To the UP CBA Faculty

It is an honor dedicating our UP diploma to those who have consistently supported and guided us along the way. Its you, our teachers, who have given us opportunities to learn of lot of new things. We don’t only acquire the knowledge needed for us to be good accountants someday, but also we acquire important virtues in life that made us even stronger, and better people. With all the hardships, trials, discouragements, failures, self-pities that each of us in our batch felt, it is no surprise that we realize the real meaning of faith, hope, trust, self-confidence, acceptance, patience and a lot more. Every BAA student can possibly relate with these things and can even add more to the list. But God knows that we are very proud of what we have accomplished today because you have pushed us to always give our very best. You have always inspired us to persevere, work hard and earn a lot for ourselves. We’ve been through the “butas ng karayom”, as they say, and all our hardships even proved that we can really make it up to the end. For that, we thank you not just for equipping us with good and quality education but also for molding our personalities and work ethics. Thank you for believing in us. Rest assured that we will bring with us all the learnings you have shared and taught to us. We know that our future success is also a product of your noble job. Thank you very much and may you continue to touch lives as you have touched ours.

Mabuhay kayo!!! Woohoo!!!! Congratulations BAA Class of 2007!

BS BAA Class of 2007


As a side note, I have asked permission from the original author to post the letter here in my blog. Actually I am a BSBA graduate although my batchmates are the BSBAA.

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