P1500 UP Diliman tuition?

According to this STFAP link there now five different brackets. If you fall under the top most bracket (A) then you automatically have to pay the full-cost tuition fee, full miscellaneous and laboratory fees depending on the campus you will enroll in. Looks like for UP Diliman it is P1,500 per unit instead of the P1,000 the administration has stated and even published in their January 2007 issue of UP Newsletter.

Were the figures just a mistake? I wonder why there are no violent reactions yet from the student body? Are everyone too busy with final exams and paper deadlines to notice? Hmmm…

How Much Are You Going To Pay?

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee per unit for the constituent university or campus is as follows:

Bracket Constituent University / Campus
UP Diliman, UP Los Baños,
UP Manila
UP Baguio, UP Mindanao,
UP San Fernando, UP Visayas
A P1,500 P1,000
B 1,000 600
C 600 400
D 300 200
E 0 0


59 thoughts on “P1500 UP Diliman tuition?

  1. hi! I read through this blog entry and I’m hoping if you could explain further what “P1, 500 per unit” really means. I’m planning on transferring to UP Los Banos and am planning on supporting myself so I need to know exactly what the exact tuition fee is going to cost per semester.

    Please contact me through ceres16smile@yahoo.com I would very much appreciate your help.

  2. @Stef

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Normally a subject is good for 3 units. There are subjects that are 4-5 units (those with lab or have more number of class hours) or even 2 units only. Now, minimum number of units you should be taking per semester is 15 units. This mean on tuition alone you pay 15*1500=22,500. Adding some miscellaneous fee, lab fees and student council fee let’s close the figure at 30k-35k per semester.

    I hope I answered your question. Do feel free to make a follow-up if needed. 🙂 I salute you since it won’t be that easy to be self-supporting. Lot’s of luck to you then!

  3. Yeah I was shocked by this as well. I’m an old student returning for a second BS degree starting this sem (I’m also recording my experiences on my blog, estudyanteredux.wordpress.com). During my first degree (before all this tuition raise fiasco began) I paid 300 per unit. On the first increase I was aware that it became 900 per unit, but I didn’t realize that it had gone up to 1,500! It was a shocker, to say the least.

  4. ei. what do bracket a, b, c and d means? i’m planing to enroll in up college of music. since it is the only cheapest music school i know and besides i’m living in bulacan and that’s the nearest school i can go to. but my friends told me that the pay for unit climbs up to 1500k. ust and the other music school/colleges that i know is way too far from were i am living. even if the school is cheap, then the transportation will be the problem. so i want to know what bracket a, b, c and d means so i can tell my parents for the coming school yr. tanx.

  5. Hi.. please e-mail me what do bracket a, b, c and d means.. my sister want to enroll next year after she graduate and i was the one who will pay for her tuition. hoping for your response as soon as possible, so that i will know what to do and prefer for this.
    thanks a lot

  6. am just inquiring how much is the tuition fee of chemical engeeniring and what month can I take entrance examination…plz email us..thnx.

  7. am just inquring how much the tuition fee of chemical engeeniring and what month can take a entrance exam..plz email us..thnx

  8. People, don’t worry about the tuition, it is your parents’ responsibilty, they should have thought of your education when they had you.
    These are the possibilies:
    You either pass or fail the exam.
    If you fail then your problem is over, you can enroll in some other mediocre institution like UST, FEU, (U-belt).
    If you pass then you either survive or you get kicked out.
    If you’ve been kicked out then your problem is over, you can enroll in some other mediocre institution like Adamson, Letran.
    If you survive then you either finish your course or shift to an easier course like PolSci, BusinessAd, Econ, Psychology.
    If you finished your course then you’ll have a hard time choosing between job offers.
    While working you either put off marriage (2%), get rich and lead a luxurious life, or get knocked up (98%), live with your parents (boomerang) and continue the cycle of poverty.
    I’m 100% sure you’ll all end up in the 98%, why? you can’t even afford to pay 1,500 per unit.

    UP College of Engineering
    Student #87-10109

  9. Hallo
    Hallo can you help me? How much now the tuition fee in U.P Diliman Manila this year 2011 for opening the class this coming June. Please help me we like to know how much, because my niece did pass the entrance exam in U.P diliman. Thanks for your answer.


  10. Please tell us how much the tuition fee of the AB political science course in U.P Diliman, how much per units. thanks

  11. hi.
    can you tell us how much is the tuition fee of electronics and communication engineering in up diliman….will my subjects here in msu-main, marawi city be credited if i transfer????tenx.

  12. i think engineering nowadays is not a wise to decision to make, cause there are alot of jobs that requires application much more farther than practices offered to/ engineering graduates/ students… just like me.. my biggest mistake is when i took up engineering well come to think of it its not really what i want… its best to take course based on your personality and interest that way you will not find it difficult to be employed… and rest assured innovations will come to your mind with out you having a hard time looking for job…..

  13. I do consider all the concepts you’ve presented on your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for beginners. Could you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  14. my daughter passed the UPCAT, BS MATH in Diliman, and i would like to know how much will i pay for the tuition fee and what bracket will she in. our annual income is less than a 100k.

