Medical reason why Manny Pacquiao should not stay in politics

I overheard a jeepney driver commenting that, being a hard-core Manny Pacquiao fan he would prefer the big-time boxer stay solely doing fights in the ring than in congress. His reason would be because he doesn’t want Pacquiao to lose concentration on his boxing career. In short, he doesn’t want his idol, the Filipino boxing champion, to lose. And I am pretty sure majority of the Filipino population feels the same way.

So should Manny Pacquiao be voted or not? It is best to approach this logically in another light other than politics. So first we must eliminate certain political assumptions. Let us take away the people who are most likely telling him to go into politics as a potential change of career path because he can never lose with the kind of popularity he has now. We can even forget a possible exaggeration by these people on how Pacquiao’s popularity could probably even win the boxing champ an international election too. Let us also take away the people who could possibly be telling him how he can use his pork barrel fund instead of his own money to give away to the long line of people in front of his house asking help from him everyday.

Now that we have erased those thoughts, we may now begin. Technically if you get hit in the head too many times some of your brain cells will eventually stop functioning properly. Let Muhammad Ali’s condition and Freddie Roach’s appearance be presented as proof A and B for that. Going in that line of deduction we can surmise that these strong and fast fist fights to which Pacquiao is regularly engaged in has already begun taking its toll on his intellectual capacity. It may not be visible at the moment but surely it is happening nonetheless. It is only a matter of time or even the right opponent for the after effects to finally surface.

So if I were Manny Pacquiao, if he really loves his family and his fellow Filipinos he must not go into politics because the added strain of the worries of the people would only put pressure on his brain cells. If any more brain cells get damaged then he may leave his family without a healthy husband and father not to mention depriving the mass with an idol to look up to. In whatever angle you look at it, losing a champion sounds graver than losing a politician. Therefore, please think Pacquiao. Think!

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