Accenture HR are rude

My first experience with their human resource staff was when I took their exam, November of last year in UP Diliman. I found them too aloof back then but I can still accept that behavior. Now they are back here on campus for the University Job Fair – Upgrade 2007. I just wanted to follow-up on the results of my exam so I approached their booth. This is my second time to inquire about my grade because I also asked them in their booth for the Engineering Job Fair a few days back. They told me they’d contact me about the results but since I still have no news I decided to follow-up on it again.

There was a FAT* woman in the booth whom I asked about how to know my grade. This is how the conversation went.

ME: Ah hello po, gusto ko lang po malaman kung paano ko malalaman grade ko sa exam ko sa inyo. Pumunta kasi kayo dito tapos nagpaexam sa college namin sa BA…sa Business Administration.

FATTY*: [face is expressionless] When did you take the exam?

ME: Uhmm…di ko na maalala eh….uhm…last year po ata….[thinking] mga December….hindi November po yun…Sa College of Business Administration po…pumunta kayo…[trying to recall room number]

FATTY*: [eyebrows crossing] Kumuha ka ng exam sa amin last year tapos di mo alam kung kelan?

ME: [shocked and a bit embarassed] Ah…mga November po yun di ko lang maalala yung exact date…Kasi matagal na at maraming rin ako inaasikaso…[then a girl passed by and took one of their calling cards and application forms]

FATTY*: [her attention and irritation reverting to the newly passed by girl] Ah…Bawal ka kumuka niyan. [She asked something about when the girl will graduate but I can’t remember the details of their conversation since my mind is occupied with a growing anger by her b*tchy attitude]

ME: [grabbing her attention again] So paano ko po malalaman ang result ng aking exam?

FATTY*: [still not smiling and coldly replying] Sign ka lang dito tapos email ka na lang namin

ME: Sige po [Writing on a piece of paper for list of applicants] Huwag na po [while she was handing me their brochure after signing up] [In my mind “I don’t want more trash at home”]

I don’t think I’d ever consider getting a job there anymore. If people who work for Accenture will acquire a behavior similar to what that FAT girl or the first group has shown then I’d rather work for the lowest paying company who promotes good attitude to its employees. What is Accenture thinking, hiring HR staffs with no PR skills at all. Or is Accenture burdening them too much and not properly compensating, for them to show such distasteful behavior towards their work. A message to Accenture [and to all companies as well], no amount of freebies will take away the memory of a bad experience. So please be very careful with choosing your representatives or else you might loose the chance of hiring the best people.

* Since at the moment of writing I am still incredibly furious with her uncourteous behavior she therefore deserves no respect from me either.

6 thoughts on “Accenture HR are rude

  1. Yup tama si nightfox, ‘wag mo namang lahatin. 😀
    Pero I agree, she shouldn’t have treated you that way since your a perspective employee. Hindi magandang PR yun.

  2. really? Wow, i am scheduled to take the exam tomorrow…. sana mas accomodating ung representative nila.

    It’s still rude for her to think na HR pa man sya. tsk tskt sk….

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