My new gadgets

With my money from work, first I rewarded myself with an 18x LG DVD writer. I bought it from PC Hub at Gilmore at a discounted price of P1699 only. It was supposed to be P1750 but since I am a TPC member they gave me a discount. Not even PC Express can beat that price. If you want to buy a CD/DVD drive choose LG. Here at the workplace we do at lot of free burning of linux distros and our LG units are still doing well compared to the SONY brands.

then after a few weeks I bought an Edifier M1310.

I have been meaning to get myself a decent grade speaker for the past months but somehow there was really no compelling reason besides utter desire to get an upgrade. But last Sunday was my answer to allow myself to indulge to such luxury. I was supposed to bring speakers for our video presentation on a certain major. Convincing myself that I do not want to be shamed with tin-can like audio output I bought the Edifier last Saturday at Mall of Asia. It was supposed to be P1400 but I also got it at a discount. When I mentioned to one of the sales staff of 5th Avenue that PC stores at Gilmore sell it for a hundred less he unblinkingly told me that he will sell it at P1300. Knowing that it was the best speakers at that price range, besting Creative SBS 370 in terms of RMS, I grabbed the chance of course. I guess it was just my lucky day. At the moment though it is back in its box. I still don’t know where I will cram it in my room.

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