Past tense

Yesterday I was hoping that there was no class. The holiday economics was supposed to take effect. When a holiday is in a ‘sandwich’ situation, say June 12 the Day of Independence falls on a thursday then the holiday will be transferred to Friday to get a longer weekend. Now if the holiday falls on a weekend like February 25, the day of celebrating the first EDSA Revolution, then it shall be moved to a working day like Monday. The idea is to boost the industry of tourism in the country. Apparently a long weekend means that Filipinos would use the time to do some out of town travelling. They will shell out money for gas, for food and other expenses thereby facilitating a quicker flow of cash. This would make economic figures look healthy. But the president did not make any proclamation for yesterday. Sad. I don’t care if they say it doesn’t work. I wanted a holiday. I wanted to forget about deadlines. I wanted to sleep. But that’s just it. ‘I wanted’. Now, to be honest I am glad that is all over.

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