CRS2 is the new UP Diliman headache

The Computer Registration System (CRS) of UP Diliman was supposed to make the life of students better. By putting an online pre-enlistment process you lessen the time needed to get the subjects you want. Search your subjects online and enlist/cancel online. After which your college prints the subjects you got (the Form 5A) and although everything goes back to a manual type of registration the CRS created has achieved what it was supposed to do. From my cousin’s testimonial of a 2-week enlistment process before a life without CRS, it was significantly reduced to 2-5 days.

But here comes CRS version 2 or more commonly known as University Information System (UIS) . The CRS went to a whole new level. It was given a new face and a whole new objective. Welcome to the revolutionary idea of realtime enlistment. I believe this means no more manual registration. Therefore no more long long lines at different colleges. All you have to do is log-in on the UIS website and wait for a the subject you want to become available. Then you print your own Form 5A before proceeding to the less tedious final processes of enrollment that follows. Ideally it was supposed to work this way. Sitting pretty in front of your computer and avoiding the long lines. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.

April 12 and 13 saw long lines in front of UP Computer Center and National Center for Transportation Service (NCTS). It seems like UIS is not ready for realtime enlistment. Most probably, by allowing ALL UP Diliman students access to the site it would seem like the machines are bogging down. Pages take a long time to load up and most of the time do not even load up at all. Confusion was also in the air. Where do I go? What shall I do? When will this end? More questions just pile up and the answers are usually nothing to smile about. Especially not under the hot summer heat.

These are what some people are saying.

The nightmare that is Real-time enlistment (pictures here)

Bagong sistema ng Enlistment

CRS Summer: A Disaster!

What I have to say about the new CRS

As for me, I am just glad that I do not have to fall in line anymore since I am graduating this April already. However I do want to make my fellow UP Diliman students understand that when there is a problem, the solution is not to stop when your having difficulties but rather to continue finishing with the right answer. The objective of UIS is great. So when somewhere along the process of implementation something goes wrong like what is happening now, let’s put our share of helping them instead of dragging them down. Constructive criticism is the key not senseless bashing.

7 thoughts on “CRS2 is the new UP Diliman headache

  1. Sometimes people who don’t say anything usually have a lot of things to say. Although what they have to say cannot necessarily be expected to have any relation to the topic at hand. I wonder where nightfox’s line of thought fall in.

  2. now that i’ve had the misfortune of experiencing manual enlistment, CRS 1 and UIS, i think i prefer manual enlistment. i finished earlier with the old system.

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