Where are the downloable Kule?

An email sent by my college council announced that copies of Philippine Collegian isues 1-10 and Rebel Kule are all downloadable at their yahoogroups. However when I joined the group and checked out the files section I could not find one single issue. Then I thought, well they might have just recently created the group thus the lack of contents promised. But when I went to the groups home page to look at the create date, I saw that it was Nov 14, 2006. In my opinion two-months is plenty time enough to upload even just one issue. Even the download section of their website is blank. I am guessing that Kule is exactly misleading the UP public with their online ad which states that by joining the group they can get access to the issues when in fact there aren’t any issues available. Only legal documents on Kule. Personally, I believe such act is no different from the way our government has hastried to decieved Filipino citizens that there is public approval of chacha based on the paid signatures they got. The principle behind both acts is the same-disception. The government is even one tiny notch better than Kule. At least they gave away the money they promised.

So now where can I really download Kule?

One thought on “Where are the downloable Kule?

  1. Please see http://kule0607.deviantart.com. All AY 2006-2007 issues are available for downlaod there. There must’ve been some sort of miscommunication; the deviantART link has always been published in the Collegian’s print versions.

    We also apologize for the dead links at our website, we’re having problems with the site right now and are unable to update it.

    Please do spread the word, and we’re sorry for any confusion your college council’s email may have caused.

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