Free MRT Ride

I don’t know why but I did not have to pay a single cent for my MRT rides yesterday. At first I thought they just have some glitch in the morning so they allowed people to enter without any mrt card and since when I got off my stop, some people were still using their prepaid card to get out. A co-worker even tells me that he did use his MRT prepaid card yesterday.

At first I thought maybe MRT management is just celebrating a certain event like an anniversary but when I checked their website I saw no announcement on why they are giving away free rides. The only best conclusion I can think off is most probably they are giving back the money of people fooled by G-Pass. I mean those who used G-Pass to get in but can’t get out because the station where they are supposed to drop-off still have no or offline G-Pass scanners. And they have no choice but to buy another MRT card just so they can leave the station. It is that or they are planning another increase in prices and they are using this strategy to show lower sales on their books.

If anyone can enlighten of the reason, please do. And I am thanking you in advance already. 🙂

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