3D Vista vs 3D Linux

On February 19 there will be a Microsoft Office 2007 and Vista launch at the Engineering Theater around 1-2:30 pm by UP ACM. Now, UnPLUG will have its own presentation on the same place and time – a demo of Suse Linux with (XGL/AIGLX)/(Compiz/Beryl).

This day would be the moment of truth. The day of awakening. This is when everyone will know the real powerful operating system between the two. Expect to see a rotating 3D desktop envrionment on linux operated laptops with just 256-512mb ram vs the static 3D desktop of Vista installed computers running on 2gb ram. Microsoft will once again surely eat dust. As a preview, just check out the links from wikipedia.

So if your still unsure about Linux then this is a good time to see what you are missing. And for the geeks and geekettes, well it is another way to get a good laugh. See you there!

4 thoughts on “3D Vista vs 3D Linux

  1. I saw vista’s scrolling windows effect when you hit alt + tab and they say that’s it…. I saw compiz long time ago… and I’d say it’s a lot better…

    However, there seems to be a little difference with digital artists working for Linux and for Windows… I’m not sure but that’s how I feel…

  2. I like the little preview thing on vista when you place you mouse pointer over a tab in the taskbar plus the new security features but that’s about it. Hahaha. Yeah, vista is pretty demanding on the hardware. My pc barely met the recommended specs when I tried it out. And have I mentioned that I sent like 2 dozen error reports to M$ in one day when I tried Vista’s RC2? Hahaha. I just hope they got those fixed. 😛

    I think Monday at the Eng’g theater will be a very interesting day both for Linux and Windows. I just hope that there won’t be any crashing on Windows’ part! 😀

  3. i think i’d rather have Project Looking Glass installed on my Ubuntu than have Vista running. Actually, Project Looking Glass works on less than a GB of RAM! I wonder how minimum it’s minimum requirements are..

  4. I was not particularly impressed with the graphics of Project Looking Glass. Sun Microsystems still has a lot to learn when it comes to the aesthetics of their products. But I do agree tht rotating windows is kinda cool too but I’d stick to Beryl on Suse. Rotating desktops is more sensible than rotating windows when it comes to saving space.

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