A website of bios for stalking?

you don’t have to be
a famous celebrity
to have a life
worth documenting

That is the catchphrase of WikiBios.com. A site which I accidentally stumbled upon while surfing the internet. As the site name says, it is wiki format of a person’s bios. Since it is wiki style you can write a personal information sheet of yourself or someone you like (or hate) and other people can edit it for better (or worse). I’ve created my own profile but haven’t really put anything on it yet. Maybe later (or never) depending on my mood. However, I’m just thinking that if this catches on here in the Philippines, we’ll have another great tool for stalking. *evil eyes*

2 thoughts on “A website of bios for stalking?

  1. Hahaha.. Reminds of the OpenHuman “movement” where you can even post your nude picture–that, according to the pioneer, should not be pornographic–because it’s OpenHuman. LOL.

    Anyway, I noticed our friend here Royal Flare is interested with stalking potential of applications. Hehehe.

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