J orders Peter downtown to take pictures of a “Great New York Hope” – a Hunter by the name of KRAVEN is promising to kill Spiderman and for no fee but the pleasure of the kill. Peter is shocked at J.J’s lack of emotional response to such a thing.

    Peter attends Kraven the Hunters press conference and takes the photographs required of him in his recently aquired staff job. He listens as the press question Kraven on why he thinks Spider-Man is a threat. At the same time the question is asked, a group of pro and anti Spiderman groups clash “proving” that he’s bad for the city. Kraven smiles widely and seems to come off as the good guy. Peter stands ever stunned and walks away.

    Peter drops by Aunt Mays for lunch and fills her in on Kraven. The conversation is quickly changed by May to MJ. We find out that he and MJ are on a break. Work stress is blamed and they sit and eat in peace.

    NIGHTFALLS and the criminal elements of the city begin to appear as a group of masked men heavily armed climb out of a bullet proof van around the back of a jewelry store.

    Dr. Conners says sets up things at his lab.

    Spider-man spots the would-be thieves and enters the building right behind them quietly.

    The leader of of masked gang attempts to steal everything in sight stuffing them into a large SWAG-like bag. A gun fight starts off screen. Spidy enters, webs all the bad guys up. He turns to return the diamonds back to their rightful places in the store, only to see the BLACK CAT taking them for herself. He calls after her and she escapes through a window. Spidy webs after her with great speed.

    Spidy CHASES Black Cat across the night skies – it’s buildings and rooftops – she teases him as he struggles to keep up with her. After a while she STOPS on a rooftop and talks to him – she teases him in a promiscious way – then drops over the side of the skyscraper. Spidy rushes to the edge – but she is completely out of sight.

    Dr. Conners takes his new formula and mutates into THE LIZARD. His clothing RIPS over his body leaving only his torn white lab coat and the top of his pants attached to him. He JUMPS through the window and out onto the unsuspecting public below to begin a rampage through the city.

    Peter returns home for the night. His new apartment is much better than his last one. (Thanks to the staff job and payrise in Spidy 3)


    The Nexy Day – Peter arrives at work to a frantic office. Betty shows Peter to J.J’s office – he’s mad.

    J.J asks Peter for the pictures but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. J.J goes off on a rant about about punk kid photographers not knowing how to do their job and having to be everywhere all the time to get the pictures for the scoop. J.J mentions that some jewels were also stolen and Spider-man was seen webbing out of the building with an accomplice.

    Peter exits the office. Betty fills him on on ‘The Lizard’.

    Dr. Conners wakes up by the sea in his tattered lab coat, barely covering him and a headache he heads home.

    Peter attends the spot where the Lizard was last seen. He begins to take pictures when suddenly he HEARS a cry for help. He changes into Spider-Man and swings into action.

    Spidy sees a skinny woman is being mugged by a skinny man. He helps her with the mugger and his Spider senses TINGLE – he turns around and sees KRAVEN with his whip – he ducks an attack and the skinny man and woman run off – TOGETHER. Junkies. Kraven talks smack to Spidy and attacks. Spidy under estemates the Hunter and is hit a few times. They fight for a minute and Spidy wins. He webs off leaving Kraven talking to himself “It’s not over not until your skull is on my wall web-head”.

    Peter hands in his photographs. Jameson has heard word that Spidy and Kraven were caught fighting. He is annoyed when Peter says he didn’t get any shots of the action. He heads to class.

    Dr. Conners doesn’t arrive for class. People start to leave in his absence. Peter worries.

    Peter visits Aunt May. He meets her guests, Felicia Hardy and her mother. Felicia chats to Peter whilst the “oldies” talk. She seems a little interested in him.

    Peter visits Dr. Conners at his home. Conners talks to him through a safety chained door. He tells Peter that he had a slight reaction to his experientment and wasn’t feeling too good. He’ll be back at work in a few days. Conners conseals a newly formed right arm behind his back. Peter leaves.

  4. I’m betting the villains for 4 will be Lizard and Carnage or another possible combination: Lizard and Shocker

  5. Probably Venom and Lizard for 4, though. In the comics, Spidey has to defeat Lizard and protect Conners all the while trying to stop Venom from exposing Lizard’s identity as Conners. This would make for an exciting and compelling 4. Add in the tension between Gwen and Mary Jane and you have the recipe for a truly worthy sequel. On IGN you can find the article saying how a villain that appears to die in Spider-Man 3 may return for 4. There are two choices: Harry Osbourn or Eddie Brock. I’m betting on the latter, but who knows. I noticed that in one of the final scenes of 3 there is a car with its headlights on outside of the club while Peter and Mary Jane are reconciling. Could the person in the car be Eddie Brock? I’m betting on it. I saw on youtube a video with Eddie Brock looking at someone from inside of a car and that scene was not in 3.

    Please hold off on Black Cat and Carnage until 5.

  6. I totaly agree with fire fox on that one. its the only logical thing i can think of to based on the comic books. ben, jack and bill were his bigest opponents and toughest to. But the only diff will be that spidy will have to fight his children so forget all that venom, carnage, vulture, lazard and expeshialy kraven crap, acmit it its not going to happen. the only disapoint ment will be that lizard wont be in it so i guess it will just have to whait till number 5

  7. but it would be a bummer if they didnt show any of the other villians thow, and what happened to the frikkin story line, no one was supposed to die yet, everything is goin so fast……wasnt there supposed to be “the evil 6” or something like that like in the comics, god they are changin everything about this…….but for your sake and what you think , i would also have to say that carnage will be in the next spiderman as well!!!!!

    oh yeah , why did they kill venom in the end of spiderman 3 ????wtf, there can’t be a new venom , and i already know thats where carnage comes in but they were supposed to be a team to defeat spiderman and then venom and spiderman defeat carnage……what ever i am just so confused on the ideas of the directors, and stan lee needs to speak up and say it needs to be like it was in the comics but its already too late

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