An OpenSuse 10.2 experience

Last last weekend, I busied myself by installing OpenSuse 10.2 on a desktop at home. Installation went smoothly but I am a bit heart-broken to know that despite all that packages bundled in the installation the things I considered most important are not working out-of-the-box. I wanted to have a system that can play VCD, DVD and MP3 at least but seems like I have to do some tweaking first. And all the research I saw on the internet requires that I get them from a certain repository. With no broadband access not to mention a still undetected PCI modem it means that I have to wait a while to get what I want. *Sigh* Anyway I am posting this to show other people how I went through my installation. By the way I used a DVD version of the installer.

Desktop Specifications
-Pentium 3 866Mhz (Coppermine)
-384mb PC133 SDRAM
-16mb S3 video card
-15GB hdd
-LG 18x DVD+-RW

Hardware and corresponding application tested
1) HP PSC 2010 All-in-one – automatic detect and installation for printer settings but scanner needs to be installed separately. No hassle since drivers are already available in the package. Scan was succesful upon using Kooka but application crashed when I used — The HP Diagnostic Tool also cannot be opened. I see the HP Diagnostic Tool on the taskbar but before it finally opens up it crashes.

2)Tungsten T5 – there drive mode settings of the hardware is working perfectly. Kpilot automatically detects the hardware but the synchronization process at first does not work for me. After a few attempts, restarting Kpilot and even the computer, I was finally able to get a succesful sync. This is an unfortunate event because I found out later that all my saved schedules were erased after the hotsync process.

3)PQI Travelling Disk U190 512mb – Plug and Play. OpenSuse 10.2 even does a auto-run and asks you want you want to do similar to what Windows XP does. To safely remove, just open the My Computer desktop icon and eject the device from there.

Other features and applications tested
16mb for XGL is very very very slow. Increasing resolution of image in kooka to best possible settings made it crashed given the PC specifications above. Frozen bubble has a crackled noise and sometimes lag during multi-practice play. I am not sure if it is because of problems with video card in rendering 2D images.

Pros: Has a lot of packages which gives assurance of greater hardware and language support. Has an easy to understand and very pleasing desktop environment.

Cons: Does not play DVD, VCD and MP3 (plays on real player but not on amarok) after installation. You need access to a fast internet connection to download from the online repositories. 256mb RAM may not be sufficient if you want to run more than four applications simultaneously.

Rating: 9 out of 10.
Lack of DSL connection to get VLC and Mplayer for DVD , VCD and mp3 playback is the only thing that prevents me from giving this a perfect score.

4 thoughts on “An OpenSuse 10.2 experience

  1. “Pros: Has a lot of packages which gives assurance of greater hardware and language support. Has an easy to understand and very pleasing desktop environment.”

    Ubuntu has lots of packages too. 😀

  2. lots of packages most of which are readily available with the cd. in short no fast internet connection needed to get driver packages for different hardware.

  3. never use an rpm-based distro on dialup, based on my experience. One is better off with a Debian or Slackware derivative. Just my 2 cents 🙂

    Really? openSUSE on a P3?! A P3 can take on openSUSE?! Sounds like a miracle :O I didn’t have any success installing openSUSE 10.2 on my machine here (P4 1.8 GHz system) :((

  4. yes OpenSuse can run on a P3 as long as there is sufficient memory and a separate video card involve. I know of a friend who was able to install it on a P2 400Mhz with 256mb ram and I think a 4mb of video card. But of course performance wise it would be a bit slow. Probably max of 3 applications running at the same time

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