  15. @Fely Rioga Sta Ana
    Check out this link po kung magkano yung possibleng malibre depende sa bracket nyo po. http://stfap.up.edu.ph/bulletin.html

    About sa kelangan bayaran every semester depende sa unit kelangan enrollan ng anak niyo po check out niyo lang po yan sa link below. Tignan niyo yung portion for curriculum list at yan po dapat nya enrollan bawat semestre. http://www.math.upd.edu.ph/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=85

    Congrats po at pumasa po ang anak ninyo! Hope she does well. Kung mahirapan sya po encourage niyo lang. Lahat ng pinaghihirapan ibang level ang saya ang nararamdaman kapag nalalagpasan. 🙂


  17. helloo .. im planning to transfer in UP Diliman and i will be taking BS in geology.. but i already spent 2 years as an acountancy student here in ateneo de Davao university.. will some of my subjects be credited?

  18. I’m planning to take up my masteral degree for education.. how much would I be paying per semester…and… are scholarships available for graduate courses?

  19. you’ll have to pay 1,500 per unit (if your annual income is 1,000,000Php or higher) or 1,000Php per unit (if your annual income is 500,000Php or lower, no matter what course you take.
    unless you apply for the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP)
    it is not automatic that you’ll pay for the tuition fee intended for your annual income bracket. you have to apply annually for the STFAP which requires a lot of documents. You’ll have to submit them and then wait for the results before knowing your bracket. It’s like applying for a scholarship.
    If you do not apply for the STFAP, you’ll have to pay 1,500 or 1,000 per unit. only those two are the standard tuition fees.

  20. hi,
    UP is a government school right? a government school with high quality education,,if 1,500 per unit is true,, it’s really goin to be a big problem to every youth in a slum place hoping to be a part of the one of the most top performing school in the Philippines,.. i just wanna know on how to avail a scholarship.. thanks.. truth as it happens

  21. i am wishing to enroll in up also someday. However i had started taking my bsa somewhere here. I love to enroll in up college of law someday after i pass the cpa board exam. i wish i will be a student there

  22. bakit ang mahal naman ng per unit ng school naa ito akala ko ba ang school na ito ay para sa mahihirap kung para sa mahihirap yan bakit ang mahal di yan kaya nag amahiahiarap na yao paano mabibigyan ng magandang edukasyon ang mga kabataan kung sa paaralan ng mahihirap ay paaralan na ng mayayaman.

  23. mahal pa ba yang zero tuition for bracket E? and question dito, tama lang ba ang P1,500 para sa mga mayayaman? Dapat P3,000 per unit. Kung ayaw nila dun sila sa eskwelahan ng mga mayayaman…kasi ang UP ay para sa mga mahihirap.

  24. would you know how much is the tuition fee when taking masters degree in mass media either broadcasting/ film? pls email me.

  25. sana po makaenroll po ako sa UP someday, kahit 3rd HS palang po ako dyan ko na pangarap makapag college…..especially in UP DILIMAN,,,. kaso mahal ng tuition fee eh….:-)

  26. I wanna know if the tuition fees updated on websites are really true about UP Diliman,i want to take up BM PIANO someday and i am looking for cheap universities to study in and i think this is university is interesting but the tuition fee is not that convincing to me,,,,,:)

  27. @ Norlyn and all others asking about pricing
    Seven years has passed and I am not certain the values still apply. If you really want to be sure about pricing it would be better to ask the colleges directly. Each courses have different classes to take and therefore fees like laboratories and project requirements will vary.

    Here is a link to UP Diliman’s website http://upd.edu.ph/ . There should be a portal in that link to go to the college with a degree you like to enroll for. Try the Academics link. Once you get the college’s link they should have a contact number so you can reach them and make an inquiry.

    Personally speaking, UP is still the most well-known and well respected university to graduate from. Now if there is a monetary constraint, it’ll just be a question of how much do you want to be considered a UP graduate. After you assess your desire for a UP Diploma then you determine your next steps (ie, scout for scholarships, be a working student, make a student loan, check your family tree for an eccentric but rich relative, etc)

    Although, do bear in mind, a diploma from a well known school just gives you a preferential advantage over other graduates hoping to land their first job. In reality, once 2-3 years of your post-graduate life passes by, most employers would look at your work experience and give it more weight than the school you graduated from. I mean I’d hire a non-UP graduate with good working credentials over a UP graduate who never worked yet. To an employer it will always be a matter of who can do the work better(and cheaper :D).

    Whatever you choose, good luck!

  28. Hello , How many semesters or years is Ph. in English Studies. Can I finished ph. in two years if I want . Thanks.

  29. hello2evry one out dre,hppynew yrs…my names is odey a nigerian..pls i am intrested in geography prgrmms@university of diliman…i d lk2no what is d total cost or tuition for internation student studing geography or or other social science courses in a year…i shall be grt8full4a rply…tanks…odey in lagis.

  30. Guys, this is not the right place for tuition inquiries. How about you directly inquire the UP Admissions office about it?

    And how about you make sure you made it to the cut before asking about costs? #justsaying

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