Battling a social programming

I have spent a lot of time contemplating on what I am to do with my life after graduation. I actually have three choices. (a) Find a job (b) Go back to school (c) neither of the two. This is a catch all option. It basically means I find a way to earn money without getting a job. In short, become my own boss. This would have been the best choice for it means I get to have more control over my time and my life. The only problem is the social programming called – ‘Find a job’.

You see a lot of people taking up nursing or seamen courses because it means getting a job abroad where pay is very very good. Parents can be heard telling their children, ‘study hard my child so that you’ll land on a high-paying job.’ And adding to that, it doesn’t help that people ask ‘Where will you work?’ just because you are graduating already. It therefore feels like to be classified as successful is to mean getting a job in a respected company, preferably a multinational company that belongs to the Fortune 500 listing.

I am a bit angry at myself for not being to get pass the absurd feeling that somehow I am a loser just because I am not like my fellow graduates who all seem to have a company knocking on their doors before graduation. Don’t get me wrong though, there are companies knocking but none of them are in the area I like. In addition, I am not averse to working. In fact, I am quite the diligent worker. I do not mind overtime without pay or weekend and holiday meetings. As long as I am in the area of IT, that is all the motivation I need. The sad fact however is IT companies do not really offer any IT job to a BA graduate. My skill in IT would probably be best classified to them as mediocre. They want a BA grad for a BA job, not a BA grad who they believe doesn’t want a BA job just because IT is her preferred field. Thus I thought of studying again.

My real fear is whether I can manage to swim alone armed only with the theory on how to swim. A year ago, I thought of getting a job two to three years just for the experience then leave to manage on my own. But when your parents are entrepreneurs you can’t help but be influenced by the idea that if having a business of my own is where I will end, then why not take that route as early as possible? The first few months will be hard anyway, whether I work for others or for myself so again why not do the latter that offers more time and monetary flexibility.

Everything will all depend on what I will give importance in my life. What objectives I would like to achieve. Honestly, I am not rushing myself to any decision yet. But eventually I must make one soon. At the moment I’ll just let my mind get busied with watching Death Note. I may just probably end up having a much grander objective like world domination. Now that would be cool.

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